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Mountain biking is a popular hobby that is enjoyed by many men, women, and children. It is a great way for the whole family to enjoy a fun outdoor activity. Often getting to trail riding locations requires hauling your mountain bike in a trailer or a rack placed on your car. This can make your bike tedious to load and put undue stress and strain on your vehicle too. That is why more and more mountain bike riders are turning to foldable bike products to meet their bike transporting needs.

One of the more popular folding bike models is this 26-inch design that is made by the reputable Happybuy Company.What is there to like about this fine foldable mountain bike. You will be very surprised at all the unique features it has as you learn more about it. If you are interested read a little bit further and you will see for yourself exactly what we are talking about.

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Specifications and Features:

This particular mountain bike is built to be strong and last a long time. That also means it has some weight to it when moving it around. For some people, this may mean asking someone for a hand when taking it in and out of their vehicle. Most people can manage this on their own if they can handle its some 30+ pounds of weight.

It is a foldable mountain bike that can be ridden by everyone from older children to adults. This is made possible by the fact you can adjust the seat on it to various heights. The seat height starts at 26 inches to accommodate those that are smaller in stature and can be raised higher for those owners of this mountain bike that have longer legs. It can handle the weight of riders who weigh as much as 275 pounds too.

This mountain bike is very pleasing to the eyes once it sets up too. It can be purchased in a sleek looking black color or a more sporty blue finish. Neither of which is a bad choice because they both look good. We all like the way this mountain bike looked when it was full assembled.

This is a mountain bike that will hold up well in any environment too. Because of its construction, this is one of the most durable folding mountain bicycles in our opinion. There really is nothing that is cheaply constructed on it. That is a very pleasant surprise given its more than reasonable price tag.

​Take a look at what it has to offer those that purchase it:

  • 26-inch sturdy rubber trail tires that are almost 2 inches wide
  • Heavy duty carbon steel frame
  • 6 speed Shimano precision shifting
  • Dual wheel braking system
  • Foldable pedals with safety reflectors
  • 22-inch quick release handle bar
  • Adjustable kickstand

Without a doubt this bike has a lot offer those that buy it and ride it. It is not strictly just for trail use either. This is because it has six different speed choices that allow it to be used for such things as general purpose riding in your neighborhood, short commutes to work in the city and for long distance workout riding on paved roads.


Folding Mechanism

So you are looking for a mountain bike that is easy to take on the go with you? Well, this one is definitely worth considering. It is designed to easily fit in the trunk or back seat of even smaller type cars. Once it’s been folded, it will not take up more than half of the trunk space or back seat of most standard size vehicles.

Folding and unfolding it could not be easier. It has a quick release spring that will allow you to take this bike from its fully set up position and convert it into its folded form in no time at all. After a few times doing it, you will be folding and unfolding this mountain bike model in less than a few minutes of time. Happybuy did an excellent job in this part of the design of this mountain bike.

It is compact enough when folded that it is more than feasible to carry this mountain bike around with you in your trunk all the time. That way you will be ready in a few minutes to go for a bike ride even if you did not plan on it.

The Good

We reviewed the features on many different foldable mountain bikes, and this particular model really stood out. It was not perfect, but it is very well designed and built to last.

  • Folds up to a compact size that will fit in any trunk or back seat
  • It’s a very nice looking bicycle once its set up and ready to ride
  • Duplex quick response brake system
  • Dual suspension frame combined with 6 speed Shimano gearing


The Bad

  • A little heavy and bulky to move
  • Designed for riders under 6 feet tall

The Verdict

We already briefly mentioned that this bike is very reasonably priced, but it is certainly worth mentioning again. It has a price point that is so low that almost anybody can have the fun and convenience that you get from owning a foldable model mountain bike.

The gears on it work great too. It shifts very smoothly and reliably when you are selecting one of the six different gears it can be peddled in. The gears are made by the reputable Shimano Company which is a huge bonus also.

There are certainly many reasons to consider buying this model. These include everything from its affordable price tag to its sturdy construction. The fact that it can be used for both trail riding and on paved roads made it even more appealing to us. We don’t see any reason why you would not want to consider purchasing this mountain bike if you were searching for a new one to buy.

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