Teaching your child to ride a bike at an early age is a great way to get them out of the house and exercising. However, choosing the best road bike for beginners isn’t always the simplest thing. There are many options on the market so the search can get somewhat overwhelming. More so, you want to make sure it’s reliable, and your child is safe.

GMC Denali Road Boys Bike is one of the best choices that the industry has to offer. It’s an ideal choice for smaller riders and growing children.

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Beginners often struggle with confidence when it comes to biking, so it’s essential they have a stable and dependable bicycle. A road bike is more than just a simple commuting model, so there are more factors to consider when buying one.

Regardless of whether you’re the beginner, or you’re buying a bike for your kid, this is one of the best options to consider. The 24-inch bicycle is easy and comfortable for beginners who haven’t had a chance to ride before.

Continue reading to learn all about the GMC Denali Road Boys and its features and specifications. We’ll discuss its pros and cons as well as how it performs on the road.

Features and Specifications:

The first thing to mention is its lightweight frame. It’s made of aluminum and is surprisingly strong and durable. It’s made as a single piece, so it’s important that it’s durable and sturdy. Note that its forks are made from GMS 7000 steel and are also lightweight and strong.

This one can go quite fast because of its weight and amazing gear train. It features 21 speeds along with Shimano gears and derailleur. These are well-known as the choice when it comes for this type of equipment. The shifters are on the handlebars that help with smooth shifting especially convenient for beginners.

The Denali Road has large wheels and tires. The high profile combined with the Vitesse racing rims and thin tires are the most distinguishing features of this bike. It adds to the overall quality of performance that’s noticeable the moment you take it to the road.

This one features alloy calipers and brake levers that are highly effective to prevent any accidents. It also helps when on rough terrain with many bumps and holes. On top of that, it also has an excellent grip on the handlebars for easy handling.

If you’ve ever come across the standard GMC Denali, you’ll know what to expect from the Road Boys. They are both quite similar as they share some impressive characteristics. This one also features a steel fork and cranks as well as full Shimano equipment. It’s almost an authentic replica, and you’ll feel like looking at the standard Denali despite the fact that this one is quite smaller. 

When we say small, we mean it’s meant for children and other short cyclists. It’s a 24-inch bike so it fits children from 9 to 12 years old, though adults can also drive it if it suits their size. It’s advertised as a bike for boys, but girls can also enjoy it thanks to the black/red color combination that actually makes it gender neutral. Make sure to check all the measurements to be confident that it will fit the person it’s meant for.

This one is ideal for beginners mostly because it’s so lightweight and has many speeds. This gives beginners a wide variety of options to choose from as they get comfortable being on two wheels. It weighs 25 pounds in total which is ideal for children and other beginners.

The Denali Road Boys features an adjustable saddle that’s padded for extra comfort. It’s ideal to follow your child as it grows while the added comfort allows long-hour riding. Another useful feature is the alloy bottle cage that’s within reach.

One thing we noticed that people didn’t quite like is its small pedals. While this is actually advertised as a children’s bike, the pedals are somewhat small for kids of that age, and you might have to replace them.

It comes partially assembled, so it’s up to you to finish the process. It’s nothing too hard as you’ll only have to put together the pedals, the seat, and the handle. All the other parts such as the shifter and brakes work smoothly right out the box.

Overall, it’s a great-looking bike that’s also highly efficient. It’s a quality piece, and it’s quite noticeable that GMC put some effort into making it. Everything about it is satisfactory from the way it performs to how it looks.

The Good

  • Easy to assemble
  • 21-speed
  • Adjustable saddle
  • Strong and durable

The Bad

  • Somewhat small pedals

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a bike for your child to learn on, this might be the best choice. We’re talking about a reliable frame that’s strong and durable above anything else. Plus, the color combination is gender neutral although the manufacturer advertises it as a bike for boys.

Pretty much everything about this one is impressive which is rarely the case with bikes for beginners. GMC did a fantastic job at making a secure and simple bicycle. The sole fact they’ve made this one an authentic replica of their Denali bicycle for adults says lots about their quality.

Beginners often recommend it as it’s a fast bike that has strong brakes and smooth shifting. If you’re already a cyclist, you probably know how tricky it can be to find the best road bike for beginners. People often don’t know what to get because there are so many options on the market.

This is where the GMC shines because it’s one of the most popular brands when it comes to road bikes for beginners as well as experienced riders. If you’re on a hunt for a bicycle to gift to your child, make sure to consider this one as it’s durable, fast and easy to handle for both boys and girls. It’s a great option to get your child in recreational biking.

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