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E-Bike Batteries are generally lithium batteries, the best thing about them is that they are very good for being able to store large amounts of energy. Also if you care for them properly, you will find tips for this below, they will last you a good amount of time and have a long life. If you adhere to our helpful hints, you can care for your battery and ensure you won’t need to make any costly replacements.

​Keep the battery charged

E-bike Lithium batteries are going to benefit you most when they are fully charged. This may seem unnecessary after short journeys or small amounts of use, however, for proper care of your battery, it is vital. If you allow your battery to run empty, you will, unfortunately, be dramatically reducing its ability to hold a future charge, and its capacity will be decreased. Sometimes it will be inevitable; you will run your battery flat when this happens just to be sure that you recharge it as soon as you possibly can.

Keep your lithium battery dry and clean

Fortunately, E-Bike lithium batteries are designed so that if they become wet, they will remain intact. Obviously, though, it is still not advisable to let any batteries get wet. It is beneficial that the contacts on the battery should be thoroughly dried as soon as possible. This will make sure that you can avoid any risk of oxidation or even corrosion.

If you did encounter any corrosion to your battery, you would inevitably be limiting or even destroying the batteries capability of powering your E-Bike. It’s a great tip to regular check out your batteries contacts, keep them clean, dry and, if needed, use an emery cloth to remove any small amounts of corrosion that are creeping up.

​Keep your E-Bike Batteries cool

As you probably already know, not allowing batteries to overheat is very important. The batteries hold lithium powder inside them, when this gets too warm the powder decreases in electrical resistance. That is why you may have noticed with other devices that when a lithium battery becomes hot or even too warm, it decreases in power and needs charging more regularly than usual. It’s interesting to know that the opposite happens if the battery becomes too cold.

When a lithium battery becomes too cold, the powder increases in electrical resistance. This is why batteries work faster in warmer temperatures and slower in cold temperatures. So in what temperature is your battery best to be stored? Store your E-Bike battery in a colder temperature; this will help your charge last the longest amount of time possible. The key thing to remember is to allow the battery to return to room temperature before you attempt to charge it, charging a cold lithium battery can cause a lot of damage.

​Plan ahead if you need to store your battery for a long time

We have already stated it is damaging to your battery to allow it to run completely flat. So if you are going to need to keep it in storage for a long time, what is best to do? It is best to store your battery at approximately eighty percent charge. This means that you can reduce the loss of capacity and preserve as much battery as is possible. Always store the battery in cold conditions and recharge for short periods of time every eight weeks on average.

​Never open your E-Bike battery

Never open your battery to have a look or to try and repair it yourself, it’s not only extremely dangerous but it’s also pretty pointless. Lithium powder is highly flammable; it even explodes when it comes into contact with oxygen, so it is not a good idea to open your battery for any reason whatsoever. If it needs repairing or you have an idea it may be faulty, take to a professional. Another important note is to always dispose of your batteries in a suitable manner.

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