HASA Folding Foldable Bike Final

The HASA company was founded in Taiwan, in the early 1990s. Since their beginnings, this company has been creating a wide assortment of bicycles, including light fold up bikes. HASA prides itself on listening to the ever-changing needs of their customers. One need that is becoming more common is to have a foldable bicycle. The Hasa Shimano is a folding bicycle that packs a lot of quality, into such a lightweight product. The HASA Shimano 18-speed bike only weighs in at a little under 25 pounds.

An important consideration, when choosing a folding bicycle, is the quality of materials. A bicycle that is easy to store away doesn’t amount to much if the bike isn’t made well. It’s common to see many folding bikes that feel too flimsy and unsafe, not a worry you will have with the HASA Shimano.

Made with an aircraft alloy frame, the hasa folding bike is a great combination of being light enough to carry and strong enough to last. Let’s go into more detail, to find out if this bike is worthy of being one of the best light fold up bicycles of 2019.

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Features and Product Specifications:

The frame on the Shimano is made of incredibly durable 7005 aluminum alloy, contained within a 12” frame. In regards to weight requirements, the limit is 240 lbs, meaning many will be able to ride this bicycle safely. The HASA Shimano features an 18-speed shifter, capable of handling just about any terrain that you come across, with a 2-speed front and a 9-speed rear. This bicycle contains Alivio Level BR-M421 front and rear brakes.

The crankset for the Hasa Shimano is the SRAM Truvativ Isoflow 165mm set. Tires are always going to be an important decision when choosing a bicycle. Luckily, the Innova 20”x1.5 tires are more than capable of handling each of the 18 gear levels that this bicycle offers. The actual tread of the Innova tires, featured on the Shimano, works well on all surfaces, including pavement, dirt, and gravel. No matter if you want to use the Shimano in town, or out on a hiking trail, you will be able to make the journey.

The Shimano does come in different colors, red and white, but the black bumper and steel rails look amazing, no matter what body color you choose. A City Spirit saddle gives the rider a great amount of comfort and looks great on the Shimano.

HASA Folding Foldable Bike Final

The Good

18 Speed Shifter

  • The shifter that comes with the HASA Shimano offers 18 different speeds. This bicycle is a great pick for those who find themselves on different terrains. As you know, a bicycle needs to go into the high gears to tackle uphill climbs and rough terrain. The Shimano model is exceptional for powering through terrain that could leave other bikes stranded.

Sturdy Aircraft Alloy Frame and Wheels

  • The strength of the Shimano’s aluminum alloy frame makes it hard to believe that it is, indeed, a folding bicycle. Keeping the Innova tires held firmly in place are the aluminum alloy wheels. If you are a bicyclist that has had to suffer from a bent wheel, you’ll know how great aluminum alloy is, over the other options. The HASA company proudly offers a lifetime guarantee on their frames, a sign of quality that you can trust.


  • When considering what makes a good folding bike, the ease of how the hasa folding bike folds has to hold importance. Luckily, the HASA Shimano weighs in at a little less than 25 pounds. Folding up this bicycle is a very easy process, and the light weight only serves to make things that much easier!

The Quality of Materials

  • You’ve heard about how sturdy this bicycle is but the quality doesn’t stop with the frame. Featuring a City Spirit bike saddle, you will be riding in comfort, wherever you go. The high-quality Innova tires feature a tread pattern that works great on many different surfaces. This bicycle is extremely well-built and is more than capable of driving through the toughest terrain.

The Bad

Certain Riders May Need Another Option

  • The specifications of the seat post, especially the maximum height, may leave certain riders uncomfortable. The Shimano is said to fit users between 4’8 and 6’3 in height. Riders that don’t fit within the previously mentioned height range may need another bicycle.

Included Seat Post Not Always Perfect for Folding

  • It’s no surprise that many riders enjoy the ability to customize their bike. However, some will prefer that their bicycle not require any modifications. There have been issues reported regarding the proper folding of this bicycle. The seat post that comes with this bicycle is 500mm; some users are reporting needing a 600mm seat post, in order for the bike to stand when folded.

The Verdict

The state of light folding bicycles in 2019 has significantly improved, with the addition of the Hasa Shimano. This bicycle is easy to fold, looks great, and rides even better. Created with a strong aluminum alloy base, Innova tires, and an intuitive gear system, this bicycle can handle anything. When it comes time to stow away this bike, it is incredibly easy to store, only weighing in at around 25 pounds.

Riders that are under 4’8” or over 6’3” may find difficulties with being able to ride this bicycle. Also, it has been reported that certain seat posts don’t allow this bicycle to stand when folded. The previously mentioned drawbacks are not common among most users, making them less likely to affect you. Most riders find that this bicycle folds perfectly well.

Overall, having an 18-speed folding bike that is lightweight and foldable makes the HASA Shimano extremely versatile. Whether you find yourself on city roads, or you prefer to drive off the beaten path, the  hasa folding bike is designed to tackle any terrain. You can choose from different color options, offering an extra degree of customization, something not often seen with folding bicycles. If you are in need of one of the best light folding bikes of 2019, the Shimano by HASA is an excellent choice.

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