Mountain bikes are growing more and more popular by the day. Their durability and ability to handle different terrain has helped them become some of most sought aftertypes of bicycles on the market today. One of the top mountain bikes under 2000, you might have come across is the Beiou Carbon Fiber mountain bike.

The list of popular choices always grows but their prices range. In reality, high-end bicycles can cost up to $8000 which is probably a little too much if you’re a beginner. Entry-level cyclists shouldn’t invest as much until they figure out if they like mountain biking, to begin with.

This is where the Beiou Carbon Fiber comes into play. It’s a versatile bike with many features and specifications suited for those who’ve never had a similar bicycle. Still, it’s suitable for so much more than your regular model. It handles rough terrain though it also performs well on smooth surfaces around town.

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It’s a perfect combination of bold looks and impeccable performance. On top of that, it costs less than $2000, and that fact alone makes it worthy of your attention. If you’re a beginner, you probably don’t want to overspend, so you should consider the Beiou Carbon Fiber.

This one delivers all the quality of high-end bikes with the smallest setbacks only highly experienced cyclists would notice. For this reason, we recommend it mainly to beginners and intermediate level bikers.

Continue reading to learn what makes this model as unique. We’ll discuss its features, pros, cons, specifications and how it performs on and off the road.

Features and Specifications:

One thing that sets this one apart from other mountain bikes is its frame. Most manufacturers that make affordable bikes choose aluminum as a material for the frame, while Beiou opted for carbon fiber. This unusual choice resulted in a lightweight and durable frame. It weighs about 22 lbs. all combined with the carbon fiber seat post.

It shows minimal signs of damage over time, so it’s suitable for all kinds of rough roads and training. When you add its rugged tires and wheels to the sturdy frame, you get a combination that can handle off-road riding. Kenda 26×1.95’’ tires provide grip on the train. The tires are specifically designed so they can handle mud and dirt.

These are strong tires which help with the roughest trails. However, you’ll see how smoothly they perform on flat surfaces. This is great for all adventurous cyclists who enjoy rocky roads. Thanks to this durability, the bike requires very little maintenance over the years.

The saddle comes in red and black which adds to the overall bold design. It’s a comfortable seat suitable for long-hour rides. It’s padded and on top of the 31.6mm carbon fiber seat post.

This bike contains all Shimano components and a hydraulic system that allows fast stopping. Use it to adjust the speed and avoid obstacles when you’re in town and off the road. This amount of safety protects you from a collision on rocky trails. It gives a rider some confidence that’s always needed.

The pneumatic air front filled suspension absorbs shock as you ride. It’s a handy feature that allows uphill riding on all kinds of rough terrain. It ensures comfortable riding which is especially useful for people with joint or back issues.

Another one of its essential features is the speed system. The Shimano M610 Deore system sports 29 speeds to bring the best high-speed performance. This allows smooth commuting, but it does an excellent job when it comes to participating in races and marathons. Acceleration and control it provides make it among the best mountain bikes under 2000.

The fact that this is a hardtail bike makes it that much more popular. It puts you in a certain position where your back isn’t taking as much pressure during rides. Most of the weight is put on your arms, so the arm muscles get a chance to develop with every ride you take. Also, hardtail bikes are usually more decisive and precise, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to advance your cycling skills and overall technique.

The Beiou Carbon Fiber is best for new riders. If you’re just starting in mountain biking, this is the bike that will give you all the needed control and power. It’s not too strong nor will you feel like its power is overwhelming you. It’s easy to handle and doesn’t require much service if you use it accordingly. You’ll probably feel the boldness and power that’s different from any other bike you’ve had. It’s a mountain bike, so that’s normal.

It has a durable frame, reliable brakes and offers lots of versatility when it comes to the terrain it performs on. Plus, it can take a hit which is why it’s as popular among beginners.

The Good

  • Great braking system
  • 30 speeds
  • Comfortable saddle
  • Ideal back position

The Bad

  • Not as impressive fork

The Verdict

If you’re on a hunt for the best mountain bike under 2000, Beiou Carbon Fiber might be the best model for you. It’s an impressive bike with a durable frame and components that bring the best of it on different soil.

Interestingly, Beiou is a relatively new brand, but they’ve managed to create several quite impressive models. It’s their Carbon Fiber that stands out the most with its durability and versatility. For beginners, the bike is a new way to experience rough terrain with a quality frame, gear, and braking system.

If you’re only now getting into mountain biking, you’ll love the Carbon Fiber. It’s such an easy-to-use model which is precisely what makes it suitable for entry-level cyclists. It doesn’t require as much service and maintenance because the frame and all the components are high-quality. The bike can take a beating across different roads, holes, bumps, and rocks.

Make sure to consider this one if you’re looking for a quality entry-level bike. It’s one of the best mountain bikes under 2000 which is just one of the many reasons this one should be on your list.

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