If you’re not a fan of riding a bicycle, or you’re looking for something more stable, you should try the Schwinn Beach Cruiser Adult Trike. It’s one of the best solutions for anyone who enjoys riding but isn’t a fan of classic biking.

Tricycles are ideal for adults who are recovering from injuries. People who have some disabilities or are suffering from certain conditions might also find this more comfortable than traditional biking on two wheels.

They’re also ideal for senior adults who don’t feel as confident on bicycles anymore. This is a more stable solution that still allows you to enjoy the time outside without worrying you could lose balance and tip over.

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However, choosing a trike isn’t as simple nowadays because there are many popular brands and models to choose from. Schwinn is one of the most popular brand names since it’s been around for ages. 

Because of this, we recommend the Beach Cruiser. It’s a simple tricycle that has all you need for a smooth riding experience all the time. It’s easy to work with regardless of your age and skill level. Schwinn made this one for light recreational rides and cruises around the block.

You should consider this one for several reasons. We’ve had some time to test it, so continue reading to find out what we’ve learned about its performance and overall quality. Below, you’ll also find some critical info regarding its features and standout specifications.

Features and Specifications:

We can probably all agree that we’ve all heard of Schwinn since it’s a popular brand that offers much more than just adult tricycles. Maybe you even had some of its bikes before. 

You should know that it’s one of the most reliable names in the industry that stands behind its products which is always important.

The Beach Cruiser looks much like most tricycles. It’s shaped the same way as many other Schwinn trikes though it has some other vital differences. First of all, this is a 26” frame that’s specifically designed to perform on flat and slightly sandy roads.

Though it doesn’t come in other sizes, you get to choose between a few colors depending on your preferences. All the colors are long-lasting and resistant, so the finished coat won’t show signs of corrosion or any damage as quickly.

This one comes with a large and foldable basket in the back that you can use for carrying different stuff. Though it’s a small detail, it makes the trike ideal for shopping and cruising with small pets. It’s sturdy and durable, but still not strong enough to carry children. Avoid doing that since it’s unsafe.

Another thing worth mentioning is the level of safety and comfort it provides. The trike comes with wide and upright handlebars that match the style of the saddle. They’re a brown color and act as a contrast to the frame color making the bike stand out even more.

The spring cruiser saddle is padded and ideal for slightly bumpy roads. It absorbs most of that shock allowing you to enjoy the ride to the fullest. Be warned, the leather cover is somewhat thin and might show signs of wear rather quickly depending on how often you ride the trike.

You should also keep its weight in mind. This one weighs approximately 70 pounds which makes it one of the most heaviest models on the market. A notable portion of the weight comes from the aluminum frame and front and rear fenders. Plus, the trike features 26”x2.0” tires that are also quite cumbersome.

It’s a single speed vehicle that’s fully adjustable to suit different age groups and heights. You can adjust the height of its handlebars and saddle allowing you to share the trike with other people.

Another crucial thing to mention is its braking system. The Beach Cruiser comes with reliable linear-pull brakes that are the easiest to use especially for senior adults and someone who might be recovering from an injury. 

The brakes add to the overall sense of safety you get when you ride this tricycle. Its stability is a critical factor that makes the rides safer. There are very small chances of tipping over regardless of the weather, more so because the bike is so heavy.

The Beach Cruiser comes unassembled which is something you should know before purchasing it. It might arrive in several boxes with parts and components you’ll have to put together. The assembly process isn’t as complicated as it sounds and Schwinn included detailed instructions to help you put the pieces together. 

However, if you’re not confident, you should take it to your local bike shop. Professionals will put it together quickly and easily. For most people, putting together the trike took forty to sixty minutes though that greatly depends on your skill level. If you choose to put it together yourself, make sure to have professionals check and tune it.

The Good

  • Durable frame
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Heavy-duty, foldable basket
  • Resistant tires

The Bad

  • One of the heaviest trikes on the market at almost 70 lbs

The Verdict

To this day, the Beach Cruiser remains one of the Schwinn’s best selling tricycles. It’s simple, easy to use and reliable, which are the three most critical things to look for. Mounting and dismounting are as easy as ever, and there is no real risk of tipping over while doing that.

Its only drawback is probably its weight since 70 pounds is a lot for most people. Still, even that has its good side since it makes the bike more stable on the road. However, it might be hard to carry and transport.

Consider your height and whether the frame will fit your measurements. This is a crucial step since it will only perform as well if it fits appropriately. 

Overall, this is a reliable trike that’s fully adjustable and ideal for an entire family. It’s made to last you a long time with proper use on flat road surfaces and in stable weather. Choosing this Schwinn model might be the best idea for those looking for hassle-free performance, a stabile ride, and maybe even some adventure!

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