Hollandia Amsterdam Folding Bike

A dutch company, Hollandia has been creating folding bicycles for many years. Featuring the Opa and Commuter bicycles in their product line, this company knows how to build a great bicycle. However, we will be talking about the Hollandia Amsterdam, a folding bicycle that is loaded with cool features.

The Amsterdam bicycle does look small in size, but don’t let that fool you. An alloy folding frame provides a rider with a bike that makes the folding process easy while still providing supreme durability. This is a bike that rides extremely well for the price. It has all the important features that count for most riders, without costing you an arm and a leg. The Hollandia line of folding bikes are certainly popular, does the Amsterdam meet this company’s high standards of quality?

Let’s find out more about the Hollandia Amsterdam by looking at the specifications for this bicycle. The Hollandia company is known for having excellent specs. The Amsterdam continues that tradition! Also, keep reading to find out the pros and cons for this bicycle, as well as the final verdict.

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Features and Product Specifications:

The Amsterdam features front and rear Promax v-brakes, a rarity in light fold up bikes. Promax has been creating exceptional braking systems, rest assured that this bicycle stops on a dime. Housing 20” tires, you won’t get the same feeling here as you would with 24” tires. However, the Amsterdam rides smoothly on the tires that come with it, so it really isn’t a problem that they are a bit small.

The Amsterdam sports a durable alloy frame, and it looks great, especially with the black paint job. The ability for this bicycle to shift at 7 speeds is a welcome feature, making it easy to tackle tough terrain. When needing to make a quick shift, the Shimano Tourney rear derailleur makes the entire process a breeze to complete. The handy inclusion of a rear rack is another cool feature that isn’t common with other light folding bikes in 2019.

The quick release handlebar and seat clamp come together to make folding this bicycle easy to do. Many times, a good fold up bicycle can show its weakness when it comes time to fold it up. Luckily, the Amsterdam folds quickly, without the pain of it becoming stuck. Front and rear fenders on this bicycle are a nice added touch, bringing a new level of class to this folding bike.


The Good

Low Price

  • Where the Amsterdam really has an advantage, over other folding bicycles, is its price. Commonly, this bicycle is about half the cost of other major competitors. If you are just getting started in the world of folding bikes and don’t want to spend a ton, consider choosing the Amsterdam. Compared to most other folding bikes, this bicycle is about the half the price.

7-Speed Capability

  • The shifting system in the Amsterdam rides like a dream. Offering 7 different speeds, this bike is great for tackling many different situations. In addition, the Shimano Tourney rear derailleur will ensure that every shift takes little effort. Whether it be climbing hills or coasting down the road, the 7-speed shifter is amazingly smooth.

Front and Rear Promax V-Brakes

  • Many companies are inclined to include stock parts but not Hollandia! Proudly featuring the unmatched workmanship of Promax, the brakes on this bicycle will have you always stopping safely. Located in the front and rear, the double layers of stopping power will leave you with extra peace of mind.


The Bad

Initial Assembly Time

  • If you do decide to order the Hollandia Amsterdam, be prepared to spend about an hour putting it together. When you consider that this only has to be done once, it makes the hour build time a little easier to comprehend. Certain other folding bikes recommend having someone assemble them for you, an hour to do it yourself isn’t a major hassle

Weight of Bicycle

  • One area where the Amsterdam could use improvements is in the weight of the bicycle. Many of the great light folding bikes of 2019 weigh in at or under 25lbs. The Amsterdam bicycle is closer to 30lbs, which means carrying this around could leave you quite exhausted.

The Verdict

Hollandia adds another great bicycle to their product line with the Amsterdam. Loaded with many nice extra touches, this bicycle is filled to the brim with features. When you consider that this bicycle is priced well, the addition of the extras makes the Amsterdam that much more enticing. It’s hard to believe that Hollandia could pack so many features into the Amsterdam, while it only costs around $250. You’ll likely need to spend a couple hundred extra on another bike to get the same features elsewhere.

A 7-speed shifting system will make sure that speed is of the utmost importance. Having a Shimano brand rear derailleur helps to make the act of shifting simple. After a day of riding around, folding the Amsterdam is a process that doesn’t take much time. The seat clamp and handlebars are made to be quick release, ensuring you won’t spend a long time folding your bike. Also, the quick release functions make unfolding the Amsterdam a simple process too.

However, this all doesn’t mean that this bicycle is perfect, there are a few issues that need mentioning. Straight out of the box, you will be looking at about an hour to get this bicycle ready to ride. Also, the Amsterdam is on the heavier side of folding bikes, weighing around 30lbs. You shouldn’t feel the need to have to carry this bicycle around but if you do, be prepared for a workout.

Overall, the low price of the Amsterdam makes it easy to recommend, especially as a starter bicycle. However, even the most well-versed bicyclists will enjoy the high speeds that the Amsterdam can get up to. This bicycle is highly recommended, once you get past the initial assembly time. In closing, the Hollandia Amsterdam is definitely one of the great light fold up bikes of 2019.

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