Durban Bike 20-Inch Wheel

Durban is a company that knows a thing or two about folding bikes. From their beginnings in 2011, Durban has been pioneering fold up bicycle technology. The Durban Metro looks especially great in the midnight gray color, a perfect accompaniment to its super sleek design. The original Durban Metro quickly become one of the most popular light fold up bicycles, let’s find out what changes have been made in the special edition of the Durban Metro.

If this bicycle looks familiar, it could be because you’ve seen it on a major television show. Made exclusively for guests of the Ellen DeGeneres show, this bike certainly does have star power attached to its name! Having an interesting backstory is great but let’s take a closer look at the Durban Metro Special Edition to see if it is one of the best light folding bikes of 2019.

Whereas most light fold up bicycles of 2019 will have an aluminum alloy frame, the Durban Metro offers stronger support. Made of steel that has been anodized, the Durban Metro’s frame is one of the strongest available. Let’s look closer at the specifications of this bicycle to see what it is really made of.

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Features and Product Specifications:

As previously mentioned, the frame on the Durban Metro Special Edition is made of a high-tensile, anodized steel. Having steel that is anodized offers an extra layer of protection from the elements, while also making the bicycle even stronger. Normally, the Durban Metro will feature the B-Type latch, but the special edition has the C-Type latch for even more security.

The Durban Metro is built to withstand that harshest of elements, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t comfortable. The Durban comfort saddle seating means long trips won’t be a pain. Speaking of the seat area, this bicycle features a 550mm seat post, allowing for a wide array of adjustments. The Durban Metro is made to seat riders between 4’8” and 6’3” comfortably.

This bicycle features a Shimano RS-45 shifter that features six different gear levels. While not offering as many speeds as other folding bike competitors, the six gears still offer a wide enough range of gears to get you where you need to go. Nothing can ruin a trip on a bike quicker than mud and water flying up from the wheels drenching you. Luckily, the Durban Metro Special Edition comes with a 20” steel mudguard ensuring you are protected from the dreaded splash back.

Durban Bike 20-Inch Wheel

The Good

Smooth Ride

  • A key component of what makes any bicycle worthwhile is how it rides. Folding bicycles aren’t always the easiest to ride on, which is what makes the Durban Metro so special. This bike rides super smoothly, making uneven terrain much more manageable. In higher gears, this bicycle doesn’t lose any of its stability, making it an excellent ride at all speeds.

Fast Folding Time

  • The Durban Metro Special Edition only takes 15 seconds to fold and unfold. The speed at which this bicycle unfolds makes it perfect for even the most on-the-go lifestyle. The easiness with which you can store this bicycle is great for those using it for work purposes

Easy to Assemble

  • Most users report that this bicycle can be assembled in a matter of minutes. One big drawback of other folding bikes is the assembly time can be daunting. However, with the Durban Metro Special Edition, the assembly is super quick, leaving you more time to go riding.

Durban Bike 20-Inch Wheel folded

The Bad

Lower Weight Limit

  • The 210 lb weight limit is an unfortunate drawback to the Durban Metro. Riders who are over the weight limit may need to think about choosing a different bicycle. While it is understood that folding bicycles sometimes require lower weight limits, 210lbs is on the lower side of the spectrum.


  • ​Clocking in at right under 30 lbs, this bicycle isn’t the lightest folding bicycle on the market. However, if 30 lbs isn’t too much weight for you to carry, you will get to experience one of the best light fold up bikes available.

Locking Issues when Folding

  • ​You’ll want to be extra careful to make sure that you follow the instructions for the proper way to fold this bicycle. The Durban Metro has been reported to become locked up, if folded improperly. As long as you put the pedals in the lowest position and take your time, you shouldn’t experience any locking issues.

The Verdict

The Durban Metro Special Edition is one of the coolest light folding bicycles of 2019. The anodized high-tensile steel frame is designed to handle any obstacle in its path. Featuring six different gear levels, this bicycle offers a smooth ride while not skimping on speed. The addition of a well-designed steel mudguard works well to protect you against wet and muddy roads. The easy assembly and fast folding/unfolding times mean you won’t have to spend all day putting the Durban Metro Special Edition together. There is almost nothing worse than a folding bike that takes forever to unfold.

One aspect of the Durban folding bike that will have some feeling left out, is the weight limit for this bicycle. The lower weight limit of 210 lbs isn’t going to be able to suit everyone, unfortunately. The weight of the Durban Metro Special Edition being close to 30lbs will require a bit of strength to take with you. Also, you will want to take your time when folding this bicycle up. As mentioned earlier, this bike is made to fold and unfold quickly but rushing it could leave the pedals stuck in the frame.

Overall, it’s easy to see why this bike was featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show! The base of the Durban Metro Special Edition is made with incredibly sturdy steel. However, the durable material of this bicycle doesn’t make it hard to fold, with the average folding/unfolding time only taking about 15 seconds! If you are looking for a folding bike that rides smoothly, is easy to fold up, and offers six different gears of riding capabilities, the Durban Metro Special Edition is for you.

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