Cyrusher Mountain Bike

Cyrusher Cycling World has been shipping and distributing bikes, parts, and accessories across the world for the past three years. With factories and headquarters in Shenzen and Tianjin, Cyrusher Cycling World strives to not only be the top distributor of bicycles in China, but throughout the globe.

While it may be a relatively new company, Cyrusher is certainly making great strides. It certainly hasn’t taken long for American cyclists to start noticing the value and benefits of their folding mountain bikes.

In particular, the Cyrusher FR100 folding mountain bike has received high praise and attention for its form, functionality, and durability. In fact, the Cyrusher FR100 is commonly featured on top-rated lists for the best folding mountain bikes.

​With a full range of product specifications and enhanced features, it isn’t difficult to see why this folding mountain bike consistently produces satisfied, happy bikers.

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Specifications and Features:

The first noticeable feature of the Cyrusher FR100 is its sleek construction. The streamlined black alloy wheels certainly make an impression. If the sheer look of this folding mountain bike isn’t enough to communicate powerful performance, the specifications and features certainly will.

As a full-size mountain bike, the 26-inch rims allow for larger and thicker tires. This creates greater stability and control, two essential qualities to look for in any mountain bike. The factory tires are high-quality, keeping a firm grip whether on-road or off.

It can be difficult to find folding mountain bikes with both front and rear suspension, but the FR100 manages to have both. The suspension on both ends of the bike creates superior stability and comfort when biking through rocky or uneven terrain. In fact, the suspension system is comparable to traditional mountain bikes. Thankfully, the function doesn’t need to be sacrificed for a more compact form.

The Cyrusher FR100 is built to take a heavy beating, not only with bigger tires and both front and rear suspension but with the frame as well. The 17” aluminum frame manages to ensure durability while keeping each bike component solidly in place. As an additional benefit, the aluminum frame does an excellent job at minimizing vibrations, making for a smooth and comfortable ride.

With 24 gear speeds, this folding mountain bike is well-equipped to tackle any terrain and any incline, making it a good choice for mountain trails and city sidewalks. The mechanical disc brakes allow for premium stopping power, regardless of environmental conditions or complications.

Cyrusher Mountain Bike

Cyrusher Mountain Bike

The Good

With these essential characteristics, it’s easy to see why this folding mountain bike is growing in popularity. Here are a few of the good points to consider:

High-quality components

  • The secret behind the high quality of this folding mountain bike lies in the manufacturing: the gears, shift lever, freewheel, and even the front and rear derailleur are made by Shimano. This Japanese company is widely recognized for setting high standards in the production of bicycling, fishing, and rowing equipment, exemplifying innovation and value. Their gears and assorted bicycle components carry that same tradition of quality and performance.

Wide range of gear speeds

  • With 24 gear speeds, the Cyrusher FR100 becomes a much more versatile and practical folding mountain bike. While this bike is specially formatted for off-road travel, the wide range of gear speeds enables the bike to shift between off-road and on-road travel with ease.
  • Additionally, shifting from one gear to the next is quick, with very little resistance.

Front and rear suspension

  • When looking for mountain bikes, the suspension is critical. This keeps pressure and tension evenly distributed, no matter what surface the bike encounters. It also makes for a much more comfortable ride, increasing the amount of time that can be spent on the bike, and even increasing the range of travel.
  • The Cyrusher FR100 comes with both front and rear suspension, pushing it ahead of many other competing bikes in the same price range. For riders looking to take their folding mountain bike on extended trips, or through a variety of different environments, a full suspension system will dramatically increase comfort and performance.

Cyrusher FR100 Folding Mountain Bike Review

The Bad

Of course, there will be a few downfalls that come with the Cyrusher FR100, no matter how many advantages it may bring. When considering this folding mountain bike, there are a few features that prospective riders should be aware of:


  • At slightly over 37 pounds, this isn’t the heaviest folding mountain bike out there—but it certainly isn’t the lightest. Part of this weight is due to the heavy-duty tires, alloy wheels, and aluminum frame. Unfortunately, there are instances where increased durability equals increased weight.
  • Having such a heavy bike may make it difficult to transport the bike from one place to another, particularly if you plan on carrying it through trails and hills. Depending upon how this folding mountain bike is going to be used, how it will be transported—and how often—its weight may be a significant downfall.

Longer folding time

  • While many folding mountain bikes boast folding times in 20 seconds or less, the Cyrusher FR100 takes significantly more time. The quickest reported fold time comes in around 22 seconds, which may not seem like a big difference at first. Most reviews, however, report taking closer to a full minute to get the bike into a folded position.
  • Part of the draw towards a folding mountain bike is not only the ability to fold, but the ability to do so in an efficient, timely manner. For some riders, a minute may be too long.

Poor shipping quality

  • Although this doesn’t necessarily have an impact on the performance or quality of the bike, the prevalence of negative comments on shipping certainly warrants its mention on a list of the bad qualities. Most customers report that packages come with broken or missing pieces, making it impossible to assemble and use immediately.

The Verdict

As a full suspension, full-size folding mountain bike, the Cyrusher FR100 certainly provides a ton of value. The components are made with high standards of design and efficiency, and the bike itself provides a smooth, reliable ride. For riders who can find the Cyrusher FR100 in a local bike shop, this is an excellent choice for off-road and on-road adventures.

Despite its high performance, ordering the Cyrusher FR100 online does prove to be a challenge. With a significant amount of complaints about poor shipping and misplaced parts, you may be better off choosing a similar bike within the same price range. Although the bike itself is certainly top-quality, it appears Cyrusher may need a few more years to iron out the kinks of international shipping.

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