Bike Size Chart

What size bike do I need? Many factors determine the right bike size. These factors range from the type of bike you want to your … Read more

Types of Bikes

Row of bikes in bike shop

Choosing the best bike today is an art given the numerous bike categories and other variables to consider. A newbie is bound to be confused … Read more

Afghan National Cycling Team

Women’s cycling has always been controversial in Afghanistan because of the freedom that bicycles offer. It is precisely this mobility that makes women’s cycling so … Read more

What is a bike’s groupset?


The groupset (sometimes referred to as its “gruppo”) is the collection of all the parts involved in braking, shifting gears, and transferring power from the … Read more

Should I wear a bike helmet?

Photo of a lady wearing a white bike helmet at speed

Yes! Whilst you are not legally obliged to wear a bike helmet in the UK, you definitely should! There are plenty of strong arguments for not wearing … Read more

What is a Hybrid Bike?

Photo of a cyclist riding a hybrid bike

Hybrid first got their names because they were seen as a hybrid of road bike and mountain bike design features. They have the flat handlebars … Read more

What is a Touring Bike?

Photo of a cyclist riding a touring bike beside a lake

Touring bikes are designed to cover long distances in comfort while carrying luggage. For these reasons they have relaxed geometry frame and usually drop-handlebars to allow the rider … Read more