EuroMini Via 20” Final

While EuroMini might be a newer company in the world of folding bicycles, it doesn’t mean they aren’t up to big things. One of the most popular models and the one we’ll be looking at here is the EuroMini Via folding bike. One thing that initially stands out is the great price of this bicycle. In the case of the EuroMini, a lower price doesn’t mean a lower quality bicycle.

Folding bicycles are becoming increasingly lightweight. This is due to the need to not only be able to store them easily but also carry them when needed. When considering that these types of bicycles are used in big cities, anything heavy won’t be convenient. Aluminum alloy is proudly featured as being widely used in the EuroMini Via. Allowing a maximum weight of 240 lbs, the Via is extremely sturdy and strong, especially for a fold up bicycle. Let’s take a closer look at the EuroMini Via to see if it is one of the great light folding bikes of 2019.

​At first glance the EuroMini, it looks in great similarity to the Dahon Uno and if you were to look at the two of them side by side you would notice that they have a wide range of similarities. The EuroMini has 20 Inch wheels which are placed on a lightweight aluminum frame which weighs just less than 26 pounds.

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Features and Product Specifications:

The Via has a Shimano Revo 7-Speed Grip Style Shifter that will offer the range you need for any city hills you may encounter. Shimano shifters are known for allowing for safe travel in a wide range of terrains. A Shimano Tourney 7-Speed Derailleur ensures that shifting remains smooth throughout your travels. A KMC Z50 speed chain provides a better overall riding experience, as anyone familiar with the KMC line will know. A rarity in folding bicycles, the stainless steel 11028T cassette gears give the Via extra visual appeal. EuroMini has clearly thought about the user while deciding what features to pack into this bike.

Many riders will find comfort in just how adjustable the stem of the Via truly is. The 580mm seat post of this bicycle offers an excellent ride for a wide variety of heights. The addition of double wall rims offers an added layer of security to the build of the Via. The extra inclusion of a water bottle mount is a nice perk. Many riders complain that most folding bicycles have no water bottle mount already included. It’s nice to see that EuroMini sees that a fold up bicycle doesn’t have to skimp on little additions, commonly seen in only non-folding bikes.

Speaking of extras, a built-in magnet catcher is a cool feature of the EuroMini Via. As any folding bike owner knows, having your bicycle randomly unlock from its folded state is quite embarrassing and dangerous. Designed to hold the bicycle better together, when folded, this magnet is a welcome addition. The previously mentioned double wall rims pair well with the Kendra Khan tires. Measuring at 20″, these tires are ultra-light multi-terrain tires, meaning they do well on many different surfaces.

When it comes to unfolding the bike it is a simple process with no tools required, everything is held in with a strong magnet, to prevent the bike from unfolding while it is being transported. The problem with this is that the EuroMini has a “V” style setup, which many people say that they would have preferred to have a side pull which would allow for extra braking power. The brakes on this bike, however, give enough power to stop the bike.

EuroMini Via 20” Final

The Good

7 Speed Shifter

  • One important concern of any folding bicycle is its speed capabilities. The EuroMini Via has an excellent 7-speed shifter, made by Shimano. The Shimano Revo shifter, proudly featured on the Via, offers you a wide variety of resistance options as you pedal. The best light folding bicycles of 2019 have to offer the ability to perform at higher gears effectively. The Via is perfect for flat surfaces but also has the strength and gear range to climb steep hills as needed.

Kendra Khan Multi Terrain Tires

  • The last thing a user of a folding bicycle wants is heavy equipment. Combining light weight while still handling different terrains, the Kendra Khan tires are incredible. These tires have great tread that makes driving in adverse conditions easier.
  • Most of the Electronic, fold up bikes that are currently available don’t come with particularly great tires. Although most are suitable for standard road use, they would be damaged easily if they were to go on tougher terrains. This is where the EuroMini is a step ahead of the competition.

Magnet Catcher

  • One major gripe that fold up bicycle owners have is the folding process. It’s common for many riders to get their bikes stuck, simply trying to fold them. You don’t need to worry about folding issues with the Via, thanks to the magnet catcher. It’s a simple innovation, but the addition of a magnet immensely speeds up the folding process. It was comforting to feel the magnet actually pull the bicycle inward, leaving no guessing if the bicycle was fully locked.

Double Wall Rims

  • Having extra protection for your bicycle is never a bad thing. The well-built double wall rims of the EuroMini Via give the user an additional sense of security. Considering that these extra features are standard with the Via, it’s easy to see how much this company offers in a standard bicycle.


  • ​This is a surprisingly cheap fold up bike and one which is great value for money. If you’re on a small budget but refuse to be let down by a poor built quality or anything else then the EuroMini could be one of if not the best options.
  • It still comes with what some companies class as premium features; these include a kickstand, bottle mounting bracket, reflectors and much more. Although these may only seem like small things, they will have a massive impact on your overall cycling experience.
  • Don’t let the price tag put you off! Many people think that just because a product is cheaper, it will automatically be worse. This is far from the truth, make sure you take a proper look at this Bike before you count it out; it may just surprise you!

EuroMini Via 20” Final folded

The Bad

Weight Capacity Will Exclude Some

  • The EuroMini Via does have one of the higher weight capacities of folding bicycles. However, those who are over 240 lbs will need to find a different bike to use safely. Unfortunately, the Via has a 240lb weight limit.

Occasional Pedal Locking, When Storing

  • The magnet catcher works well to make the folding process a breeze. However, no bicycle is perfect, and the EuroMini Via is no exception. A few riders reported that there were a few instances where the pedals would lock up when folding this bicycle. It’s important not to rush the folding process.

The Verdict

Busy lifestyles are causing a steady increase in the popularity of light fold up bikes. Considering all of the options available, the EuroMini Via is quite the total package. Having a 7-speed Shimano Speed Grip style shifter is more than capable of handling the toughest of rides. Seeing the addition of stainless steel features is a nice custom touch that adds a layer of class to this bicycle.

When you take the price tag into consideration, this has to be one of the best options out there. Although there are bikes that are lighter, smaller, etc. they will certainly come with a much higher price tag. There are some amazing features and surprising additions to this Bike that you would usually only see in the higher end models.

The Via is about much more than a few flashy additions. Featuring double wall rims and Kendra Khan 20′ tires mean that this bicycle can stand up to harsh conditions. The innovative magnet catcher makes folding the Via very simple. Dreading the mere act of folding your bike won’t be happening with the Via.

The weight capacity is quite high, especially for a fold up bicycle. It will be challenging for you to find a fold up bike that has a higher capacity for this price! A few riders have reported that the pedals can still lock up, at times. That being said, it appears that the pedal locking problems are isolated incidents.

In closing, the newness of the EuroMini company isn’t holding them back at all. The Via is an exceptional bicycle, certainly one of the most featured filled light fold up bicycles of 2019.

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