If you’re looking for a reliable cruiser bike, Firmstrong is a good choice. For them, quality comes over everything else, so it’s understandable why so many people are pleased with it.

Finding a beach cruiser bike is complicated sometimes since there are so many on the market. The search may be a bit overwhelming if you’ve never had a cruiser bike before. If you feel like you don’t know what to look for, you’re in the right place. 

Since it came out, the Firmstrong Urbana beach cruiser bike has been one of the most popular. It has a simple design, provides comfortable riding, and it’s durable. These specifications make it one of the best choices.

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Features and Specifications:

The main thing you should know about this bike is its versatility. It comes in single speed, 7-speed, and 3-speed. They’re also offering different sizes with wheels in 24 and 26’’ depending on how tall you are.The one we’re focusing on though is the single-speed one. It has a 19’’ frame with 26’’ aluminum wheels. 

Firmstrong focused on several things when making this bike in particular. They primarily wanted to provide smooth pedaling and reliable and secure braking. For this reason, the bike has a pedal backward coaster brake. It doesn’t have any handbrakes since those are included with the 7- and 21-speed models. 

In case you’re uncertain about coaster brakes, we must mention the convenience they offer when it comes to cruiser bikes. With coaster brakes, there are no cables, no honking, adjusting or anything to disturb the comfort of your ride. 

This cruiser bike has a dual spring seat. Some considered it to be oversized, making it super comfortable. No doubt, that’s the best thing you can go for if you’re someone who enjoys long rides to the beach or around town.

Its handlebars are another quality features added for comfort. They are 28.5’’ wide and have Hi-Density foam. These are crafted especially to provide the most comfortable upright riding position. It’s good for your back, especially if you’re often taking long rides. 

The position it provides is excellent. It gives enough knee room, and there are quite a lot fewer chances that you’d be knocking the handlebars with your knees. For extra convenience, you can adjust the height of the handlebars, seat, and tilt. It helps you fit the bike to your exact height and size.


For tires, Firmstrong decided for the best. This cruiser has 2.125’’ wide White-Wall tires that are durable and reliable. These help with comfort and provide the most relaxed ride. If you’re often riding for a long time, you’ll enjoy the smoothness that these tires give the bike. 

For a cruiser bike, weight is one of the most important things. The fact that the Firmstrong Urban is as lightweight helps with the quality of the ride. 

Its light weight will help you with controlling the bike if you’re riding for fun around town or down to the beach. It weighs about 38 lbs. when it’s fully assembled. 

Thanks to its light weight and universal size, the bike can fit most men without any problems. It’s suitable for men from 5’4’’ to 6.2’’ tall. Its maximum weight load capacity is about 300 pounds.

This single-speed bike has a recommended speed of 3-15 mph. The recommended riding distance is about 0-20 miles in a single go. These are just some guidelines to have in mind for when you’re purchasing the bike. 

Unlike those complicated bikes, the Urban Beach Cruiser is easy to assemble. It comes about 80% already assembled, but you’ll have to make a few adjustments. Most people claim you can do it yourself since the process is easy and fun. However, if you don’t have the confidence, take it to your local bike shop where they’ll quickly adjust it for you.

It comes with a few extras such as stainless steel spokes. There are also color matched fenders available, though those are purchased separately. 

Its overall design resembles other Firmstrong bikes. It’s a simple and modern design, especially for a beach bike. On the plus side, it comes in 13 different colors to choose from since the color palette is versatile. 

Since it’s a cruiser bike, it’s quite easy to use. There’s nothing complicated about its assembly, features, or riding performance. The bike can handle anything from the streets, paths, and boardwalks. The ride is smooth at all times. 

However, make sure not to ride it across very rough surfaces that often. The bike isn’t built to handle that, and its tires will wear out rather quickly. Stay on recommended terrain so you can get the most out of this bike, its tires and wheels. 

One of the most critical questions that people often ask is if the bike can handle sandy surface. The answer to this is affirmative. Most of its customers claim that you can freely ride across sandy paths without slipping or having any issues. 


The Good

  • Upright riding position
  • Comfortable seat and handlebars
  • Easy to use and reliable brakes
  • Durable and classic frame

The Bad

  • The chain guard brackets break easily

The Verdict

If you’re on a hunt for a new beach cruiser bike, this might be an excellent option to consider. It’s a classic choice thanks to its specifications and features.The durable and sturdy frame contributes to its overall ease of use. The performance it provides is undoubtedly one of the best.

The Firmstrong Urban comes as one of the most popular and for many reasons. It’s ideal for simple cruising around town, and it can handle different surfaces. 

You’ll enjoy the experience whether it’s light commuting around town or casual riding to the beach. Plus, not even a little sand can bother you when you’re riding the Firmstrong Urban beach cruiser bike. 

Overall, if you’re looking for a new beach cruiser bike, the Urban is one of the best to consider. 

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