If you’re someone enjoying casual rides around town, beach cruiser bikes are ideal for you. These are best for going to the beach, farmers’ market, etc.

beach cruiser bikes are different than all others thanks to their specifications. They’re made especially for cruising around town, which is why you can’t expect much for from them. 

Of course, some models are better than others, as it’s the case with every bike category. With cruiser bikes, you get the perfect chance to do just that; cruise.

Luckily, there are various models on the market, so you still get a chance to choose between few variations of features and specifications. 

We’ve searched the market to find the best ones, so you don’t have to. Our list of best beach cruiser bikes is based on quality, features, comfort, and performance. Of course, we thought about budget, too.

Continue reading to find which the best beach cruiser bikes on the market are. These are top-notch and will definitely live up to your expectations.Check out the reviews below and decide which one of these bikes is the best one for you. 

Sixthreezero Around the Block Men’s Cruiser Bike

Top Pick

Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Best Value

Firmstrong Urban Man Single Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Highest Rated

Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Key Features:

  • Backward coaster brake
  • Single speed, 3-speed, 21-speed
  • Upright position

Firmstrong is one of the best brands on the market that continues to deliver impressive male and female bikes. One of their top models is the Urban Man Beach Cruiser.

It’s easy and comfortable to ride, which are undoubtedly its best features. This makes it ideal for cruising around town, going to school or work, and all the simple commuting. 

It features a curvy, classic beach design with a durable 17-inch steel frame. Its 26-inch aluminum wheels add to the overall cruise style that the bike so perfectly displays. 

Its wheels don’t just bring style to the bike, but stability, too. It’s well supported and offers a great sense of security. The tires are the white-wall balloon tires that provide ultimate comfort and well-balanced feeling. 

The bike features an oversized seat with dual springs. This means soft and cushy ride even when it comes to those long-hour ones. Its handlebars are made of foam and are wide enough to provide a comfortable and secure grip.

This is a versatile bike that’s easy to use and adjust. It fits men from 5’4’’ to 6’2’’ tall. Plus, there are several colors to choose from.Another thing worth noting is that it comes with a different number of speeds. The Urban Cruiser comes as single-speed, three-speed or 21-speed. Choose the one that fits your cruising needs and style the best.

If you opt for the single speed model, you’ll have a casual, easy-to-use bike. Its rear coaster brakes are reliable and simple. This bike can go up to 15 mph. All the other models offering more speeds, naturally, go much faster.

Most people like it because it offers more than a classic cruiser bike. It’s suitable for casual commuting, but you’ll also be able to do some more high-intensity biking. 


  • Comes in multiple speeds
  • easy and effortless to ride
  • Perfect for commuting


  • Hard to put together for some

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Critical Cycles Chatham Men’s 26’’ Beach Cruiser

Key Features:

  • Wide tires
  • Steel frame
  • Superb shock absorption

If you’re looking for a simple beach cruiser bike, this might be the best option for you. It’s a minimalist bike that looks basic and simple yet stylish.

It features a comfortable dual spring seat that’s ideal for long rides to the beach, school or work. The tires included are somewhat broader than those more standard ones. The wide saddle, foam grips, and the tires all provide a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

The Wanda tires measure 26 x 2.25 inches and are one of the most resilient, reliable and responsive tires you can get. It doesn’t get much better than that when it comes to cruisers.

The handlebars also provide an upright position. This means your back is straight as you ride so that you can do so for a more extended period, too. It’s unlikely that you’d feel back pain with the Critical Cycles Chatham.

It features a 26-inch wheeled classic steel frame that provides better shock absorption than an aluminum frame. Also, the rims are color contrasting which adds a lot to its overall appearance regardless of the actual color you chose. Speaking of which, there are several color combinations to choose from based on your style and preference.

When it comes to speed choices, you can pick between a single-speed, three-speed, and seven-speed drivetrain. The single-speed one has a back-pedal brakes, while the other two have hand brakes. It also has a kickstand for more comfortable operation.

However, it doesn’t feature a rear bike rack, which many people consider to be its only setback. It doesn’t come assembled, but the process of assembly should not take any longer than an hour for you to do it. Finally, the bike weighs only 37 pounds, which is a good weight considering its double rims, steel frame, and wide Wanda tires. 


  • Basic yet, stylish
  • Provides great shock absorption
  • Wanda tires


  • No rear bike rack

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Firmstrong Bruiser Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle, 26’’

Key Features:

  • Extended steel frame
  • Masculine look
  • Oversized seat
  • Dual suspension

When it comes to bigger men, finding a cruiser bike can sometimes be a challenge. If that’s the case with you, consider the Firmstrong Bruiser

It has a 19-inch extended steel frame that offers extra space between handlebars and seat. This means better arm extension.Other than that, the bike has balloon tires and a seat that’s considered oversized. Of course, the seat features dual springs, so it provides comfortable rides. The Kenda tires are 2.125-inch wide whitewall tires that absorb shock and bumps.

Its overall top-tube, thick design provides a more masculine look that’s ideal for men. It’s modern and looks a bit manlier than other cruiser bikes. However, you’ll get the same comfort provided by all Firmstrong bicycles.

