A Diamondback is a sturdy hybrid bike that demands a lot out of its terrain. Best known for their heavy duty $3000 + Downhill bikes with suspension bigger than your cars. This bike is a hybrid between their standard MTB designs and an all-out road bike.

A little unknown fact about Diamondback, it belongs to the German manufacturer Accell Group, who also produce best-selling bikes such as Raleigh and Redline. This company enables them to choose some of the best parts from each of their separate focuses to fashion one hell of a mean bike. Continue reading to learn more about this great hybrid bike under $300.

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Specifications and Features:

Diamondback uses 60661-T6 aluminum, the same aluminum that airplanes are crafted out of, to forge their frames. Giving you a sturdy but light bike that means business; it’s the same alloy blend used in most of their MTB collections, that allows you to throw your bike into any terrain.

Bringing this same design to an urban commute will help when you’re confronted with large utility holes and bumping sidewalks. The frame also benefits from a rounded triangular forge; this strengthens the bike through its unique shape that disperses pressure evenly across the metal.

Angled at a 20° angle, this frame differs from the more modest parallel frames it offers you with your standard road bikes. This steep angle is characteristic of a mountain bike, as it enables the user to lower the seat closer to the wheel. The benefit of this is when you hit a terrain, you can “bunny hop” your bike with ease, now that you have space for your bike to come upwards, (if there were a seat in the way this would be impossible).

But. of course, as this is a hybrid bike, it wouldn’t be a hybrid without giving you the power to use this on your commute to work. That’s why the bike fits with a seat and large seat pole. This position allows you to raise your stance so that you can sit comfortably while you effortlessly peddle away. Then should a challenging terrain come across your path, you can unclip your quick release clamp, and slide the seat down – all while you ride your bike.

The steel-made forks are the second strongest material (after carbon fiber) for bikes. This material allows your forks to keep their shape. Weaker forks will sometimes bend and buckle when they hit their urban environment. So while it still maybe a heavier material – it’s a vital component to this bike’s sound structural integrity.

Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Trace Complete Dual Sport Hybrid Bicycle

One of the more exciting components of this Diamondback bike is the implementation of Tektro disc brakes. Now Tektro has been designing high-quality disc brakes for over 30 years, creating some of the first disc brakes to be used on bikes. So you can have confidence in knowing that the Tektro brakes will keep you in control with their reliable stopping power.

This feature is where some of that MTB flair shines through. The brakes are designed for all weather conditions and can take dirt and grime getting to them, without sacrifice to their stopping ability.

The tires themselves are a lot “fatter” than other road bikes, as this is more characteristic of an MTB. This result will be in some speed reduction on pavements, but ultimately this is what allows you to use this bike in an off-road capacity still. The grips on the dirt bike favor sidewalks with the indents to the rubber. Should you decide you want to take this bike off-road, we’d suggest letting a little bit of the air out of the tire? This will allow you to make use of the width of the rubber and grip more mud.

Diamondback chose to use the renown Shimano for their slick 21 shift gear system. We’ve mentioned this before that we’re a huge supporter of Shimano, and have been impressed with their gadgets. One thing that many bike users don’t consider is the off-road element and what the vibrations will do to their chain and gears.

With poorly made gear shifters, it’s often common for the chain to fall off the bike or change to a different gear all together. With Shimano, they’ve inbuilt springs to their gear system. This shifter enables you to take your bike to a more challenging environment, and be confident you won’t come into any trouble with the chain slipping off.

The crankset is a three-piece, allowing you to maintain it carefully. The plastic-crafted pedals come with a steel case for protection. The pedals are arguably more suited for road use vs. MTB (we base this off the grip), but nothing that should concern anyone looking to take this off the road.

The Good

  • ​Well known manufacturer that has years of experience
  • Rides well off road
  • Rides well on road (although it’s more suited to off road)
  • Steel-made forks
  • Durable frame made from a 60661-T6 aluminum blend
  • Uses Shimano gears
  • Tektro disc brakes are a nice addition

Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Trace Complete Dual Sport Hybrid Bike

The Bad

  • ​Unnecessary weight from seat pole
  • Tires are a little confusing (faster for off road – but uses on road grip)
  • A little heavy

The Verdict

Diamondback is a household name and produces great bikes every year. With it being 2017, there’s already a newer version of this bike available today; however, there’s a tiny difference regarding performance between the 2016 and 2017 model.

The breaks are sharp, the gears are reliable, the frame is high, and you get the dexterity of using this both on/off road. So the question is, what more do you want? If you’re looking to use this bike to ride to commute to work, this will get you there; however, this bike will make you work for it.

Diamondback has undoubtedly designed this as a mountain bike first and have worked toward making it more “road-friendly.” And this shows in the performance, while it’s excellent for taking off road (not many hybrid bikes can claim this), you can feel more tired cycling commuting to work in comparison to a regular road bike.

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