Diamondback Bicycles Trace ST Dual Sport Hybrid Bike

The Diamondback Trace ST Dual Sports Bike is the perfect hybrid bicyle for commuting and fitness, both on and off the road. Quality components have been paired with a well-designed frame to give you a fast, smooth and confident ride. You’ll love riding this bike so much that you’ll even look forward to your morning commute.

the Diamondback Trace ST is also more than suitable for keeping fit and will be the perfect companion for long weekend tours in the countryside. This bike won’t let you down when the road ends, and the forest starts since it’s designed to put up with the rigors of city riding and mountain biking.

Diamondback is a highly successful and well-known bicycle manufacturer with many years experience, so it’s no surprise that this bike meets their high manufacturing standards.

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diamondback trace st Specifications and Features:

A sturdy frame coupled with a rigid fork transfers all the power from your legs to the wheels. Quality components have been chosen for their performance and reliability to ensure that you can trust this bike wherever you take it.

They’ve designed the diamondback Trace ST Dual Sport for use on and off the road with the correctly chosen components accordingly.

The 6061-T6 aluminum alloy frame is light and stiff to help you get power from your legs to the wheels. The rigors of riding through the forest or the urban jungle are no problem for the Diamondback Trace ST. A straight blade steel fork adds, even more, rigidity and strength up front where it’s needed and will inspire confidence in the handling. No power is lost through the fork, ensuring that every watt of power that you push into the pedals gets transferred into the wheels, propelling you forward at speed.

They’ve chosen the dual-sports tires as the perfect tire for this bike’s intended use. They are just as happy carving through your local trails as they’re cutting down the high street. Wherever you take them, these tires will give you all the grip, traction, and speed that you desire. They’ve seated the tires on top of strong 32 spoke Diamondback double wall rims and smooth hubs. These wheels are equally at home crashing through potholes and up curbs as they’re bombing through the woods.

When you need to slow down, you can do so with confidence. Alloy linear v-brakes deliver great stopping whenever you need it. The brake levers you have to reach to adjust, so you can set them up perfectly to match your hand size. A disc brake mount is on the rear of the frame should you wish to upgrade your stopping power.

Diamondback Bicycles Trace ST Dual Sport bicycle

Shimano is legendary in the world of cycling, so it’s no surprise that Diamondback has specced their gears on the Diamondback Trace ST. Three chainrings at the front and seven cogs out back, including a large 34-tooth small gear to give you a huge range of gears to choose. Whether you’re crawling up a steep mountain pass or spinning fast on the other side, you won’t be left wanting for a wider range of implements. Shifting is taken care of with Shimano grip shift and derailleurs.

Placed next to your hands, right where you need them, you will love the confidence-inspiring shifting of grip shift. Next to the grip shift on each side is a Diamondback dual density grip. The softer outer side of the grip provides a secure hold on the handlebars, while the harder compound inside takes care of vibration damping.

Finishing off this sporty package are quality alloy forged pedals by Wellgo to keep your feet on in place, and a Diamondback seat for all day comfort. This seat is perched on top of a micro-adjust 27.2 narrow seat post. The height of the seat can be easily adjusted to customize the fit and don’t let the 27.2 width fool you. Although it looks thin, this width does a fantastic job of absorbing vibrations and shocks from the road while providing you with a solid base to sit on.Keeping you safe at night are a full range of reflectors to ensure that other road user can see you.

The Good

Designed for speed and strength

  • The aluminum frame and rigid steel fork transfer the maximum power. You’ll love the instant power transfer of the Diamondback Trace ST. Ride with confidence through any terrain as the strength of this frame, fork, and wheels won’t let you down. The double butted rims are equally at home rattling through potholes as they’re in the woods.

Quality components

  • Shimano gears and shifters provide accurate and reliable precision shifting. Powerful v-brakes slow you down quickly, and the reach of the levers you can adjust to your preference. High-quality tires give you all the grip you need on any terrain, on and off the road.

Smooth ride feel

  • Despite the rigid fork, this bike offers an exceptionally smooth ride feel. This feeling is thanks to the vibration absorbing properties of the seat post and grips. Acceleration is fast and instant as soon as you put power into the pedals.

Diamondback Bicycles Trace ST Dual Sport bike

The Bad

Riding big hills

  • If you ride down big hills in wet weather, you may need more stopping power than the v-brakes can provide. Consider upgrading to softer compound brake pads, if this applies to you. If you get the Diamondback Trace ST wet on a regular basis, you should consider getting the inside of the fork treated to prevent rusting.

The Verdict

Diamondback has done a superb job of creating an actual dual-sports bike. Whether you’re cruising to work, cranking out a hill climb, or blasting through the woods, the Diamondback Trace ST is a perfect choice. The strength and reliability of the components will support you in any situation and ensure an enjoyable ride wherever you take it. They deliver this in an aesthetically appealing design with a sleek silver color. The Diamondback Trace ST is sure to turn heads, but you’ll probably be going too fast for them to get a proper look if you buy this hybrid bike under $300.

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