When you’ve decided it’s time to get a pedal bike for whatever reason it then comes time to pick which type of bike is best for you. We are here to help, and hopefully, by the end of this article, you will have narrowed down your search one just one type, either a hybrid or comfort bike. This can be a very difficult decision as bikes are not cheap and you will want it to last you many years.

A pedal bike is a great way to save money on transport (In the long term) as well as being an amazing way to improve your fitness while having fun. There are four main types of the bike; these are Road bikes, Mountain bikes, comfort bikes and last but not least Hybrid bikes; Hybrid bikes are pretty much a mixture of all three other types.

First up we will give you a quick description of each type of bike; a comfort bike is not used to do any rigorous activity, and we wouldn’t recommend purchasing one of these if you plan to do anything other than taking a relaxing cycle. They are designed to be as comfortable as possible and give users an easy yet fun cycling experience.

This is perfect for certain people who don’t plan to travel large distances on their bike or simply like to have a cycle round the local Beach, Lake or any other small area. If you plan to cycle further than a mile or two, we wouldn’t recommend purchasing a Comfort bike, and if we were you we’d take a look at a Hybrid Bicycle!

Hybrid Bikes have been designed with everybody’s needs in mind; they haven’t made a bike to particularly suit anybody. This means that it should appeal to a wide range of people and have features that suit all styles of cycling. The good thing about a Hybrid bike is that you can use it in any terrain; whether it be cycling up a Mountain or cycling to work, you will be able to do so quickly and effectively.

When directly compared  a Hybrid bike is very different to a comfort bike, a comfort bike has a very similar build to a Mountain Bike. This is because Mountain Bikes are usually quite comfortable and stable which makes riders feel stable. Because a comfort bike isn’t designed to do anything too difficult, this is pretty much all they need.

Whereas a Hybrid bike has the lightweight, slightly thinner frame of a racing bike. This allows them to pick up good speeds while the wider, thicker tires ensure good handling a durability.


If you’re just looking for a bike to go on the odd Cycle and enjoy the view, then a comfort bike is a very good option. However, if you plan to use this Pedal bike on a regular basis, then a Hybrid will probably be the best option. Not only can it be used in any terrain, while remaining stable and trustworthy. But should you decide you want to do some more intense cycling later in life you won’t have to purchase a whole new bike! Thanks for reading and make sure you check out some of our other pieces if you’re still undecided.

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