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There isn’t much available information on how Columba got its start, but this manufacturer of folding mountain bikes has certainly taken off. Their company values seem to center around quality in manufacturing, affordability in price, and versatility in use.

The Columba 26” folding mountain bike manages to embody each of these values inside one compact, incredibly stylistic package. As a result, it is continuously featured amongst top-rated folding mountain bikes.

What makes this model stand out is that not only does it offer top-quality performance, but it also features an attractive price point as well.

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Specifications and Features:

The Columba boasts a smooth and versatile ride, which is perhaps its best quality. Riders can easily cruise throughout flat roads or climb steep hills, meaning that this bike is ideally suited for a variety of environments.

Part of this versatility comes from an 18-speed gear shift. Although other foldable mountain bikes come with 22 or 24-speed gears, the vast majority of riders will find that 18 speeds are more than enough to tackle a variety of inclines. As an additional benefit, the Shimano derailleur ensures that gear shifting is fluid and reliable.

One of the most attractive aspects of this bike are the 26” Kenda tires. These tires come with increased thickness and strength to ensure that rocky terrain won’t harm the tires. Additionally, the alloy rims have been reinforced to create a smooth and reliable ride.

Although the framework is made of steel, this bike manages to maintain its lightweight nature. At only 34 pounds, this is one of the most lightweight options for a foldable mountain bike. This makes transportation much easier, particularly when carrying the bike over short distances.

An important feature to consider for any folding mountain bike will always be the folding time. The Columba SP26S model comes with an impressively fast folding time, making for perhaps one of the most efficient folding bikes available on the market. In total, folding the bike takes about 10 seconds. The ability to quickly assemble and disassemble the bike certainly adds value, especially for those who are g constantly on the go.

The bike can hold weights up to 200 pounds, and is best suited for heights between 5’3” and 5’10”. Taller riders may want to invest in a longer seat post to ensure a more comfortable ride.


Columba 26 Folding Bike Review

The Good

While there are plenty of positive specifications and features to consider, the Columba SP26S comes with a few unique qualities that make it truly stand out. These good qualities include:


  • There are plenty of high-quality folding mountain bikes available, but not many of them manage to remain affordable. At just over $200, the Columba folding mountain bike is one of the most accessible options.For those who are purchasing their first foldable mountain bike, or for casual to moderate riders, this is the most affordable and sensible option.

Minimal assembly

  • Tedious assembly is often a big turn-off for those looking for foldable bikes. Luckily, the Columba folding  bike makes assembly into a straightforward and streamlined process. The bike comes nearly fully assembled, requiring very minimal work to install the front wheel.
  • This drastically reduces the time and makes it much easier to start riding as soon as possible.


  • Whether looking to use a foldable bike for on-road or off-road environments, this Columba model is ideally suited for both. Although the Kenda tires are rugged, their durability is perfect for maneuvering around curbs and bends while riding in the city. In the same fashion, their increased thickness makes them ideal for riding up and down mountain trails without damage.
  • The versatility of this bike is one of its best features, as it can easily transition between a commuter bike or a weekend trail bike.


The Bad

​No matter how many good qualities a bike may have, there will always be a few downfalls. Depending upon desired performance and use, the following characteristics can be viewed as negative:

​Professional adjustment may be required

  • This could be said for all folding mountain bikes, but reviews and commentary suggest that this may be a common occurrence with the Columba SP26S. Although the bike does come fully assembled, it certainly isn’t catered to specific body types, heights, or preferences.
  • The seat, handlebar, and brakes are all components that may need to be professionally adjusted at a bike shop. Make sure to give the bike a quick test run before taking it out onto rugged terrain, just to be sure.

No suspension

  • ​While most folding mountain bikes come with either front or full suspension, the Columba mountain bike does not. As a mountain bike without suspension, this may turn rocky terrain into painful and uncomfortable terrain. Depending on how rough the trail is, this bike may not hold up very well.
  • Considering the lack of suspension, the best use for this folding mountain bike may be on smooth, flat surfaces, like easy trails or urban commutes.

No locking mechanism

  • ​Although the bike certainly folds up quickly, it cannot be locked once it is folded. This is less of a security issue and more of a storage issue. Having a compact bike is a wonderful thing, but without a locking mechanism, the bike may spring back open, making it difficult to store.
  • Still, at such a low price, the additional hassle from a bike that doesn’t lock may still be worthwhile.

The Verdict

With a fantastic price and equally amazing customer reviews, it’s difficult to argue against the value of the Columba bicycles SP26S. Customers rave about the affordability and the performance of the bike, noting that the ride quality is smooth and reliable.

That said, the absence of a suspension system is certainly an issue for a folding mountain bike. Without suspension, going over rocky or shifting terrain is sure to be an uncomfortable experience. For that reason, this bike is probably much better for those who are looking for a more durable, solid commuter bike. For mild mountain biking, the Columba SP26S may still work fine, but to avoid discomfort, your best bet is to stick to the smoother ground.

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