The bike comes in different color combinations to choose from. There are also three-speed models, so you can pick the one that fits you the most.

The manufacturer says the bike fits men 5’4’’ to 6’4’’ tall. However, most its users say it works much better for men from 5’10’’ and above. This is the kind of bike you’d need for casual cruising. It provides comfortable recreational riding, mostly on flatter terrain. Aim for pavement and hard-packed trails. The Bruiser can get up 3 to 15 mph. It’s a guy’s bike, which means masculine design and colors. Plus, the comfort and balance it provides add to the overall experience and its supreme performance.

On that note, it’s also essential we mention the upright position of the bike. With its frame design, the bike always has your back in an upright position. This means you won’t experience any back pain even after hours of riding the Bruiser.

It weighs about 43 pounds, which is a bit on the heavyweight side when it comes to cruiser bikes. However, it has a sturdy frame and wide tires, which mostly contribute to its overall weight. 


  • Different color combinations
  • Upright ergonomic design  
  • Provides great arm extension


  • Weights almost 43 lbs

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Sixthreezero Around The Block Men’s 26’’ Cruiser Bike

Key Features:

  • Both rear and front brakes
  • Upright position
  • Steel, durable frame 

Another one of the classic men’s bikes is the Sixthreezero Around the Block bike. It’s one of those casual, classic and curvy men’s bicycles that are ideal for commuting, going to the beach, work or school. It features a 9-inch steel frame that’s durable and sturdy which provides a specific dose of comfort when riding. 

The upright riding style means your back is always straight with shoulders in a comfortable position. Another few things that contribute to this are the wide cruiser handlebars with foam grips and the dual spring saddle. 

This bike features a 21-speed Shimano Tourney derailleur along with friction shifters. This allows you to tackle uphill climbs with ease. It also means a lot when you’re riding long distance. 

The brakes included are both front and rear brakes. When it comes to its wheels, this bike has 26-inch; 2.125-inch wide aluminum wheels along with large waffle tread tires. The combination provides comfort and cushion for smooth riding for a long time. 

When it comes to style and design, it’s important to say that this is one of those bikes that look quite masculine. It comes in various color combinations that are brown/black, white/black and black/black. Each of these combinations seems manly and stylish. As its frame, all its components are black, including the rear rack.

You can choose between a few speed types. The single-speed model is best for riding around the neighborhood where the terrain is flat. If you’re going to climb hills, it’s best you go for either the 3-speed or the 7-speed model. The 21-speed bike is for a demanding terrain, uphill and long distance riding.

The manufacturer claims this bike fits men from 5 feet to 6 feet, 2 inches tall. Naturally, you can go up or down a bit, but make sure to stay within those measurements.


  • Upright riding style
  • Large tread tires
  • Comes with rear rack


  • Rear rack can only hold up to 25 lbs

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Kulana Men’s Cruiser Bike, 26-Inch, Green

Key Features:

  • Easy to ride
  • Extra large seat
  • Cruiser rise stem

If you’re looking for a quality bike that delivers outstanding performance, but you’re on a budget, the Kulana Men’s Cruiser Bike might be the best option for you. It’s a reliable commuting cruiser bike that’s easy to assemble and use.

Its frame is well-balanced and sturdy giving you enough reliability to feel comfortable when riding a long time. The affordability and the steel frame quality are the two main reasons why people usually opt for this bike.

However, be careful when you receive your bike. In most cases, you’ll have to do a thing or two when it arrives. Make sure to tighten the bolts, inflate the tires, or better yet, have a professional check it out before you start riding.

Overall, it’s easy to ride, and because of its sturdy frame, it’s also durable. This means the bike will go a long way before you ever feel like something needs repairing. That goes for its paint job, too.

The bike has extra large cruiser seat featuring springs as well as full wrap steel fenders. Plus, the easy-reach handlebars allow you to always stay in the best upright position. That’s good for your back and comfortable on the arms.

It has a few pros and cons, but the ration of the two is promising. Most importantly, the bike is easy to assemble. The metal work along with its remarkable paint job makes this one of the most stylish bikes on the market.

The steel frame and rims add to the sturdiness and overall feel that the bike provides. It feels comfortable and easy to handle when on flat terrain.

However, it’s important to mention that the bike adapts very well to different ride styles. Whether you like to slowly cruise around town or add a little speed to it, the bike follows with 


  • Budget friendly 
  • Steel frame
  • Easy-reach handlebars


  • Requires some initial tweaks before first ride

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Buying a beach cruiser bike isn’t always the easiest thing to do. There are quite a few factors you have to consider if you’re looking to end up with a quality model. Plus, the market is packed with so many different models offering various features you may or may not need when cruising around town.

To get what’s best for you, it’s important you consider all the best beach cruiser bikes. Once you read all there is about each of them; you see the big picture. With that, you can decide with certainty which of the five models is the best for you.

Consider your riding style, design preferences, your height and the terrain you’d be riding on. These are just a few things to pay attention to when looking a good beach cruiser bike. Think about each of these and pick the bike accordingly. This way, you’re sure you’re getting what’s best for you. 

Hopefully, our list helped you decide on the model that fits you the best. Go back to the reviews and even double check if needed to make sure that the bike of your choice is best for you. 

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