Ford Taurus by Dahon

Are you thinking about getting yourself a cheap folding bike? Most people who buy this type of bike are commuters who need to get to places quickly and without hassle. Dahon is one of the most famous foldable bike makers in the industry. This is their premium folding bike that has been approved by Ford Motor Co. itself for production. With the Ford branding standing out among the others in the pool, this is a single-speed folding bike that will bring you all your dreams.

Dahon calls the Ford Taurus 1.0 a true masterpiece of portability, and this holds true in its design. With the capacity to reduce your stress even when you aren’t riding it, this is the best foldable bicycle you can possibly purchase for its price tag. Sure, it isn’t nearly as amazing as it is said to be in its advertising but it is still a force to be reckoned with.

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Specifications and Features:

One of the qualities of this cheap folding bicycle that truly stands out is the elegance of its design. Style has been a huge priority here; that’s for sure. With two masters of design behind the concept of the Taurus (Ford and Dahon), there is no doubt that in terms of design, it is the ultimate in commuter style.

The frame is built out of high-quality aluminum, which makes this one of the lightest folding bikes out there. It is super comfortable on the roads too. The suspension has been perfected so that you feel nearly none of the little bumps on the roads, regardless of how hard you are pushing the bike. The Shimano derailleurs are icing on the cake, as the company reinforces your belief in good gearing for affordable pricing.

Of course, you might be thinking that a single-speed bike isn’t a big deal in a world where most standard bikes have 21 or more speeds. You have to remember that this is a city bike. It is meant for the streets, without hills and rough terrain to navigate through. As such, a single-speed mechanism is more than sufficient for riding to and from work, transit and more. The lack of gears allows you to stay in seamless control of your ride. Responsiveness is highly appreciated on busy city streets.

​The fit of the bike is meant to be adaptable. Whether you’re short or tall, the fully adjustable seat post is bound to have a setting for you. The dimensions of the frame can’t be changed, but are very adjustable indeed because of the ease with which the ride height can be changed. This is a huge part of increasing the comfort with which you ride this awesome cheap folding bike.


Folding Mechanism

This is another area where the Taurus shines out among the rest. The folding mechanism is an important part of any folding bike purchase. This one, in particular, is extraordinary. The design of the bike and its folding capabilities are such that you can get off the bike and start walking in as little time as possible. In fact, the folding time is a record-breaking 10 seconds or less. If you’re ever in a hurry and you need to bike somewhere, then run, this bike is bound to serve you well.

When it is folded, the Ford by Dahon folding bike actually occupies far less space than most others in its size range. When you fold this one away, you will hardly even notice it in the room unless you are looking for it. Carrying it on the train, bus or even in your office space will be so easy you’ll have your own eyes widened in shock.

The Good

Aluminum frame

  • Aluminum is the lightest of the frame materials for a bike. This is highly necessary for the Ford Taurus by Dahon and makes the entire machine feel far more sophisticated due to the construction.

Alloy components

  • This bike is one of the most corrosion-resistant we have seen to date. This is mainly owed to the aluminum alloy materials used in the frame and the rims of the bike.

Smooth and comfortable

  • Riding the Taurus is an experience you will never forget. Gone are the days when a folding bike was something to be wary of. You might find that you have replaced your current everyday bike with the Dahon machine before long!

Single Speed Gears

  • Shimano has excelled in gearing this bad boy up. The single-speed design results in responsive riding all day long.


The Bad

  • A little on the heavy side

Ford branding is visible

  • Can be annoying to some users, but it can be a pretty cool addition if you want bragging rights!

The Verdict

Due to the folding mechanism — one that has truly been perfected by Ford and its partnership with Dahon — this bike is able to serve the average commuter very well indeed, especially if it is being used on public transport. The time you take to transition from walking to riding is so low you feel like you’re a magician of sorts.

​One of the only bad things about this bike is the weight. While the aluminum frame makes it far lighter than it could be, the added weight of the derailleurs, the seat post, and the other features mean that this cheap folding bike weights in at a whopping 40lbs. However, you shouldn’t find this a problem if you’re the typical commuter – you will only have to carry it onto public transport and off, or into and out of office and apartment buildings.

​The Ford branding on the bike is beautiful and adds to the overall aesthetic appearance of this bike. Even though the price tag is so small, you are left feeling like you own a truly premium-quality bike. In addition to the gorgeous design, the fascinating features, and the cheap price, this is simply one of the most incredible bikes out there — folding or otherwise.

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