Folding bikes are slowly becoming more and more popular and more people are starting to see the benefits of these bikes.  The market keeps growing and companies work hard to compete with one an another. That can make choosing a fold up bicycle hard for anyone and that is where we step in. Our job is to get all of the best folding bikes 2020 models and try them out. We do a very detailed analysis of each bike and then write an objective review on it. We rate its functionality, performance, looks and the overall impression as users.

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Benefits of Folding Bikes 

A Great Source of Exercise 

Comparing twenty years ago to today, it’s easy to see why the number of overweight people in the world is constantly growing at an alarming rate. Today’s lifestyle has us seated for long hours on end and then we drive home and spend the rest of the day on the couch. Folding bikes are a good way to lose some weight and improve your health. Instead of spending an hour in a traffic jam, why not exercise while doing it.


When you live or work in a big city, finding a parking spot is almost impossible, and if you do find one, it’s nowhere near where you want to go. Problems like this don’t exist with the folding bike. All you need to do is fold it up and take it with you . The bicycle is not only practical, it is hard to steal because it is always with you.

Saves You Money

By owning a folding bike, you’ll save a lot of money. No more parking tickets or problems with your car. If you travel to work by train or subway, you can take your bicycle with you. Combining public transportation and a fold up bike will leave you a considerable amount of money at the end of the month. 

Folding Bike Specifications

Finding and choosing the right folding bike can be tricky because most people are not familiar with these bikes and they can’t understand the all the equipment specifications. Here are all of the commonly used fold up bike materials and other specifications that will assist you with finding the perfect bicycle.

Frame Material 

  • Aluminum

Aluminium folding bikes are a common choice for all bikers because this metal is rust-free and it’s lightweight. Another plus side is that aluminium frames cost much less than carbon fiber and other higher end materials.

  • Steel

Steel has been used for bike frames for over a century now. It’s strong and durable, which helps equal a long lifetime. The main problem with steel frames is the weight. A steel bicycle is definitely not the lightest option which means that these bikes are not for a long ride. Another problem is that steel rusts easily. You need to store your bicycle somewhere where it’s dry, but that shouldn’t be a problem because the bike is foldable. Steel is used on bicycle frames of all types.

  • Chromoly

This material is essentially steel that was carbonized during the manufacturing process. This way, the weight of the frame is lowered while the strength stays the same. Chromoly bikes are a good choice because they are easy for carrying, the price is reasonable and they are easy to ride. This is why most folding bikes are in fact Chromoly.

  • Carbon Fibre

Carbon Fibre bikes are light, well balanced and not too expensive. The bikes are not that durable and cracks can occur if not handled properly. If you can fit a Carbon fibre frame into your budget and if you look after the bicycle with care, this frame is the right choice for you.

  • Titanium

If the price isn’t a question and you like to get what you pay for, titanium is the best folding bike frame option. It’s extremely durable, it doesn’t weigh too much and if you take care of it, it will last for years.

Wheel Size

20in wheel size are one of the most used wheel sizes on folding bikes. Of course, there are other size options here are some of the pros and cons of each.

  • 16in

This is the smallest size available for a folding bike and it’s used where you need both maneuverability and agility. The wheels allow you to take sharp turns and it makes the bike lighter and smaller when carried. The downside is that small wheels are less stable over bumpy roads.

  • 20in 

The 20-inch wheels are the most common used wheels on folding bikes. These wheels offer the best of both worlds, they are still small enough to turn quickly and they offer a more comfortable and pleasant ride compared to 16-inch wheels. 

  • 24in

Bikes with 24″ wheels are bigger and when folded as compared to the smaller options. These bikes offer a very smooth ride that feels like a regular bicycle. If you like comfortable rides through the countryside, these sized wheels are an excellent choice.

  • 26in

The standard wheel size for mountain bikes is 26″ the same with folding bicycles. The large wheel gives a smooth ride, and the tires are perfect for an off-road ride. The downside is that the bike can’t fold up much smaller than when unfolded and most models need their front wheel removed.


  • Single Speed

The single speed design has simple gears.These bikes are best on flat roads and city streets because climbing a hill with one gear is sure to give you a workout.

  • Hub Gears​

This system is commonly known as the internal gear mechanism because the parts are hidden in the hub shell. The plus side is that the shell keeps the gears protected from the elements, and prevents rust. It doesn’t require much maintenance either. These gears usually have 3 to 8 speeds that help when climbing steeper roads.

  • Derailleur Gears

Derailleur gears are the most complicated gear mechanism but offer the biggest selection of gears. The multiple gear options are often used on mountain folding bicycles. These gears are able to conquer both up and down a rough terrain. Because of this, these gears require regular maintenance.

Bike Fork

The fork supports the front wheel. These are the types of forks available for folding bicycles.

  • Rigid Forks

Rigid forks are efficient and meant for urban environments when it comes to folding bikes. The reason is in the fork structure where the fork ends and crowns are connected. This makes the forks immobile and not recommended for rough terrain.

  • Suspension Forks

These forks are flexible and they offer more mobility. They are stable even in rough terrain due to their shocks . This is why they are part of most folding mountain bikes.


Brakes are used to decrease speed and stop the folding bike. This is, of course, not a full list of available brake types, these are the most common used foldable bicycle brake types

  • V-Brakes ( Linear Pull)

The most used folding bicycle break system is this one because it’s simple and easy use. The system is made out of two arms that reach out and hold the rim to stop the bike from moving. V-bakes are easy to fix with the use of basic tools. They can be less effective in rainy weather, though.

