People often think that the fastest way of getting somewhere is by car, but what if I told you there are other ways? There are situations where you find yourself stuck in because you’re in a car. For example, when there is tight traffic.

Cars may be fast, but once you’re stuck in traffic, that’s highly irrelevant. Hours may pass before you reach your desired destination. However, if you were on a bike, there’s no chance that tight traffic could stop you. As you probably know, biking also has many other benefits that driving a car lacks.

Apart from that, how many car alternatives do you know? Many different types of bikes offer various benefits. Folding mountain bikes and folding electric bikes provide convenience since you can fold them to take with you or save storage space. Not only that, but they’re quite fast, too. Also, there are mountain bikes that will make you love biking as physical activity, especially in rough terrain.

Biking is good for your heart and your overall health. Plus, a mountain bike is one of the most long-lasting types of bikes. If off-road biking isn’t your thing, you can opt for a hybrid bike. A hybrid bike is more suitable for commuting, driving around town, to work or school. On a plus note, some hybrid bikes can even handle specific off-road tracks and rough terrain.

Let’s go little in-depth regarding car alternatives that are the most effective, convenient and fast.

​Folding Mountain Bikes:

This type of bike has many great features and benefits. Apart from the apparent fitness benefits of biking on and off-track, there are a few other things that make these bikes popular. First and foremost, they are much like the classic mountain bikes, durable, rugged and suitable for all kinds of terrain. However, when your mountain bike is foldable, a new door of possibilities opens. You can pack it up and take it with you pretty much anywhere you like.

Folding mountain bikes are also suitable for commuting since city roads often have bumps, holes, glass, etc. You can always pack this kind of bike and take it in the public transportation line you’re using such as bus, train, subway, and even airplane. If you’re biking to work, you can fold the bike and take it to your office. It takes very little space, and no one would be able to steal it.

Hybrid bicycles:

Hybrid bikes are a perfect combination of road and mountain bike models. They can do a little bit of everything, some things better than the others. They offer different biking styles, comfort, and overall convenience in many ways. Some of them work equally well in city and dirt road conditions. However, you may not be able to bike when it’s raining, but very few types of bikes actually allow you that anyway.

Most people opt for hybrid bikes because they’re suitable for commuting in different areas, such as smooth city roads, as well as rural locales. The Best hybrid bikes feature flat handlebars that you’d usually find in mountain bikes. Plus, they feature upright riding position, which is great for your back. These bikes aren’t designed to be very fast, especially with the featured riding position. However, they’re safe and comfortable compared to many other types of bikes, especially when going through traffic.

Raleigh Cadent 1 Urban Fitness Bicycle:

Raleigh is a great brand that gave us some of the best bicycles to this date, but the Cadent 1 is by far the most popular. Not only is it a great car alternative in many ways but it also features innovative technologies and convenient specifications.

The bike features a stylish, trendsetting design that looks good from a distance as well as up close. Plus, it comes partially assembled. This is convenient because you won’t have to spend more than 30 to 90 minutes putting it together before you hit the road. Cadent 1 gives you the ultimate comfortable and smooth experience thanks to its upright riding position and flat handlebars.

The upright biking position is better for your spine, and it’s something most people prefer as opposed to being in an athletic position. Also, its smooth shifting of the 21-speed gear shift combined with the aluminum frame offers easy and effortless biking. The Raleigh Cadent 1 Urban Fitness Bicycle features 700c wheels that are the best for more traction on the road.

Folding e-bikes:

Although electric bikes haven’t been around for a long time, they’re one of the best options for people who like the additional boost of speed. Most of the time, they feature a motor and an ion battery that makes the whole magic happen. They’re different from mopeds since they can be powered by simply pedaling.

However, folding e-bikes are just as simple as regular bikes with a key feature that is the rechargeable motor. You can turn it on whenever you’re feeling tired, or you don’t feel like pedaling uphill. Still, e-bikes aren’t motorcycles, scooters or anything else. They’re simply bicycles, and they’re recognized as such. Not only are they electric and with that quite convenient, but they’re also foldable.

Many of the top folding e-bikes are lightweight, convenient, and powerful. A folding e-bike is easily portable, which is one of its best features. They fit in small spaces, apartments, trucks, etc. E-bikes are used for commuting, driving around the city, going around traffic, and ride with ease.

Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bicycle:

Vilano is a newer brand, having been around since 2007. They offer maximum performance and design. The Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bicycle is a great choice for beginners and people who want to start off in biking as a form of fitness. It features 24 gears, which means you won’t need much time to get to where you’re headed. The bike is suitable for commuting and when you need to get to work as soon as possible. Plus, it’s also ideal for weekend leisure riding with friends and family.

Aluminum poly frame and forks provide light weight, toughness and overall best design. The bike has a horizontal bar from handlebars from the seat. It offers comfort even during long-hour rides. Its flat handlebars feature the gear shifters and are designed to look like those on a hybrid bike. Their design gives you the opportunity to choose whether you want to lean forward or sit in an upright position.

As you can see, there are many great alternatives to cars. Not only do they offer more convenience, but they handle traffic much better. You won’t have to spend any more long hours waiting in line on the road. On top of that, biking has many great health and fitness benefits that you can achieve with all the models I’ve listed above.


Folding mountain bikes and folding e-bikes are an excellent alternative for people who want to save storage space and bring their bike with them at all times. If you want the bike for commuting as well as some fitness biking, try the Vilano Diverse 3.0, the Raleigh Cadent 1 or some of the other top hybrid bikes. Biking is, in many ways, better than driving a car, since it offers a healthier lifestyle and faster commuting through traffic.

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