TM 20 6 Speed Foldable Bicycle Folding Bike Shimano Hybrid

GTM is a brand that has a very good reputation in the field of cheap folding bicycles. Their 20-inch model is one that is meant for a beginner. Designed to be entry-level in every sense of the word, it’s a model that is bound to make you fall in love as soon as you ride it for the first time. Even if you have ridden mountain bikes before, you should consider this bike if it’s your first ride on a folding bicycle. While everything works in pretty much the same way, there are some differences in the ride that could throw you off somewhat, at least for the first little while.

The price of the GTM bike is very low indeed. It is made for people on a budget (a tight one) who are looking to get themselves in the saddle and pushing those pedals! You can’t expect top-tier equipment and components for this type of price point, obviously. However, this machine will surprise you with the quality of the performance you can eke out of it if you treat it right. GTM has gone above and beyond the call of duty by gearing it and fitting it out with some of the best equipment for its price bracket. Overall, the bike is beautiful to look at, and the price tag is even more so.

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Design and Features:

This is a six-speed mountain bike that it is hard to find any faults with. It’s a mountain bike that folds, after all! It performs exactly as advertised and is one of the cheapest folding bikes out there right now. The 20” wheels on this machine are one of its best features. They are small enough to fit anyone well without seeming too oversized. The wheels themselves are meant to be highly durable regardless of the abuse they are subjected to.

Because of the smaller-sized wheels, the agility of this bike is greatly increased. You can twist the bars and get some amazing responsiveness even when you’re on some pretty harsh trails. With only 6 speeds on the gear shifters, you are also able to switch between settings quite fast. While the range of gears isn’t wide, the speed with which you can adapt to the terrain is very high. This is a quality that should never be lacking in a good mountain bike. Add this to the ease with which the bike conquers mountains and hills, and you’re getting a great package deal!

GTM 20 6 Speed Foldable Bicycle Folding Bike Shimano Hybrid

Performance Quality:

This inexpensive 20-inch folding mountain bike from GTM has been perfected over long hours, to be a true hybrid. Whether you want it for the daily commute to and from work or for weekend blowouts on the nearby off-road bike trails, this will serve the purpose. The dual suspension system doesn’t exist on most other bikes in the same price bracket. The springs in the suspension make sure that you don’t feel most of the shocks and vibrations the trails will push on you. In addition to this, the folding mechanism is easy to use and doesn’t have a learning curve. You can fold the bike down in about 20 seconds, which isn’t bad at all for a mountain bike of this size.

The Good

Super cheap

  • The GTM 20 inch mountain bike is one of the least expensive folding bikes you will ever lay eyes on. In addition to being extremely affordable, the bike has a ton of features and fun options that will turn every trip into a joyride you will never forget. Highly affordable for anyone on the tightest of budgets — and a fun, cost-efficient ride overall.


  • The bike is made with a dual suspension system built into the frame. This means that there are both front and rear forks. This translates into truly stellar performance on bumpy roads and trails. You won’t have to worry about your head being jarred off every single time you go out for a spin.


  • You might not think it, but this bike is lighter than most of its competition. It allows the option to be carried onto public transport with ease and can also be hefted up long flights of stairs with no issues at all.

6-Speed Gearing

  • This is the perfect balance between fast switching of different gear settings and excellent versatility on the road. Higher speed settings are available on other bikes, but six is perfect for the entry-level rider who just wants to tackle the lighter, less taxing trails.

GTM 20 6 Speed Foldable Bicycle Folding Bike Shimano Hybrid Folded

The Bad

  • There aren’t many bad things about this bike. The brakes are of slight concern as they can be a little underwhelming when you try to stop from a high-speed freewheel. This shouldn’t be an issue if you’re cautious!

The Verdict

Overall, there isn’t much that doesn’t favor the GTM 20” 6-Speed MTB folding bike. It is one of the most brilliant designs that has entered the market to date. Of course, you do have to remember that this bike is completely entry-level. It is meant for a beginner in the mountain biking scene. It can also be very useful for someone new to the folding bike game — to get some practice in before upgrading to some of the higher-tiered foldable bicycles. This machine is fun to use and easy to learn, too.

​In time, you will probably find yourself replacing all your other bicycles with this cheap foldable bike. This is a natural side effect of the gorgeous design that GTM has put out. Soon, you should see this bike becoming your daily commute machine. You do have to keep in mind that this isn’t one of the top-tier bikes out there. While it is great for its price bracket, you should never compare it to better, more premium bikes on the market that could easily set you back thousands of dollars.

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