  • Coaster Brakes

To slow down with these brakes, you need to pedal backward. These brakes are protected from harsh weather conditions. These folding bikes have no cables visible on the bars.

  • Disc Brakes

If power and accuracy is what you are looking for, disc brakes are the best option. These disc mechanisms are used on almost every folding mountain bike.

Best Folding Bike 2017

How To Choose The Best Folding Bike for You in 2020

Sometimes even the easiest decisions are not that easy to make, and when it comes to a fold up bike, things can be trickier than they seem. The best way to make a decision that fits what you need is to narrow down the options and exclude the bicycle types you don’t like. You need to think about what’s the purpose of the folding bike you will buy.

  • Commuters

If you find yourself looking for a way to speed up your commute, a folding bike is a great choice.You can find a number of available models that suit your style and needs. It’s possible to customize everything on the bike including the wheel size and the number of gears.

  • Free Time

Most people are looking for a folding bicycle for their free time. This means that you’re only riding the bike for short distances. They’re great for many activities such as running errands or taking a quick ride to the convince store.

If you think that you fit in this category, a cheaper model of a folding bicycle is a fine choice for you. There is no need on wasting money on expensive fold up bicycles that have extra perks if you just want to get from point A to point B. Of course, everyone likes a good looking bike that is comfortable and quick, but you have to consider the price as well. The number of gears needed depends on the kind of terrain you want to ride the bicycle. If you have lots of hills around you, pick the one with more gears.

  • Mountain Bikers

The choice of bikes that are available for this category is slim, but the number of models is slowly increasing. These fold up bicycles are designed for rough terrain and that means that they are durable and can handle a beating. The downside is that these bicycles frames can be heavy and before folding them, you need to take the front wheel off.

Furthermore, the Mountain folding bicycles include large shock absorbing features that allow the rider to tackle rough, bumpy roads. Before buying a cycle like this, you need to think about your needs because the price range between the cheapest and the most expensive model can vary.There are many other types and things you will be able to customize. You can choose almost every part you want on the bike, but it’s important that you understand the purpose of each bicycle type so you make a purchase that fits your needs the best.

Top Folding bikes 2017

  • Folding Electric Bike

The electric bike hit the market roughly 10 years ago and since then, the demand for these types of bicycles has been growing. These bicycles are very similar to your standard expect you don’t need to pedal to start moving. One turn of the accelerator makes the bike move as the battery powers the bike.

These bikes have a built in battery that is easy to recharge. You just have to plug it in and wait for a couple of hours. The bikes also have built-in rear and front head lights. Of course, the bicycle still has pedals that allow the rider to ride it like a classic bike if the battery runs out.These folding electric bikes are the perfect choice for people who travel to work by train or subway. You sit on the bike when you leave your home, ride it do the train, fold it up, ride the train downtown, and ride the bicycle to your office. Folding it is easy. It takes no more than a couple of seconds. Once you’ve reached your destination, just fold the bike and take it to the office with you. If the battery is running low, just plug it in and it will be recharged by the time you need it again.

Another plus for the fold up electric bicycle is the fact that you don’t have pedal while riding it. This is also perfect for those who ride the bike to work because you won’t work up a sweat. Riding it feels more like a scooter than a bicycle, but it’s not as heavy as a scooter.

There are a couple of available models on the market at the moment. Some are small and designed for short distances and their battery doesn’t last for very long. Others are larger, they offer a greater level of comfort and stability and their batteries usually last for about 40 miles. Another advantage of these bikes is that they tackle hills without problems. fold-up electric bikes are not meant for off-road riding or really long distances, it is better suited for urban areas and cities.

These electric folding bikes do not need a lot of maintenance, but it’s very important that you keep them protected from the elements when you’re not using them. Because of their battery, the bikes are slightly heavier than classic folding bicycles.The folding electric bike is a perfect choice for those who want something faster than the standard bike, but not quite a moped or car.

  • Folding Mountain Bike

Folding mountain bikes are meant for off-road riding and tackling hills and bumpy roads. These bikes are strong and flexible. The main features of every fold up bicycle are the standard 26″ wheels, suspension forks, a multiple gear system, and a strong frame.The 26-inch wheels are the standard size for mountain bicycles, both folding, and traditional mountain bikes. The tires have tread that allow the rider to go off-road and conquer steep hills. The size of the wheel ensures a smooth ride and good control.It would be impossible to enjoy a dirt road on a fold up bicycle without the suspension forks. They were designed to give the rider flexibility and mobility. The shocks are there to ensure a nice, smooth ride on bumpy roads. Mountain bikers use these forks on every bicycle.

When you want to go mountain biking, there are many obstacles and hills. This type of terrain requires a multiple gear system. The one used on folding mountain bikes is called the Derailleur gear system. It is an advanced system that includes a wide range of transmissions that allows riders to tackle rough ground both uphill and downhill.

The frames for these bikes need to be strong and most of them are made out of carbon fiber, chromoloy, and titanium. They vary in strength and weight so choosing one depends on the type of ride you want it for. The titanium frame is the strongest one of all, and it’s also the lightest, but the price is pretty can be expensive.

One of the advantages of these folding bikes is the fact that they are easy to fold up and store. Instead of leaving your bike on the street, you can just fold it up and take it with you. Since the wheels and the frame are large, before folding them up, the front wheel needs to come off

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