Mountain biking has become hugely popular, to say the least. It is fun, challenging and usually done in somewhat scenic places. The only problem is many people do not have hilly areas to ride next to their homes. That means often times you need to take your bike to the mountain. This can be a big problem for you if you only own a small car that you cannot put your mountain bike in. Now there is a solution to that problem in the form of foldable mountain bikes. One of the better ones is the 26″ Folding Mountain Bike from Camp Alloy.

​This is a great foldable bike with a ton of features to make your rides more enjoyable. Read on if you want to learn more about this very rugged and easy to transport mountain bike.

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Specifications and Features:

This is a really good looking mountain bike too. Most people are amazed how good it looks once it is unfolded and set up. This is one characteristic of this model mountain bike that really surprised us too. Once it is all set up, it’s very hard to tell it’s a fold up bike. It really is designed that well.

For this model Camp Alloy mountain bike, some people may need an extra hand unfolding it because it weighs almost 40 pounds. It is a model folding bike that has very similar dimensions once it has been unfolded to that of any type of regular mountain bike. This mountain bike measures a full 34 inches in seat height once it’s ready to ride.

This bike is not ideally suited for very tall people. The height range of a person that it’s suitable for should be around 5’3” to a little over 6’ tall. The seat is adjustable, so if you fall in between these height ranges, you will be able to get the perfect fit for your ride. It can support the weight of a person that is 250 pounds or less.

This is a folding mountain bike model that is really built to last you a long time too. Every part on it is solidly constructed using superior materials. It all starts with its heavy duty aluminum frame and very rugged double wall metal alloy rims. This bike can take everything you can throw at it out on the trail. Just because it folds don’t mistake that for not being durable.

​Among the other features it has are the following:

  • ​26 inch heavy treaded trail tires
  • Dual disk braking system
  • Foldable pedal with built in reflectors
  • 23-inch quick release handle bar
  • Dual shock system for less bumpy riding
  • Fully adjustable kickstand

As you can see, Camp added just about anything you could possibly want to have on one a rugged folding mountain bike.You don’t have to limit yourself to just using this folding bike for trail riding either. It is a very versatile bike that can be used for many other purposes too. You can use it for such things as commuting to work, getting some exercise riding around your neighborhood or to make a quick trip to the local store.


Folding Mechanism

This bike is specifically designed to take on the go with you. The manufacturer has done everything possible with its design to make that feasible. With a little practice, you will be folding this bike in no time at all. Once you get the hang of it you will be able to fold this bike up in under 1 minute. That makes this among the most portable folding bicycles you will find.

Once folded this mountain bike could not be easier to put in your car or store while it is not in use. It folds up to a mere 29″x37″x13″. That is little enough to put in the trunk or back seat of even a small compact car. You won’t find many bikes that are this easy to take with you places. You can even leave this nice mountain bike stored right in your trunk all the time. That way you will have it available any time you are ready to go for a ride.

Although this is one of the better designed folding mountain bikes we have ever reviewed, it is still not perfect. Take a look:

The Good

  • ​Folds up to a compact size that will fit in any trunk or back seat
  • Great looking bike when its set up
  • It’s a rugged mountain bike
  • Dual suspension frame combined with precision Shimano 21 speed gearing


The Bad

  • A little heavy and bulky to move
  • Original tire tubes are pretty thin

The Verdict

This is a very safe bike to ride too. Its dual disc braking system will stop you quickly should you need it and it also has many reflectors added to it which will help you ride safely at night.One thing that we found to be very surprising about this mountain bike was the cost of it. It’s a lot less expensive than many other folding mountain bicycles we reviewed. That is just another of the characteristics of this fine bike that make it very appealing. This mountain bike model is also available in one of four different color schemes.

This is one very well put together mountain bike that is easy to take anywhere that you want to go. It has many features that are typically found on mountain bike models that are much higher priced. You truly will not find many folding mountain bicycles in this affordable price range that are built this well. All of us were pretty impressed with the high quality of this bike.

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