In recent years Hybrid Bikes have been gaining a lot of popularity throughout the cycling world and have certainly raised a few eyebrows. With manufacturers calling them the ‘best of both worlds’ do these bikes truly offer what your promised in the name. When purchasing your fist bicycle the idea of a Hybrid Bike probably sounds very promising. Although this isn’t always the case.

Our main issue with Hybrid Bikes is the fact that they’re pretty much impossible to use as Mountain Bikes. They simply aren’t able to comfortably take you through many trails, in other words if you’re buying one and hoping it will not only take you to work but through some really difficult terrains you may not be impressed. Mountain Bikes are always the best option for people who love doing Trails and know that their journeys aren’t always on the beaten path!

Most Hybrid Bikes can do a couple things better than your Typical Road/Mountain Bike. For example they are usually slightly lighter than a Mountain Bike so they should have a higher maximum speed. But again if speed is what you’re looking for then a road Bike is much quicker and pretty much guaranteed to get you from A to B in a shorter amount of time! Anyway now it’s time for us to list of some of the major positives and negatives surrounding Hybrid Bicycles.


  • Much more durable than your typical Road Bike. If you are after a Bike which will last a long time without receiving damages easily then a Hybrid Bike could be perfect. However if durability is the most important factor for you then we would still recommend a Mountain Bike!
  • Usually come at a pretty good price when compared to some of the top of the line Road and Mountain Bikes.
  • When compared to your typical Road Bike there’s no doubt that a hybrid bike will be much better when talking on those difficult paths. Although it still won’t come compare to a mountain bikes steering and suspension abilities.


  • Not great at anything in particular. Although Hybrid bikes do in a way offer you both world it’s certainly not the ‘best’ of both. If you know what you will be using you Bicycle for then it may be a good idea to buy a more specific type.
  • Heavier than pretty much all road bikes and not much lighter than Mountain Bikes. Although you will gain a bit of extra speed it may be hard to even tell the difference.
  • Because these bikes are marketed as being able to do the same as both Mountain and Road bikes you may find yourself in some sticky situations. Most simply won’t be able to take you through difficult Dirt Paths or Trails so don’t be tricked into believing they can!


​Well if you haven’t yet made your mind up on whether or not to take a look at Hybrid Bikes then we have one last thing to say… Don’t Do it! In our opinion you should decide where you will be cycling most and pick a Bike which still suit that terrain/area best. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you again soon.

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