With the number of Cyclists in the United States seeing a massive rise in the last 8 years and more than 66 million regular road bike users throughout the country, how can you stay safe on these busy roads? In 2014 there was a total of 21,287 injuries to cyclists (only those that were reported), 113 of these injuries lead to a fatality which is a figure drivers and cyclists alike are working to bring down. In this article, we will go over some of our best road safety tips and tricks to help you stay safe while cycling!

What safety gear do I need?

One of the easiest ways to make your bike journeys safer is to make sure you’re wearing/have all of the correct safety equipment. If a driver can’t see you, it is much more likely that he will accidentally hit you. Keeping yourself visible to everyone on the road at all times is key no matter what time of day it is!

Biker riding up a hill

HelmetIf you’re cycling on the road this should be a pretty obvious one, but we’ll say it anyway. A helmet could save your life should you be in an accident as it protects your head and therefore brain from being damaged.

Horn/Bell- This is especially important for road cyclists as there may be pedestrians, other cyclists or motorbikes in the way at certain points in your journey; and it’s much easier to use your horn or bell to warn them than shouting at them, right?

Lights+reflectors- Lights and reflectors are the main things which drivers will be able to see while they’re on the road. No matter where you are going make sure you have reflectors on the front and back of your bicycle and a headlight if you are riding at night!

​Easy ways to avoid accidents

Some of the injuries cyclists received while on the road was because of them behaving in a silly/un-responsible way while cycling. Below you will find what are in our opinion are the easiest ways to show you know about bike safety while cycling on the roads.

Signal properly and clearly- If you’re preparing to turn a corner make sure you show all of the drivers around you by using the proper signals. If not how were they mean to know that you’re about to turn? If you don’t know the proper signals, a quick Google search could save your life!

Cycle in a straight line- This one is pretty obvious, but don’t be going on the road and all over the place while cycling. Try to stay on the same path and nearby drivers will know where you’re heading and avoid that area.

Stay in the right-hand lane- If the road is wide enough then make sure you are cycling in the right side of the lane, this is just a general cycling road rule. Also, try to stay in single file with other riders to make it easier for the driver to get past you! If the road isn’t wide enough then you’re allowed to cycle in the middle for increased visibility.


Bike safety on the roads can be a difficult thing to master, but it is worth every second of your time! We hope our Bike safety tips and tricks have helped to keep you safe while on the roads as well as teaching you about road rules and what to wear for drivers to see you clearly. Thank you for reading and check out some of our recent popular articles:

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