If you’ve been looking for a premium quality electric bike, we’re happy to say that your search ends with the Ancheer folding electric bike. The hybrid bike is ideal for people who want their bike to be fast and easy to handle. Its specifications and features make this one of the best e-bikes on the market.

It’s comfortable and most importantly, safe. Its design delivers a touch of style and sophistication thanks to the combination of black and white. The frame itself is also interesting.This folding bike is perfect for commuters. You can use it to go back and forth from work, and you’ll never want another bike to replace it. Not only you’ll make it home quickly, but you can also fold the bike and bring it with you inside. This means there is less chance that someone could steal your bike while you’re in your office or school.

It’s just as ideal for track riding as it is for commuting, which makes it one of the favorite models of electric bikes. Maybe you won’t be able to take it to a very rough terrain, but you can enjoy some tracks and riding around the city.It’s a combination of features, a reliable brand name and customer support that make this bike as popular as it is. It’s convenient, comfortable and so much fun to ride. Here’s all you need to know about this Ancheer folding electric bike.

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Specifications and Features:

The frame is one of the most important parts, and its quality is crucial. The Ancheer folding bike features a 100% aluminum alloy frame with a carbon steel front fork. Other important specifications that define the structure are the premium comfort technology that absorbs shock, as well as the aluminum alloy wheels. The tires of this bike are 18.7-inch lithium tires that are extremely high quality.

Its gear system and brakes deliver superior performance and safe rides. The bike is very safe to use because it features an aluminum alloy front V brake as well as a back electric vehicle brake. When it comes to riding in the night, it’s good to know that the bike features a horn and LED headlamp to ensure your absolute safety and quality of performance.


Because we’re talking about an electric bike, it’s important we also mention its battery and changing options. Ancheer used an Ion lithium battery for this bike that’s 36V, 8AH and removable. Also, you get a smart battery charger that’s also made of lithium. The battery offers up to 15-30 miles per charge which is pretty impressive. Furthermore, the bike features an easy charge port system that allows you to charge quickly and without a hassle.

Let’s not forget its brushless gear motor that’s high-speed and 250W powerful. It allows you to travel up to the 15mph speed limit. Plus, the Shimano 7-speed professional transmission system makes the overall experience that much more enjoyable and easy. This amazing gear allows the bike to go up to 15 MPH.

The electric bike features two working modes. One is the e-bike mode, and the other is the assisted bicycle mode. Also, its meter features 3-speed smart buttons that make the ride easier. Some additional features include the aluminum alloy handlebars, aluminum alloy pedal, and an aluminum alloy seat tube. The saddle is comfortable and provides an enjoyable ride even for hours at a time. The bike needs about 4 to 6 hours to charge.

Even though the bike features folding options, most people have said it’s quite heavy to carry. This electric bike weighs 19 pounds which can be alot for some riders. However, the fact that it’s foldable makes this electric bike one of the most convenient models on the market. Sure, maybe you won’t be able to carry the bike in your arms, but you’ll be able to fit it into your car and bring it with you to vacation.

The Good

  • It’s electric
  • Has a Lithium Ion battery and a smart charger
  • The battery is removable
  • It’s comfortable
  • Features one of the most reliable shifting system and brakes
  • Made of high-quality materials

The Bad

  • It’s Heavy

The Verdict

Don’t be discouraged by the fact that the bike is heavy. Given the weight of the battery, aluminum frame, and other parts, it’s only normal that it’s a bit heavier. Even if it’s heavier than what you were looking for, we suggest you give it a try. Its other features and specifications make it a great electric bike that’s definitely worth the attention. In our opinion, its abilities and performance are much more important.

We love it for its design, the comfort and speed it provides, as well as the convenience and safety. All in all, the bike features pretty much all you need in an electric folding bike. You must agree that the folding feature is fantastic. The feature is convenient and can be useful in many situations. It’s perfect for bringing up to your apartment, work or school. Also, you can put it on top of your car and take it with you on vacation. That would be a great way to avoid renting a car.

Its removable Ion lithium battery is ideal for riding for hours before it needs recharging. Even charging doesn’t take as much time which is great. We don’t have to go in detail why that’s necessary and convenient when you don’t have much time to get to your desired location.

Now, it’s logical that you’re looking for safe and reliable materials, brakes and shifting gear. With the brakes and the shifting system that’s featured here, you can be sure that you’re safe and in for a ride of your life.

There’s no doubt in how comfortable the bike is, nor how easy it is to use. It’s fast, safe, stylish, fun to use and foldable. In our opinion, that’s all you need on an electric bike, especially if you’re going to use it often and for a long time.

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