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Dick Allen, the creator of Allen Sports, started his business way back in 1967. Bicycles have gone through many changes since the 60’s, a fact not lost on Allen Sports. This company has been creating outstanding bicycles for over six decades and is now a global powerhouse. Allen Sports maintains facilities all around the world and released many light folding bikes in 2019.

One innovative bicycle that the Allen Sports Company created is the Atocha. One thing that you will notice that makes this bike stand out is its 18-speed shifting capability. Most fold-up bicycles have a 6-8 speed shifting system, so 18 is an amazing feature. Offering nearly ten more speed levels than average, the Atocha can certainly be quite the speed demon.

If you’ve ever had an Allen Sports Bicycle, you know they don’t skimp on cool features. A bicycle can have plenty of bells and whistles and still offer a poor riding experience. This isn’t the case with the Atocha. Let’s take a closer look at the detailed specifications of the Atocha to find out more.

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Features and Product Specifications:

The 6061-aluminum frame is well built and looks great, especially with the sleek red paint job on this bike. Measuring 24”, the Atocha has slightly larger wheels than most folding bikes. The special high-pressure tires contained on this bicycle make it great for handling all conditions. The DDK 3166 saddle is designed for comfort and provides a sturdy and robust seat, and you won’t want to get off. Best of all, it won’t leave you with aches and pains.

Because of the amazing 18-speed shifter system, you can really gain speed with the Atocha. It’s impressive how fast this bicycle can go, especially because it is a folding bike. One set of features that most riders love is the Atocha’s braking system. The brakes were designed with low-maintenance front and rear disk plates that advance the bicycle’s stopping power. Also, the disk brakes help to reduce the overall weight of the bike. The Shimano rear derailleur works well to ensure that every single shift goes smoothly.

A patented wheel lock system is perfect for rolling your bicycle when folded. Some riders will prefer to have the bike stand-up after folding. However, the ease of rolling this bicycle still makes moving it around a breeze. Speaking of folding, the Atocha features a patented press linkage folding system, allowing it to be folded in under 8 seconds! Once unfolded, the Atocha is very rigid which makes it great for avoiding any wobbling.

If there is one thing that light folding bikes are prone to– that is wobbling, especially at high speeds. Allen Sports has created a fantastically rigid bicycle; when unfolded it feels smooth and wobble-free on even the roughest terrain. Rounding off on the list of features, we also have the following: folding pedals, a Jiankun crank set, and stunning Glede alloy rims. It doesn’t take much to see that the Atcocha is packed with cool features that Allen Sports took the time to fine-tune.


The Good

18-Speed Capability

  • The Atocha provides a wide range of speeds for the rider, allowing you to tackle any terrain. Shifting this bicycle to the speed you need is extremely easy. Allen Sports has created a folding bicycle that rides very smooth, even on the higher gears!

Wheel Lock System

  • One annoyance that many folding bike riders know about is the folding process. One area where the Atocha shines is the simplicity of its wheel lock system. This bicycle weighs in at 29lbs, which means that being able to roll it like a suitcase makes for easier transporting

Press Linkage Folding System

  • The best light fold-up bicycles of 2019 are all about quick folding time. The Allen Sports Atocha only takes 8 seconds to fold, making it perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle. One big headache that fold-up bike riders know about is the stress of your bicycle locking up.


The Bad


  • Weighing in at 29lbs, this is one of the heavier light folding bicycles of 2019. The Atocha can be easily rolled, when not in use, though–meaning you shouldn’t need to carry it at all. However, if you’re in a situation where you can’t roll the bicycle, this could be very inconvenient

Height and Weight Requirements, No Custom Builds

  • ​The Allen Sports Atocha bicycle does meet a wide variety of height and weight requirements. However, there is no custom builds being offered for this bicycle. If you are outside the required height range of 4’9” to 6’6”, the Atocha might not be for you. However, the seat-post is easily adjustable which allows for overall comfortable seating for just about every height.

The Verdict

Allen Sports has been in the bicycle industry for over 50 years. In that time, the company has created a multitude of innovative bicycles, including the Atocha. The 24” wheels hold tires that grip the terrain quite well. Many light fold-up bicycles in 2019 have a tough time on hills. However, the Atocha has an unheard of the 18-speed shifter, which makes climbing hills a breeze. Thanks to the Shimano rear derailleur, the shifting process for the Atocha is virtually effortless.

Disc brakes not only make the bicycle more lightweight but also give the Atocha great stopping power. Located on both the front and rear of this bike, the disc brakes are extremely effective. One big complaint that fold-up bicyclists often have is how long it takes to fold up their bike. Luckily, the Allen Sports Atocha only takes 8 seconds to fold up, due to the patented press linkage folding system. Once folded, this bicycle has an awesome wheel lock latch, allowing it to be rolled around.

The Atocha doesn’t offer customized manufacturing of their bikes, which means you’ll need to meet the height and weight requirements. Allen Sports shows, with the Atocha that they are more than capable of continuing to make awesome bicycles. If you want a folding bike that is filled with extra additions and rides like a dream, the Atocha is a great pick.

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