If you want to get into biking to work or school, but are scared someone might steal your bike, the Enzo Ebike folding electric bike might be the best for you. It’s easy to fold and carry inside wherever you go.

This is one of the best folding e-bikes 2019 on the market, which is why I want to talk to you about it. I know the problem most people have with biking. The most common excuses are usually lack of storage space and fear that someone might steal your bike. Well, what if I told you that you no longer have to fear those things?

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Of course, when buying a folding bike, there are a few things you must consider. You should ask yourself how often and how far you’ll ride the bike. Not every electric bike can cross the same distance on one battery run, so consider how far you’ll go at the time. It’s also crucial to think about what are the most important features to you. You must think about its folding feature, too. The whole point of a folding bike is to be easy to fit in tight areas of your office or apartment. This is why it’s important to decide where you would keep the bike and check if it would fit there in the first place. Note that every bike folds differently and the dimensions could vary. 

Continue reading for more valuable information, in-depth features, and customer reviews. Also, I’ve listed its pros and cons, so you can have an overall look on what’s the most important about to know about this bike.

Features and Specifications:

This folding bike folds easily and quickly making it easy for you to store it anywhere. It’s on a heavy side, though, so you might have issues carrying it a long distance. Still, going up a few stairs or putting the bike inside your car shouldn’t be problematic.

The Enzo e-bike is ideal for commuters looking for quality and durability in a bike. It’s ideal for people who don’t want to sweat, but still, prefer biking over walking or taking a bus. Only once you try it, you can understand the convenience it delivers.

The bike comes with an 8Fun brand rear-mounted geared hub motor. The nominal output, in this case, is 350 watts, while the peak output would be 450 watts. The bike operates with a 10.4 ah 36V Samsung lithium-ion battery. 

It takes about 2.5 hours to charge the battery fully and with that, you get to go from 20 to 40 miles at 20 mph. It’s also important to note that the bike features an LCD that shows power output, battery level, speed, trip meter, etc. This display features a USB type a charging port, too.

Its frame is made of 6061 aluminum alloy, and it’s about 14 inches in size. When it’s unfolded, the bike measures 23’’ standover height, 65’’ length and 24.75’’ width. When it’s folded, the bike is about 27’’ x 18’’ x 35.5’’.

The frame fork is made of rigid aluminum alloy. It has 10mm axle with nuts and 100mm hub length. Also, for frame rear, it’s important we mention the 142mm hub length, and again, 10mm axle with nuts. The frame comes in black, red, white, pink, yellow, and many more colors.

The Enzo E-bike features the popular seven speed 1×7 Shimano gearing, as well as the 13-28T Cassette. You’ll notice that the Shimano SIS Index Thumb shifter is also included. These two make a perfect combination that makes this bike as fast. You can go about 30-50 miles at speed up to 20MPH, which is something not many bikes can deliver.

Since brakes are one of the most important parts of a bike, it’s good to know that the Enzo e-bike features one of the best braking systems on the market. You can be sure that its Shimano hydraulic disc brakes with 160 mm rotors are trust-worthy. Also, the bike features the Shimano levers with adjustable reach.

Its seat is made of Ziyouzhi aluminum alloy, and it’s about 300 mm. The saddle is extra comfortable with integrated handle.

The Enzo e-bike has 20’’ wheels with Kenda tires and cast magnesium 40mm rims. These heavy-duty wheels and tires allow you to take on any road surface even in wet conditions.

Lastly, there are many other features worth mentioning such as LED headlight, flick bell, adjustable kickstand, phone holder, and many more.

Bikers who chose this bike swear by its quality and useful features. Most people like it because it’s more interesting than those boring commuting bikes we see all the time. Also, professional bikers say that the Enzo e-bike is a good choice since it features a quality motor, battery, and brakes, and it can go a long way before you have to recharge it.

The Good

  • Easily foldable
  • Removable Samsung 36V battery
  • Brushless Rear Direct Drive 350W motor
  • Shimano seven-speed drivetrain
  • Hydraulic brakes

The Bad

  • It weighs 48 lbs

The Verdict

Most people who tried the enzo electric bike at least once have never wanted any other electric bike. This is mainly because of the quality of materials and components. The Enzo folding e-bike features all the best that the market has to offer, so it’s not surprising that so many people recommend it. It may be a bit too heavy for some people, but it’s worth it. If anything, the weight gives it more stability, that’s for sure. Its weight doesn’t get in a way of how well it performs. Overall, the bike is long-lasting and durable.

If you’re looking for an electric folding ebikes, this one is worth trying out. The first time you ride it, you’ll understand why exactly this is one of the best folding electric bikes 2019.

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