The ABUS Granit X-Plus U 54 Mini is a U-lock of choice for many many passionate bikers and commuters. The lock is widely used across the world keeping many bikes safe and secure.

When looking for a lighweight bike lock, there are many things you have to keep in mind. Security level is probably at the top of that list, but some things that come right after it are just as important. You want your lock to be secure but also easy to use and carry around. 

Not many locks on the market have a much versatility as the X-Plus U54 lock. This is mostly why so many people opt for this lock in particular. As reported, the lock is durable, reliable and all-in-all a good choice.

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What makes it popular?

The main things are its features and security level they provide. The lock is one of the most secure models you can get your hands on, perfect for if you live in risky places.

It’s versatile, allowing you to lock your bike in several ways. Of course, you can use it to lock other things , too.Here’s what makes the U-54 Mini lock and why people love it as much

Features and Specifications:

The lock comes with a plastic cover over the main body. The cover is just that; a cover to protect the main body, but some people feel like it’s unnecessary. However, some people didn’t like it and figured out the way to remove it. Use a flat head screwdriver for this. Underneath, you’ll find a clean metal body that looks polished and less bulky without the plastic cover.The lock is 170mm x 500mm with the cover and 155mm x 36mm without it. 

Its 13mm tempered/hardened steel square parabolic shackle along with the double bolting lock body provides advanced protection. The patented power-cell technology adds to the defense against pulling or hitting attacks.

If you’re wondering about picking; worry not since the lock has a great system against it. Its X-Plus key cylinder makes it hard for pickers to do any damage. All the supporting elements, as well as the lock body and shackle, are made of stainless steel.

The U 54 Mini has an automatic keyhole cover that protects from corrosion and dirt. This means your lock will be protected at all times and thanks to that it will last longer. Conveniently, it has a code card that allows you to order additional keys or replace some if need be.

The lock comes with two keys, one of which has a LED light. This feature comes in handy more often than not, and especially if you’re someone who often loses their keys.

If you’re looking for something as safe as possible, this might be the best lock for you. It’s sturdy and secure at security level 15. This makes it suitable for high-risk situations.


It weighs about 2.5 lbs which is on the lower end for lightweight bike locks. However, its additional weight is compensated with some added security.

If there’s anything people didn’t like about the lock is its dimensions. In general, it’s harder to fit this model in the back of your pocket. While it fits in your bag just fine, the back pocket may be too small to carry the lock.

Still, some of the most favorite things about the lock are how it secures the rear wheel and frame with ease. The shackle shape combined with the length and weight give you a wide range of options. You can lock your bike pretty much any way you think of.

Plus, it’s also easy to lock two bikes at once. No doubt, the U-54 mini lock will come in handy to both you and your friend the next time one of you forgets its bike like.

Overall, the U-54 Mini is a secure and sturdy lock. It’s heavy-duty and ideal for high-risk locations where there’s bike theft on the daily. This lock will keep all the thieves away because it’s complicated and hard to get through.

With its features and specifications, this model brings verity and ease of use. Though it’s slightly bit heavier than other models on the market, it gives you plenty of locking options. This sums up all the info about its features and specifications. All of the above is what makes the lock as accessible and widely used. 

The Good

  • It’s versatile and easy to use
  • Ideal for high-risk situations and urban areas
  • Solid weight to security ratio
  • Comes with two keys
  • Automatic keyhole cover

The Bad

  • A bit on the heavier side for a lightweight bike lock

The Verdict

Overall, if you’re looking for a quality U-lock, the ABUS Granit X-Plus 54 Mini might be the best for you. It’s a well-made bike lock, and for most people, it delivers just what they need.

This is the type of lock that will last you a long time; it’s durable and sturdy. This means that it can take some bumps and hits that won’t show on its mask. Its automatic keyhole adds to the long-lasting of the lock preventing all the dust and water from entering the mechanism.

Carry it mounted on your bike or in your bag and you won’t even notice it’s a bit bigger than the most. If you want to keep your bike safe and secure, make sure to give ABUS Granit X-Plus a chance. It’s a reliable choice that will have your bike protected even in most risky urban areas. It comes will all you need, and it’s easy to use.

Thanks to its simplicity and security level, this is probably one of the best lightweight bike locks. 

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