We can probably all agree that there’s nothing more liberating than riding a bike or a trike. The reason behind this might be the sense of freedom and independence you don’t get with public transportation or even a car. If you’re looking for just that, you should look into the Goplus Adult Tricycle.

While riding a tricycle is similar to riding a bike, there are still some benefits and advantages that differ between the two vehicles. Both are great for your health, but riding a bicycle is a bit trickier for some people.

Some adults and seniors who find biking difficult usually turn to ride tricycles. It’s easier and especially suitable for anyone recovering from injuries or suffering from different conditions.

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Still, finding the best adult tricycle isn’t always as simple. There are many on the market, and most of them look relatively the same. This tends to make the search more difficult especially if you don’t have much experience.

The Goplus Adult Tricycle is among the best models on the market because it’s hassle-free, requires minimal maintenance and is great for recreation and cruising. It’s durable and resistant, so you can ride it in the rain without fearing it might rust or show any signs of wear any time soon. 

We tested the trike and spoke to several people who use it on a regular bases. The information we gathered might help you decide whether this is the best tricycle for your needs and preferences. For this reason, you should continue reading as we discuss its features, specs, pros, and cons.

Features and Specifications:

If you’re looking for durability, large capacity, and practicality, you should take a closer look at this Goplus tricycle. It’s among the most stand-out models from this brand offering a smooth riding experience and all the benefits of exercise.

This one comes with two baskets that add a lot to its overall convenience and practicality. There’s one in the back and another in the front allowing you to carry all the stuff you want. You can even use them to bring your pets on the ride with you. Though the baskets are large, they’re not suitable for carrying children.

The one in the back is foldable and offers a bit more convenience and versatility depending on how much cargo you’re carrying. 

Its frame is made of high-quality iron and supports a combined weight of 331 lbs. This means that your weight and your things shouldn’t exceed that number. The high capacity it sports makes the tricycle ideal for all family members. 

Another thing worth mentioning is that the frame comes in several sizes and colors. You can choose between black, blue and red, and 24” or 26” wheel size. All the frame options come with the same features and specifications except for the color and size of wheels.

The trike is equipped with three big wheels and full-wrap fenders. The combination helps its overall performance while maintaining the frame dry and clean at all times. It also comes with lightweight alloy rims and galvanized iron spoke to help provide smooth and effortless rides. 

On top of that, the three-wheel design offers more stability and balance, especially for senior adults. It’s ideal for providing some physical activity if you’re recovering from an injury or haven’t been active in a while.

The Goplus Tricycle comes with a soft, padded seat. It’s larger than what’s on most similar vehicles and has springs to cushion your ride even more. It has upright rubber handlebars that match the color of the seat for a more stylish look and some added comfort. Both are replaceable if you wish to get new ones at any time.

This is a practical trike that’s ideal for light exercise and recreational cruising around town. It’s not as fast as a traditional bike, but it comes with other benefits you don’t get with a two-wheel bike. For example, it’s more stable, which is excellent for senior adults who can’t ride a classic bike anymore. 

Keep in mind, however, that this one comes unassembled, so you’ll have to put it together. The process shouldn’t present a problem if you have at least some experience putting together bikes or are just good at putting things together period. Most people said it took about three hours to put it together, but that depends on your experience and skills.

If not, you might want to have a professional help you with it. Either way, make sure that a professional at least checks and tunes the components. 

The Good

  • Comes with a bell
  • Padded and comfortable seat
  • Two large baskets

The Bad

  • Comes completely unassembled

The Verdict

If you’ve been searching for the best adult tricycle, you’ve probably already come across this Goplus trike. It’s among the most popular choices thanks to its convenience, versatility and overall ease of use. On top of that, the trike provides smooth and stable rides, which is always important for adults and seniors.It comes with a durable and heavy frame that might not be the lightest, but it’s definitely pretty resistant and can withstand different weather. Plus, its saddle and handlebars add comfort and enhance the experience allowing you to enjoy riding for hours at the time.

This is an excellent solution for those who don’t want to give up riding in their free time. Although the experience is entirely different than riding a bicycle, you’ll quickly get used to it even if you’ve never had a trike before. 

As we mentioned, its only setback is the fact that it comes unassembled. Still, there’s a good reason for that since it could get damaged during shipping if it came assembled. This way, all its components are safe during shipping and handling. Assembly can be a bit tedious, but you can just take it to your local bike shop.

Much like all its users, you’ll love the hassle-free and smooth performance. Choose the wheel size and frame color that works the best for you and get ready to cruise the town in style.

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