Dahon Folding Bike Overview

Dahon is a California-based portable bike company with an international approach of bringing their niche product to as many people possible.

About Dahon

Dahon was founded on the premise of the hassle that bikes become when you need somewhere to store them because having a bike rack isn’t always an option. Realizing this problem and also the shift to more commonly eco-friendly transportation methods, found David Hon developed his folding bicycle. Dahon is headquartered in California but has hubs all around the world.

For Any Ride

Dahon produces a large number of bike product lines, and various ones are geared towards various rides. Whether you want to ride on the road, sidewalk or even off-road, Dahon has an extensive selection guaranteed to have the perfect fit you need. Dahon not only produces pedal-powered bikes, but some selections even have an electric power aspect to make the ride more enjoyable. Whether you’re an inner-city commuter, trail biker, or road biker, Dahon is guaranteed to have a great fit for you.

Find Your Price

With such a bevy of choices, Dahon’s prices range anywhere from around $200 to the upwards of around $1000. Considering the number of options, Dahon gives the buyer more power in deciding just exactly what features they want and in turn more flexibility when it comes to their budget.

Dahon Folding Bike Overview

Ford by Dahon Convertible 7 Speed Folding Bicycle

Out of a partnership between the infamous Ford Motor Company and Dahon comes a folding bike engineered by some of the best mechanical innovators. With a folding time of about 10 seconds, the Ford Dahon 7 Speed is ready to go or ready to be gone in a flash. The Ford Dahon 7 speed is a little heavier than the standard folding bike as it weighs in at about 40 pounds. The added weight, though, allows for greater smoothness in the ride, making your commute a more enjoyable experience.

Because it does have seven gears, Dahon ensures that the shifting mechanism is an easy procedure to use, and consumer reviews echo that fact. The 7-speed gearset makes more challenging terrains possible to navigate so that the Ford 7-speed can be used for numerous types of rides. At an affordable price, the Ford Dahon 7 Speed has way more favorable specs than unfavorable ones, making it a very attractive option for those seeking a folding bike. Having the Ford brand on your bike just gives it an extra edge of being one being some of the best when it comes to mechanical performance

Ford Taurus 1.0 20 Inch Single Speed Folding Bike

This Ford Taurus 1.0 20 inch is not a four door car, but yet it is a high quality, very affordable folding bike. Featuring an aluminum frame, the Ford Taurus is a lightweight piece of transportation that won’t weigh you down. Don’t let the name “single speed” fool you. The Ford Taurus being a single speed bicycle does not make it any less functional than it’s multi-gear counterparts, but rather it is geared for an urban ride, and therefore the single speed is sufficient for that type of commute. Without gear shifting, users have more control of their bike in areas that they need most control.

The adjustable seat height ensures that no matter your height, the Ford Taurus can accommodate you for a comfortable ride. With a folding time of 10 seconds, the Ford Taurus is quickly ready to be ridden or carried. The Ford Taurus boasts one of the smallest total spaces when it is folded up, making it completely portable and never in the way. As one of the most affordable models on the market and the names of Ford and Dahon having a hand in design, the Ford Taurus boasts an excellent value and could even serve as a trial bike.


​If you’re looking for a more portable way to carry your bike with you, Dahon most likely has the product that serves your need. With bikes at a very affordable price and a huge selection of products, Dahon makes it easy for consumers to find what they need at the price they can afford. Dahon Bikes have an excellent reputation among customers because of their high-quality design and performance.

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