Don’t you think that biking is one of the best ways to throw in some cardio into your daily routine? It’s fun and exciting which is why more and more people opt for it. However, you can’t just use a regular comfort bike that you have in your garage if you want to become a serious biker. if you plan on biking for real, you’ll need a bike.

A hybrid bike is a bike to ride on different roads and moderate dirt and gravel surfaces. It isn’t a mountain bike, but it features wider tires and a much heavier frame than a regular bike. There are models with additional features such as racks and rear fenders.

Want to know the best part?

They’re meant for both efficiency and comfort, and they have adjustable components so you can adjust everything to your preference. Some of the standout features are an upright seat and a narrow saddle. Also, the good thing is that it is difficult for you to lose your posture while riding a hybrid bike. You simply can’t ride a hybrid bike in a laid-back position.

Our Top Selections:

Tommaso La Forma Lightweight Aluminum Hybrid Bike

Top Pick

Head Revive 700C Hybrid Road Bicycle

Best Value

PUBLIC Bikes V7 Comfort 7-Speed City Bike

Highest Rated


Of course, there are different models to choose from, and therefore, you must consider a few things before you make the purchase. Think about the kind of bike you want and how often you plan on riding it. If you’re a beginner and plan on riding on shorter distances, you don’t have to invest an enormous amount of money.

Either way, we searched for the best hybrid bikes under 1000. These bikes suit both beginners and advanced riders. To get a hybrid bike for less than $1000 is a good deal, especially if you can find exactly the bike that suits you. Continue reading to see what the best hybrid bikes are for this price range.

The 5 Best Hyrbird Bikes Under $1000

1. Head Revive L 700C Road Bicycle Bike

Key Features:

  • Shimano RD-M310 Altus rear and front derailleurs
  • 24 speed
  • Promax MV-295L rear and front aluminum brakes

This aluminum hybrid bike is a good option if you’re just starting out in biking. As a beginner, you probably won’t ride as often and on long distance roads. For this reason, we’d suggest this hybrid bike. Its fork is SR Suntour NEX Suspension and comes in size 18 x 22 inch for men, and 17 x 21 for women. The frame is aluminum, and so are the double wall rims in a 700C. The tires for this bike are CST 700 x 32C.

Even though it’s suitable for beginners, its drivetrain is still quite impressive. We’re talking about a Shimano RD-M310 Altus rear and front derailleurs. As far as speed, it’s important to note that the bike features 24 speed and Shimano Altus SL-M310 3 x 8 shifters.

Brakes may be one of the most important features. This road bike has Promax MV-295L rear and front aluminum brakes. The saddle guarantees comfort as well as quality riding which is exactly what you get with this bike. Its saddle is street smart-speed WTB saddle, with a stem that’s aluminum and seat post. A couple of other features worth mentioning are FP aluminum pedals, as well as a KMC chain and Shimano Cassette.

Reportedly, most of the experienced bikers have started out in biking using this model. Mike told us that he rides a much-advanced bike now, but has passed this one to his son who’s just starting out.

The bike is will last a long time and its durable, which means it will follow you for many years on many different tracks and roads. Longevity is always something to strive for especially when you’re buying something like a hybrid bike.As you can see, this is a quite impressive hybrid bike for less than $1000. Its features and specifications make it one of the leading ones, which is exactly why we’ve included it in our list. Probably even more important fact is that you’ll be able to experience biking and all the excitement it comes with without having to invest all that much money.


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Durable and will last a long time
  • Comes in two sizes


  • Not a good bike for advanced riders

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2. PUBLIC Bikes V7 Comfort 7-speed City Bike

Key Features:

  • 35mm cream tires
  • Dual pivot alloy brakes
  • Upright handlebars

The best thing about the Public Bikes V7 is that you can also use it for everyday commuting. Precisely, it’s not as heavy-duty as other models on our list. Our favorite thing about this hybrid bike is that it handles rough terrain just as well. It’s stylish and lightweight which makes it perfect for different kinds of roads. The bike makes you stay in the upright position, keeping your back straight at all times. It features seven speeds by Shimano. You’ll love the smooth shifting that’s one of the things people like the most about this hybrid bike. Also, it’s easy to handle curbs and potholes thanks to the 35mm cream tires.

