If you’re searching the market for a new mountain bike, you must check out the Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 electric mountain bike. It’s one of the latest additions, and it’s already quite popular.

We can all agree that buying a mountain bike isn’t always as easy as it seems. More so, buying an electric bike might be even harder due to all the essential factors to consider. The market is packed with so many models to choose from that it can become overwhelming.

Many things can go wrong if you end up with a mountain bike that doesn’t fit you. It’s essential that you like more than its design, which is why you also have to pay attention to everything else. 

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Now, we’re here to help you if you’ve never bought a mountain bike, let alone an electric mountain bike. After some thorough research, we came across the CX1 by Cyclamatic. It has a large number of people that rave about it. 

But, why do people opt for the CX1?

The bike is made of quality materials with an eye for details. It has the best of mountain bikes combined with the best of electric bikes. As you can guess, the result is impressive.

Continue reading to find out what helps this bike perform as well as it does. 

Cyclamatic Power Plus Cx1 Features and Specifications:

You’ve probably heard how electric mountain bikes aren’t safe to ride in all weather conditions. While there are bikes that aren’t suitable for anything but sunny weather, the CX1 isn’t one of them. Not only does the bike handle wet roads, but it’s also safe to ride in the rain and snow.

Though it’s an electric bike, there are no dangers there. All its electric components are sealed against water, so there’s no way any liquid could reach any dangerous parts. Still, make sure not to leave the battery outside when it’s freezing since it won’t perform as well.

It comes with an upgraded lithium-ion battery of 36V. There is also a quick release button that allows you to remove the battery when needed. This means easy charging wherever you are. 

The battery offers an impeccable performance. Precisely, the bike can go about 28 miles on normal terrain that’s flat and dry. In this case, it reaches a speed of approximately 15 mph. It takes the battery about 4 to 6 hours to charge. 

You can use it as you would a standard bike thanks to its basic features. The sturdy frame, brakes, Shimano gears, and suspension are all working together to create a high-quality mountain bike. This allows you to use the bike as a pedal bike pretty much any time you want.

There’s also the assisted mode that helps a little if you’re low on the battery. It kicks extra power to each cycle, helping you go faster without any problems. 

It features a cushioned seat for comfortable riding even for hours at a time. It’s also adjustable which is especially convenient for people who share the bike with their family or friends.

The CX1 has 21-speed Shimano gears for a fast and comfortable ride. The ability to choose between these speeds will bring many varieties to your riding experience. The gears allow you to conquer many different tracks and terrain regardless of the weather or road conditions.

It has 26’’ Kenda tires that are undoubtedly the best choice when it comes to tires for a mountain bike. These can handle rough terrain, but it’s recommended you’re still careful. 

One of its best qualities is its 19’’ steel frame. It’s built with attention, and as a result, the frame is sturdy and durable. It fits people from 5’4’’ upwards. The weight of the bike is approximately 46lbs, and it can handle a person that’s up to 220lbs.

Its frame is stylish and modern which is always something to look for in a mountain bike. It has this bright silver color finish that’s brushed and sleek. Though there aren’t any other color choices, this silver finish is a classic one for both women and men. 

Also, it comes with a bell and reflectors. The charger is also included. It’s important to note that the bike comes partly assembled though you can finish the assembly yourself. Most customers have said they haven’t had any issues with putting the bike together. However, your local bike shop can do this for you, too, if you’re not feeling very confident. 

The only parts that need assembling are its quick release front wheel, handlebars, seat, reflectors, pedals, and bell. It’s suggested you double check the brakes, too.

The Good

  • Quick release battery
  • Brushless motor
  • Sealed against water
  • Sturdy frame
  • Comfortable and easy to use

The Bad

  • Requires assembly
  • The battery can freeze easily

The Verdict

You should consider this cyclematic bike  if you’re looking for a new electric mountain bike. It’s impressive, performs well in different weather conditions, and it’s easy to use.

Its customers spoke of its quality saying that the frame is sturdy and durable. It can take some beating being that it’s a mountain bike. The paint job is also remarkable and not as easy to damage. 

Its only setbacks are rather minor. In fact, some people don’t like the idea of having to assemble the bike. Of course, delivering a full-on assembled bike is almost impossible which is why most manufacturers send them partially assembled. It takes minimal effort to put it together, though.

Other than that, the bike is packed with useful features and specifications. It’s easy to use mostly thanks to its assisted mode. With the kind of battery and motor included, it’s no doubt that this is one of the most popular models on the market. 

Make sure to check it out and give it a chance if you’re looking for the best electric mountain bike since it’s one of the best ones that the market has to offer. 

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