Allen Sports Ultra 1 Carbon

Allen Sports has been hard at work, creating innovative bicycles for over 50 years. Dick Allen, the man behind this bicycle company has made wonderful additions to his product line. One great new addition to his product line is the Ultra 1 folding bicycle.

​What immediately stands out, when learning about the Ultra 1 is that it offers a 20-speed shifting system. Most folding bicycles only get up to a maximum of eight gear levels. Making matters worse, the ill-fated bicycles that do have an eight-gear max, usually end up pushing the bike’s shifting system beyond its limits and breaking mid-ride. The Ultra 1 is different, even at the 20th gear it maintains a smooth ride at extremely high speeds. It’s no wonder that the Ultra 1 is easily one of the fastest light folding bikes of 2019.

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Features and Product Specifications:

In order to be considered one of the greatest light fold-up bikes available, a bike has to be lightweight. The Allen Sports Ultra 1 only weighs in at 23.5 lbs. The weight of the bike is so light because of the carbon frame. Some riders find that they prefer a steel frame but carbon does make the bike easier to carry. The size of the Ultra 1, when folded, is 33.5 x 27.5 x 13.5 inches, which allows it to be stored in a wide array of locations.

Most folding bicycles have a gear range that never even reaches the double digits. However, the Ultra 1 is all about speed, featuring a 20-speed gear shifting system built to last. Allen Sports has created a fold-up bicycle that is capable of climbing up steep hills for a pleasant riding experience. Considering that this bicycle has 20 different speed levels, it is essential to have a quality rear derailleur in place. Allen Sports has taken care of that too. The bike includes a Sram x9 rear derailleur, which works well to stop such a fast bike. Designed for everything from flat terrain to hill-climbing, the Ultra 1 is a powerhouse.

This bicycle features 451 mm wheels, which is different from what you’re likely used to seeing on the market. The wheels of the Ultra 1 are slightly larger, but offer improved performance and handling. When it is time to fold or unfold your bicycle, the frame release levers make this process a breeze. You can have this bicycle completely folded in only 8 seconds. The patented rear wheel lock system provides you with the ability to roll the Ultra 1 when not in use.


The Good

The Bike Ships Already Assembled

  • A rarity in fold-up bicycles, the Ultra 1 arrives totally assembled. Right out of the box, this bicycle is ready to go, which is a huge relief.

20-Speed Capability

  • You will be hard pressed to find a faster folding bike than the Ultra 1. Featuring an amazing 20-speed shifting system, this bicycle is capable of effectively climbing even the toughest hills. If you only plan to use this bike on actual roads, you’ll have an easy time.

Wheel Lock System

  • The Ultra 1 prides itself on being lightweight. However, even at 23.5lbs, you won’t want to spend your spare time carrying it around, but you won’t have to. The rear wheel lock system ensures that you will be able to roll your bicycle like a stroller when it isn’t in use. Many light fold-up bicycles in 2019 don’t have all of the awesome patented technologies that have gone into the Ultra.

Press Linkage Folding

  • For many fold-up bicycle owners, the folding process can cause stress. Often, you will find complaints that many folding bicycles lock-up when being folded. Thanks to the awesome patented press linkage folding technology, you’ll have this bike folded up in only 8 seconds.

The Bad


  • While it is true that the Ultra 1 is on the expensive side, it’s hard to argue that the price isn’t justifiable. The Allen Sports Ultra 1 comes completely ready to use, right out of the box. When you consider that some folding bicycles would require you pay someone to assemble it, the pricing makes more sense. Also, you won’t have to bust out a toolbox and waste an hour putting it together because it has already been taken care of.

Comfort of Seating

​Some riders report that the seat of the Ultra 1 is uncomfortable. Luckily, this bicycle is customization-friendly, meaning you can always change the seats.

The Verdict

Weighing in at 23.5lbs, this bicycle is one of the lightest weight fold-up bikes available. The 20-speed shifting system works well to get you moving quickly. In addition, the Sram x9 rear derailleur is strong enough to effectively keep shifting smoothly, even in the higher gears.

Two separate patented technologies have gone into making the Ultra 1 an easy bike to fold. You can have this bicycle folded up in 8 seconds. In addition, when it is time to transport your bicycle, you can simply roll the Ultra 1 away, thanks to the rear wheel lock system.

Saving you time and money, this bicycle comes already assembled. You won’t have to start digging out screwdrivers and wasting the better part of your day assembling this bike. Allen Sports has created a folding bike that is ready to use, straight out of the box.

The Allen Sports Ultra 1 is not a perfect bicycle; there are a couple minor drawbacks. First, the price of this bicycle is on the higher end of the spectrum. Yet, the convenience of getting to ride this bicycle immediately after unboxing it does make the price point seem reasonable. Some riders reported that the seat of the Ultra 1 wasn’t as comfortable as they had hoped.

If you find that the factory seat isn’t comfortable for your body type, you can easily swap it out with another seat. The features of the Ultra 1 make it a bicycle that you don’t want to miss out on. If you don’t mind paying a little bit extra, if you buy this bike, you’ll be able to call yourself a proud owner of one of the best light folding bicycles of 2019.

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