Folding bike and Commuter Bike

Over the years folding bikes have transformed from the heavy and hideous bikes that were hard to ride, to the light, fancy bikes that can fold down in seconds. Some models are even small enough and can fit in a suitcase, yet will effortlessly and efficiently take you to work. Their performance has greatly improved and is almost similar to the regular sized bikes.

They may look costly initially and some people may find it odd to buy a folding bike instead of a normal one but they have lots of advantages over the large bikes. Some models will let you hit the mountain bike trails or do a century ride.

Folding bike and Commuter Bike

Here are 5 reasons to use a folding bike to commute to work:

Convenient and Saves on Space

They can fold down very small and fit almost anywhere – in the car trunk, on the bus or train – enabling you to carry them around with much ease. They are truly great space savers. Also you can store them anywhere, which makes them ideal for people living in small apartments and studios, where space is inadequate.

It’s multi-functional 

these bikes enable you to combine cycling with other forms of transport like trains, allowing you to hop on and off trains or buses helping you cut through rush hour traffic. This gives you the liberty and choice not to be a victim of the daily commuter rat race, enabling you to get to your work place quicker than others. It also saves on fare as well as the commuting time.


Your chances of your folder being stolen are minimal since you can take it with you on the go. Most are small enough and lie unnoticed under or beside your desk at work. Folding bikes are a niche product that most thieves will be reluctant to try them. Others barely even know what they are or what to do with them.

Accelerate fast with minimal effort

This is due to the smaller wheels that folding bikes have compared to the big bikes. It requires less effort to get the small wheels move fast.

Low maintenance costs

Being able to store the bike in an enclosed space away from the open where it is vulnerable to any form of damage helps in the reduced cost of maintenance of folding bikes compared to other bikes. You don’t have to incur costs like paying for a parking space and buying gas. Most repair and maintenance costs of bikes are cheap and the mechanics are reliable.


Folding bikes are easy, convenient, basically theft proof, save you lots of money and time, and can accompany you wherever you go. 

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