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When we finally got our hands on the very latest and greatest in  budget folding bike line of Camp bikes, we were transported in joy. This was a gorgeous bike indeed, and it seemed to hold a lot of promise. Upon picking it up and unboxing it, the bike did not fail to disappoint. The first impressions that were obtained of the bike were, to say the least, extremely positive.

It is a beautiful little bike even when it is folded down. The brown color is surprising good looking, and that’s saying something. Brown doesn’t generally look amazing on a bike unless it is done just right. However, the Camp bike was able to pull it off very well indeed. Other colors were available in the range as well, all of which looked equally great.

Unfolded and set up, the bike looked stunning. It was one of the more beautifully crafted folding bikes in the business, that’s for sure. Camp is a company that has risen to international recognition over the years. They haven’t always been making folding bikes, but they have been building bicycles for over a decade now.

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​Their creations are in use all over the world by cyclists in racing or just hobbyists. Their excellent reputation stems from them putting the rider’s comfort and satisfaction over all else, leading to absolutely fantastic folding bikes too!

​As a company that produces some of the most popular folding bicycles in the world today, for incredibly affordable prices, this Camp bike was an instant joy, with the promise of even better experiences to come on the rides ahead.

Design and Performance:

The wheels of this bike are the true shining light here. This 8-speed marvel has wheels that are 20 inches in size. This may not seem like a lot but is, in fact, the ideal size. If you are someone who enjoys riding over terrain that isn’t the smoothest, this is the folding bike for you. The wheels aren’t large enough to go over the worse terrain with ease, but they are big enough to handle minor bumps in the roads while keeping you, the rider, in relative comfort.

There is nothing that screams well-rounded more than the Camp 20” folding bike with its alloy frame. While these wheels, it must be admitted, aren’t as fast as a full sized road or mountain bike, they are more than capable of conquering the roads at their own pace, and are a lot faster than the standard 16 or 18-inch folding bike models out there.

Wheels aside, the frame of this bike is another feature to marvel at. Made out of an aluminum alloy, it is extremely lightweight and durable. Regardless of the abuse that you put it through on a daily basis on the way to work and so on, you’re bound to experience some of the best rides you ever have for the longest time. If you respect the Camp, it will respect you.

In addition to the fantastic design of this beautiful folding bike, which comes in a variety of colors that will blow your mind, there is performance to be shocked at. It is one of the most adjustable models of folding bikes out there. If you have had trouble in the past aligning bikes to match your own requirements for fit and size, your troubles are over right now. This is the easiest bike in the market to adjust to your own fit and height and will do exactly this perfectly. A smooth ride is all but guaranteed when you choose this 20” wonder. Comfort is prioritized at all times during the ride, too. There is amazing damping in the aluminum frame, which leads to excellent shock absorption when rolling over bumps and potholes in the road. Set your expectations to “smooth” when you get on this bike.


Folding Mechanism 

The folding mechanism used in the Camp 20” Alloy frame bike is one of the most ingenious in existence right now. It is a magnetic system that locks in place extremely tightly but ca be dismantled in a matter of seconds. When tests were conducted into the time taken to fold the bike down, it was found that only 10 seconds were needed to get off, disassemble it and fold it into a smaller size. No removal of parts is necessary either because everything is completely magnetic.

The Good

Folding mechanism is top of the line

  • It can be folded down in under 15 seconds, which is the par for a folding bike of this size. This makes it perfect for commuters in a hurry to get on public transit.

Comfortable beyond compare

  • The bike has excellent damping in the frame, is very lightweight and can handle riders of any size due to the great adjustable sizing.

 Built for balance

  • This folding bike is made to be the perfect balance between a fast road bike and a sturdy mountain bike. It does this job very well indeed.


The Bad

  • Can be a little on the expensive side
  • Might be a bit too slow for some riders.

The Verdict

Camp has gone above and beyond with this bike. It features a kickstand that has an adjustable size along with a front fender and a cargo rack in the rear. This last is extremely useful if you’re the kind of rider who wants to take supplies like food and water along on the longer, more tiring rides. This is by far the best folding bike for both hobbyists and casual cyclists.

For commuters, the Camp will serve you amazingly well for getting to and from work every day. It is a reliable, stable workhorse. Because it doesn’t weigh much, carrying it into the office shouldn’t be a problem either. From the 8-speed gear shifting, which can make life a lot easier for a rider, all the way to the fantastic disc brakes and the ability to accelerate like a racing bike, the Camp 20” Alloy is one of the best folding bikes ever for an incredibly affordable price.

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