The ABUS chain lock is one of the best choices for your folding bike. It’s as secure as they come and ideal if you live in a town with not much theft and break ins.

When it comes to folding bikes, choosing a lock is a bit more complicated. It’s because you would probably want to fold your bike at times, and some locks could get in away of that. For this reason, the ABUS Bordo 6000 is one of the top ones on the market.

It’s a more convenient option for some people since it’s a bit easier to carry than a standard U-lock. It also is vastly different than other locking options on the market. We’ve tested it out. Continue reading to find out about all its features, specifications, pros and cons of this great lightweight bike lock

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Features and Specifications:

The manufacturer gave this lock a 10/15 security rating, which is why it’s only recommended for medium risk situations. Sold Secure also rated the lock giving their Silver rating meaning the same thing.

If you were to compare it to a U-lock, you’d quickly realize that the ABUS Bordo 6000 isn’t as secure. It has thinner steel bars and the pins that hold it together. This is the type of weakness that U-locks don’t have. These steel bars are 5mm thick so it’s understandable why it can’t offer a high level of protection.

Some would say that a bigger bold cutter could easily defeat the lock, but there’s not many thieves who just lug these things around. If you live in an area where this doesn’t happen often and your bike isn’t all that expensive, this lock should be enough for you. It’s also essential that you don’t leave your bike locked for way too long.

However, this bike lock has a significant advantage that’s its ability to collapse down into a compact-size package. It’s easy to attach to your bike and much easier to carry around than a U-lock.

U-locks are usually huge, and their center of gravity is away from the bike frame. This is why some frame mounts don’t work well; the weight is just wrongly distributed. U-locks can come loose or even fall off, which is something that can’t happen with the ABUS Bordo 6000.The lock folds down to a little rectangle and sits tightly against the frame. It’s highly unlikely that it will go loose, move or fall off. 


This model comes with a rubber covered frame mount that’s durable and sturdy. It’s convenient and allows you to attach it in two different ways. You can use your bottle water carrier for this. Just screw the frame mount into the holes of the carrier. If not, fasten the mount using the two Velcro straps to secure the lock to the frame.

The rubber strap goes over the top of the lock to keep everything in place. If it doesn’t fit tightly, you’re doing it wrong.What you end up with is a compact lock that’s much easier to transport than any U-lock. The ABUS Bordo 6000 takes up much less space in your bag, too. When it’s folded, the lock measures 7.75’’ x 1.25’’. Compare this to any other lock on the market, and you’ll understand why we insist on its convenience.

It weighs about 2.27 lb. (1.03kg). This is much lighter than many other Sold Secure Silver locks. The ones that are lighter are probably mini versions. The Bordo 6000 offers all the locking options as a standard U-lock plus a bit more flexibility and convenience.

Apart from that, the lock is also quite easy to use. Getting it out of the frame mount is easy. You might need some time to figure out how to unlock it, but once you nail that, your bike is secure.

If you want to get it around the bike and bike post at the same time, you’ll realize why that’s a bit tricky. The process requires two hands and some effort, but it’s all in the name of safety. Of course, if the bike rack is empty, you’ll be fine, but if not, take some time and work your bike in there.

No doubt, the Bordo 6000 is much easier to use in this case than any other U-lock on the market. It’s easier to maneuver with, so you can secure your bike well.

Its flexible shape is another significant advantage. It means you can pivot around objects and your bike frame, which gives you more locking options. This lock can get into places like lampposts, railings, poles and other such locations you would usually lock your bike to.

Though the ABUS Chain Bordo 6000 is easier to use than a U-lock, it isn’t quite as secure as U-locks usually are. With the right bike and in appropriate circumstances, this lock could be the best choice for you.

The Good

  • Easy to use
  • Plenty of locking options
  • Easy to mount and transport
  • Lightweight
  • Fits tightly

The Bad

  • Medium risk level
  • Not as affordable

The Verdict

After reading about all its features and specifications, you probably understand why this is one of the most popular locks on the market. Its overall quality, flexibility, and ease of use put it above many U-locks that are more secure. The Bordo 6000 offers medium level protection, so if you think that will be enough, give this lock a chance.

It’s highly rated by authorized organizations and has plenty of happy customers to speak of its quality and safety. For a folding bike, this is one of the best folding locks. Most importantly, it’s easy to carry around mounted on your bike or inside your bag. What’s best is that you won’t even notice it’s there when you’re not using it.

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