The frame’s geometry is classic-diamond, featuring sloping top tube. This kind of structure provides more clearance. However, the frame itself is made of steel with the Chromoly hi-tensile blend. The frame comes in small/medium and medium/large sizes. The small and medium size measures 18 inches, and it fits people that are 5’ 2’’ to 5’ 8’’. The medium and large size measures 21.5 inches and fits bikers 5’9’’ to 6’ 2’’.

Let’s not forget the brakes that are very important in hybrid bikes. This model features dual pivot alloy brakes with handlebars that are upright. Another safety feature we simply must mention is the chain guard.

Many happy customers have been using this bike for ages. Kathrin said: “When I first started out in biking, everyone kept telling me that I’ll have to throw a huge chunk of money for a hybrid bike. I was so happy to find this model for less than $1000 and still be able to ride it many years after.”

This is the kind of a hybrid bike that you can ride in a more rough terrain without fearing for the frame or tires. It’s quick and long-lasting, which is a combination that never disappoints. Not only does it cost less than $1000, but it’s bound to last you for many years until you’re ready to take on a more advanced hybrid bike.


  • Great for everyday commuting
  • Can handle rough terrain
  • Lightweight


  • Not heavy duty

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3. Tommaso La Forma Lightweight Aluminum Hybri​​​​d Bike

Key Features:

  • Aluminum frame
  • HCT Carbon Fork
  • Shimano Acera Rapid Fire shifters

The Tommaso La Forma is for those who ride on more heavy-duty roads. You can enjoy this bike even as a beginner, but unless you plan to take it to rough terrain, it won’t have a chance to shine. Its frame is made of aluminum, and it’s lightweight and compact also of HCT Carbon Fork. This combination adds vibration dampening and saves weight. Also, the frame is drilled for extra range of fenders and racks. The geometry of it is upright which makes riding more fun. The overall frame design allows you to use the bike for everyday riding, too. One of the reasons why it performs so good in different terrains is its extra wide tires that provide traction and stability.

La Forma’s drivetrain contains 3 x 9 Shimano Acera Groupset, a 48/36/26T crankset, and an 11/32T cassette. This combination makes it possible to ride on different roads and conditions. This kind of drivetrain is hard to find, and it speaks of the quality of the hybrid bike. It makes it possible to ride even in roughest surfaces and in different weather conditions.

What’s very interesting, especially for those who ride in rough terrain are this bike’s shifting abilities. The Shimano Acera Rapid Fire shifters perform safely and quickly. Conveniently, there’s a display that allows you to know the gear you’re in. No doubt that this is something riders appreciate because it works smoothly and allows you to achieve maximum efficiency whatever road you’re on.

However, keep in mind that unless you’re a professional, you’ll need one to help you assemble the bike. The wheels need truing, and you’ll also need to tune the derailleurs. Before riding, you also need to tighten all the bolts to technical specifications. Professional assembly ensures safety as well as the best performance. Of course, you can do all of this yourself with an assistance of a professional if you aren’t so confident in your knowledge. Assembling a bike is fun, and you can learn many things in the process.

Finally, many riders have told us they’re pleased with how reliable this hybrid bike is. Once you take it for a ride, you’ll barely be able to wait for the next time you hit the road with this hybrid bike.


  • Excels in adverse weather conditions 
  • Extremely reliable
  • Can be used for everyday commuting


  • requires some light pre tuning 

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4. Raleigh Bikes Redux 2 Urban Hybrid Assault Bikes

Key Features:

  • Alloy frame
  • 9 speeds
  • Hydraulic brakes

The Redux 2 is one of the most popular hybrid bikes that you can buy for under $1000. It’s ranked pretty high featuring many positive customer reviews. Of course, all of this is for a reason. Not only you can conquer heavy-duty terrain, but you can also easily cruise around the city with this bike. Its many features, overall quality and the fact that it’s under $1000 all make it an excellent choice.

The frame of this bike is alloy, featuring integrated fork that’s designed with Assault geometry. This form and geometry keep you upright and able to focus easily. The vertical structure also helps with your posture. As you know, the position is critical in biking, especially because we don’t even notice our back isn’t straight at times.

If you choose this hybrid bike, you get nine speeds. The Shimano shifters allow easy gear changes, which is always important in hybrid bikes.

Another reason why bikers love it is its ability to perform just as well in dry and wet conditions. More so, you’ll quickly notice the ability of its hydraulic brakes to work well in both conditions. This part is quite important since speed and braking are crucial to a good hybrid bike.

