Cycling is one of the most practical ways of getting around the city. It’s also eco-friendly, good for the environment, and good for your health. But if pedaling for a long time isn’t as appealing to you, you can opt for a folding electric bicycle. E-bikes have many benefits and are both time-saving and money-saving.They are also great for carrying cargo and kids, avoiding parking and traffic. 

Other than health and eco-friendly benefits, investing in an electric bike also has financial benefits in the long run. So, investing in a good folding e-bike sounds like a brilliant idea. 

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If you’re in the market of buying an electric bicycle, you might want to consider the DYU e-bike. It’s more than capable of getting you to a local market, work or anywhere else around town.

DYU is unlike many of the electric bikes in the sense that it’s fully electric, relying solely on the battery instead of pedal power. It’s created by F-Wheel and is a lot of fun to use once you get comfortable with its tiny design. 

Unlike other e-bikes which tend to be somewhat bulky and heavy, DYU has the modern geometry and engineering on its side, making it quite compact and light. These features make it extremely portable, yet durable enough to withstand a 270lbs person riding it. 

Continue reading as we discuss its features and specifications that can help you figure out if it’s the right vehicle for you.

Features and Specifications:

The design of DYU is attractive, well-made, and has an elegant appearance. The aluminum chassis makes up for the entirety of this ecological vehicle. It allows for great portability with its compact and foldable design.

On top of that, the entire vehicle weighs no more than 27lbs. You can load it in your trunk without any issues, thanks to the ergonomic handle. This makes it ideal for traveling with.

This eco-friendly vehicle comes equipped with two 12-inch wheels, suitable for various terrain types. Though it may feel as it’s designed for children due to its small design, this e-bike is actually for adults.

The wheels and chassis have no problems withstanding the weight of up to 270lbs. Though lack of suspension might be a problem, its users don’t have any negative feedback on how it performs. This is perhaps thanks to the well-padded, slightly cushioned saddle. 

in the front, you’ll find a LED headlight. It turns on automatically when it gets dark, which is great if you tend to forget to switch it on. The rear light, however, is triggered only when you brake, so you might want to consider adding another backlight for some added safety.

The rear wheel sports a disc brake, activated by the lever on the left handlebar. The response time is quite fast and safe and usually requires no additional adjustments. The handlebar has a throttle grip and a small LED display on the right. It also has an on/off button and a brake lever on the left.

Below the LED display, you’ll find a green button which allows for Cruise Control function. Once activated, the e-bike will continue driving at the constant speed.

The Cruise Control feature is deactivated by pressing the green button again, or by activating the brakes. This is an excellent feature you’ll appreciate if you often ride long-distance. Driving the DYU is quite effortless thanks to the brushless motor with a power of 250W. It pushes your e-bike up to 18 MPH (30 KMH). 

However, there are certain things to be noted regarding the full speed. The initial maximum speed is preset in 12.5 mph. Only after driving 6 miles, activating the top speed can be done with an app on your smartphone.

The 36V 4400mAh battery is what powers the brushless motor and feeds the entire circuit. Naturally, your weight, cruising speed, road surface, and overall conditions affect battery life. According to the manufacturer, the distance achieved in typical conditions varies from 10 to 12 miles. The battery takes about 2 hours to recharge.

The lack of pedals can be an unfortunate thing in case you’re left without battery power. In those situations, you have no other option but to push the vehicle by hand to the nearest power outlet. 

Another great thing is DYU’s IP54 rating, which means you can take it out in the rain. Caution is advised, however, as the 12-inch tires become a little slippery when wet. 

The company also offers a Deluxe version of this vehicle, offering 10,000mAh. Still, there’s no doubt that whatever DYU you choose, you’ll have great fun riding it.

The Good

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame
  • Foldable and lightweight
  • IP54 waterproof

The Bad

  • No pedals

The Verdict

If you’re on the market looking for a folding electric bike in a lower price range, consider giving DYU bike a chance. It’s a neat little bike you’ll have fun riding once you get comfortable with its small design.It’s great for short to medium trips, running small errands, and overall commuting. Thanks to its set of features, the DYU shines among other products in this price range.

With a maximum speed preset of 12 mph and a motor whose power doesn’t exceed 250W, this e-bike is not considered a motor vehicle. It can, therefore, be used on cycle paths, or road without a driving license. Check your area’s driving laws in order to avoid misunderstandings and legal issues. 

It’s lightweight and foldable so that you can store it in the trunk of your car as a last mile vehicle. With such compact dimensions, you can store it in your room since it doesn’t occupy much space when it’s folded.

The DYU is a smart electrical bike, of a stylish appearance. It’s also safe and practical. There are two options on the market, Basic and Deluxe, which offer a front brake disc and a bigger battery. Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong according to millions of DYU bike users. 

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