Biking as a way of commuting is among the best ways of incorporating some physical activity in your everyday life. Since you already have to go to school or work, and you have to run errands, you might as well do it in a healthier way.

If you’re looking for great commuter bikes under 500, you should consider a fixed gear bicycle. This type has fewer components and simpler construction, and as such, it’s more affordable than other models on the market.

Golden Cycles has been around for ages and is well-known for offering affordable bicycles for different riding styles. This bike, in particular, is an excellent example of a convenient Fixie that offers much more than it seems at first glance. 

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Fixed gear bikes are often much less expensive than other commuters, but you shouldn’t overlook the overall quality and performance it offers. Most models on the market look rather attractive, but it’s far more important to pay attention to its components, features, and specifications.

If you’re searching for a quality commuter bike under 500, you should check out the Golden Cycles Fixie. It’s among the best-selling bikes in its price range thanks to the overall quality it sports. Continue reading to learn all about its frame, tires, brakes and other crucial components as well as pros and cons.

Features and Specifications:

When you first look at it this bike it doesn’t look much different than other commuter bikes. It has a standard frame shape, riser handlebars, platform pedals, thin tires and several other components that look a lot familiar. 

Only when you look deeper at its parts, and the performance they deliver is when you can see why it stands out as much. In essence, you’ll have to ride it to truly understand what we’re talking about here.

First, we have to mention the color choices. Unlike many affordable bikes, this one offers 21 different color combinations that range from white and black to several neon options. Regardless of the color you go for, you’ll get the same combination of features and additional accessories. 

The fork and frame are made from high-tensile steel that’s tig-welded for a smooth and seamless look. There’s no denying that the aesthetics are on point here thanks to the horizontal dropouts. On top of that, the entire frame combined with additional accessories weighs no more than 25 pounds.

The bike features a racing-style saddle for a more aggressive feel and supreme comfort at all times. It matches the riser-style handlebars and 1-1/8’’ headset. It also features rubber grips that look a lot like what you’d find on a BMX.

This entire combination pushes you to keep your back straight which is especially convenient for those who commute on a daily. 

For brakes, the brand went for something reliable and easy to use. What you get are caliper brakes on both front and back wheels that you control with hand levers.

The levers are well-placed and don’t get in your way when riding. It’s also important to note that cables which are often a distraction are all secured on the top tube.

These are easy to use and provide excellent stopping abilities even in wet conditions. Don’t expect much from them in snowy and icy weather, but rain can’t disrupt their performance. 

Its 68mm sealed bearing rear hub provides convenience and the option to choose between freewheel and fixed ride. Freewheel is for when you want to cruise while riding fixed offers more control over the bike and pedal stroke.

For the wheelset, the manufacturer went for reliable 700c x 25 Kenda tires and 45mm deep alloy rims. What’s interesting is that the tires come with a tread design that maintains your ride smooth by enhancing traction on both dry and wet pavement. 

The rims also come in several colors though you cannot choose them separately. Their color depends on the frame color you opt for. In most cases, the two match well, but some consider it a setback that you cannot choose the two separately. 

This is pretty much all when it comes to the original package and what it includes. The bike itself comes partially assembled so you’ll have to finish the job yourself. It takes only a few tools and a little time to put it together. Still, you might want to leave that to professionals if you’ve never done it before.

Keep in mind that this one is customizable and upgradable in several ways. It comes with two water bottle mounts, but a few other accessories are available for separate purchase. Also, replacement parts are easy to find, but make sure to contact the manufacturer first if your Golden Cycles Fixie is still under warranty.

The Good

  • Fixed ride/freewheel
  • Seamless design
  • Plenty of colors to choose from

The Bad

  • Meant for beginners 

The Verdict

If you’re looking for your first commuter bike, you should definitely start with this Golden Cycles Fixie. It appears similar to standard fixed gear bicycles though it offers slightly bit more. This one is convertible and allows you to choose between freewheel and fixed ride depending on your mood and riding conditions you find yourself in.

At this point, you’ve probably realized why this is one of the best-selling commuter bikes on the market. It’s easy to use and maintain, and it will last you a long time with adequate use. 

All of its components and features are made specifically to suit daily commuting needs and as such are quite durable and resistant.Don’t forget that this one comes in 21 different color combinations allowing you a choice you rarely get with others on the market. Plus, it features both classic and vivid, neon colors, so there’s something for everyone.

Overall, it’s an excellent choice for entry-level commuters. It’s equally suitable for more experienced people who are looking for comfortable and smooth rides. 

In most cases, this one is a common choice among people who are somewhat scared of biking. It’s thanks to its weight, durability, and reliability that most inexperienced riders feel comfortable with its frame and components.

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