Ford by Dahon Folding Bike

There are many things to take into consideration when looking into a folding bike. The main thing being the purpose of the bike itself, are you going to be using it for commuting or to take on bike trails? This will help not only determine the type of bike which is appropriate for your needs but, it will also help you decide which type of bike you need. There are a lot of places which claim to offer the cheapest folding bikes. However, many of these places offer low quality but, there some models that are built to last.

Advantages of a Folding Bike

In the past, folding bikes were known mainly for their heavy weight and poor ride quality, also having bad folding mechanisms which would fold while riding through the streets. Fast forward to the present day, and with the advancements in design, materials, and performance, and now they  have become lightweight and efficient.

Ford by Dahon Folding Bike

The overall size of the bikes once folded down has also become a great feature, allowing you to take a bike with you whether you are going on public transport or are going further afield. There are five key advantages over standard frame bikes, these are:

  • ​99.9% Theft Proof
  • Retains Value When Being Resold
  • Cheaper Than A Vehicle
  • Space Saving
  • Ability To Carry On Public Transport
  • Of course, not all folding bikes have the ability to fit into a bag or case; they may not fold in a few seconds. But, they will fold down to a smaller size when not been ridden, helping you to carry it around with a lot more ease. Being able to carry these fold up bikes onto public transport usually, comes without a booking restriction.

Which Folding Bike Should You Choose?

​Purchasing a folding bicycle is a great investment, as it can hold its value even after years of use. It is important to note that the more money you invest into the bike, the lighter overall it will be. An example of this would be a bike at $400 would weigh significantly more than a $1000 bike, as the materials will be of a higher, lighter and more durable quality.

​Because these bikes generally keep their resale value, it is best to purchase new if you can afford the extra few hundred dollars. A second-hand Birdy or Brompton can be found being sold at also the new list price, so it is always better to buy a brand new in the long term.

​As well as price, the reason you are purchasing this bike is that you want to be able to take it anywhere with you, so it is important that you look at the folded size in detail. If the size of the bike when folded is large, then you are going to have to carry it around everywhere with you and it can be difficult to store it when using public transport.

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