What’s the best thing about it?

The bike comes in three different sizes. Different sizing means variety and convenience for different people. The small size measures 5’3’’ – 5’6’’, size medium is from 5’6’’ to 5’9’’, size large is 5’9’’ – 6’, and finally, size extra-large is from 6’ to 6’4’’. So, if you thought you like the bike but it’s probably too big or too small for you, you were wrong. The sizing makes it suitable for both women and men, so you can even ride out as a family once in a while.

Raleigh is a well-known name around bikers, so don’t be surprised if you hear many of them recommend it. A good brand is usually followed by many pleased customers. When it comes to this hybrid in particular, apart from its features and specifications, people love it for how it performs. It makes rides fun, safe and exciting.

The bike comes partially assembled. This will give you the chance to put it together while learning how it works without having to be the one that puts it up from zero. However, the more experience you have, the less time you’ll need to put it together. For a skilled person, it wouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes. For someone who isn’t as experienced the assembling would take about 120 minutes. On another hand, if you’re not sure about assembling it yourself, take to a bike shop, and they’ll know what to do. We suggest you try and assemble it yourself. The process is exciting and you can learn much about how your hybrid bike works.


  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Raleigh is a popular and well known brand
  • Performs well in adverse conditions  


  • Comes partially assembled

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5. Montague Boston Single Speed Folding Commuter Hybrid Bike

Key Features:

  • 700c wheels
  • Quick release folding system 
  • Portable design 

We chose the Montague Boston as a winner for several important reasons. First, the quality of merchandise, in this case, is superior and authentic. Also, this hybrid bike delivers quite a standout performance. You’ll feel like a real pro riding this best commuter bikes under 1000.

First and foremost, it comes in a safe and durable box which prevents any damage during shipping. This is a full-size bike that looks superior and dominant. It features a single speed as well as 700c wheels. You can ride it on different surfaces, but simple city terrain is where it stands out the best. This Montague bike has a flip-flop hub. This detail allows the rear when to operate as a free or fixed gear.

Want to know what makes this bike different?

It’s foldable. The bike features a folding system that has a quick release. This system converts the bike from full size to trunk size. The entire process lasts only about 20 seconds and allows you to take your bike wherever you want. For this reason, it’s no wonder, so many bikers choose this hybrid bike. Neil said he always takes the bike with him to vacation because it easily fits into his truck.

It’s easy to see why this bike is as popular. Not only does it cost less than $1000, but it’s efficient and convenient. If you’re a serious biker who likes to ride even when going away from home, this is a perfect hybrid bike for you.

We’re sure you were probably told you need a lot of money to start off in biking. Even experienced bikers often think they have to invest an enormous amount of money for a good quality hybrid bike. We’re happy to say that’s not true, and most of the time you need even less than $1000.

Most people think that price has a lot to do with quality, as it sometimes does. However, don’t think of it as of a rule, because it’s not. When you pay a lot of money for a hybrid bike you’re most probably just paying for the brand name.

For this reason, we have tested these bikes and asked other people about them. Every person spoke with passion, saying how they never regretted a second for choosing the bike they picked. Of course, every product has its pros and cons, but it’s always a good thing when you’re able to find more pros for a lower amount of money.

If you’re just starting off in biking, you’ll be thrilled to experience your first rides with any of these bikes. However, choosing between these five models may be a little overwhelming. The easiest way to choose the best hybrid bike for you is to consider a few factors and your personal preference. The more time you take to consider each model, the more likely you’ll end up with the exact best for you.

Consider your experience as well as how often you plan on riding the bike. This is important because your own overall experience will depend on it. For example, if you’re a beginner, it won’t be easy to start off with a top-quality bike that’s made especially for experienced bikers. On another hand, experienced riders will find beginner’s bikes not enough for them.

Also think about the tires, size of the bike, brakes, and materials. Choose tires according to the terrain you’ll ride on. Most importantly, your personal preference is significant, too. Therefore, don’t buy a certain model just because someone told you if you feel like you don’t like or need some of its features.


  • Folds in about 20 seconds
  • High quality without breaking the bank
  • Top pick for hybrid bikes


  • Best for experienced bikers

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Hopefully, we helped you out in finding the best hybrid for your price range. These are some of the best models on the market, all available for less than $1000 and ready to take you on an unforgettable experience.

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