If you’re looking for some of the most popular lightweight bike locks on the market, you can stop searching now. The Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini is the thickest and probably the safest out there.It’s not a secret that finding a U-lock isn’t the easiest thing to do especially if you’re looking for top quality. 

You will get quality with any Kryptonite U-lock, so it’s no wonder that this model is as popular. Bikers all over the world use it, so you’re probably going to like it regardless whether it’s a mountain or commuting bike you have.

In the text below, we’ll discuss how secure this lock is as well as all the features and specifications that help deliver the top-notch performance. 

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Features and Specifications:

It has an 18’’ shackle, which is quite rare to find on the market. Plus, the thick shackle is made of Kryptonite MAX-Performance steel that’s triple heat treated. This process gives the lock excellent cutting fore resistance.

For this reason, there are no lock cutters that could damage the U-lock. It’s likely that only power tools could crop the shackle. Now imagine if someone did indeed try to steal your bike. It would probably take a portable angle grinder and 5 minutes to cut through only one side. Luckily, there are two, so whoever is trying to steal your bike would have to cut twice.

It’s safe to say that most thieves won’t bother with that, so you’re safe. The lock also features hardened steel crossbar. Plus, this is a mini U-lock, so once you lock in your bike, there’s no room for any hydraulic bottle jack that could open the lock.

Because it has such security level, it’s highly ranked. Kryptonite gave their U-lock a solid 10/10 rating while Sold Secure rate it as Bicycle and Motorcycle Gold. The lock got 4/5 from ART.Being that it’s one of the most secure bike locks on the market, most people don’t ask any other questions. However, the security it delivers does come at a price.

Precisely, even though it’s a mini lock, it’s considered to be somewhat cumbersome. It weighs about 4.55lb (2.06 kg) which makes it one of the bigger mini locks on the market, but still light enough for us to consider it part of our best lightweight bike locks. 


You could put it in your bag if you carry one, but that weight might become quite a burden after a few days, if you’re on the weaker side. If you have a luggage rack, try strapping the lock to it. If not, wedge it to the water bottle holder. These are some of the tricks that its users have figured out to make the transport a bit easier when the lock is not in use. Some even attach it to the belt loop of their jeans, but the 4 ½ pounds hanging on your jeans might become tiring after a while.

Luckily, the internet is loaded with ideas on how to carry the New York Fahgettaboudit Mini, so the issue is not all that huge. More so, Kryptonite produces the Transit H-Bar Handlebar Bicycle Lock Carrier that fits most bike locks including this one.

Because we’re talking about a mini lock, it’s important to state its inner dimensions. It measures 6.0’’ x 3.25’’ which is quite small. These are crucial, however, because they are what allows you to lock your bike a certain way. Your bike frame and whatever you’re locking it too has to fit into these inner dimensions.

If your bike is thin, you should have no problem locking it to a bike stand. If you have a thicker frame and fat tires, you might have some issues with securing both at the same time. However, if you use the Sheldon Brown locking method, you’ll be fine. Lock the back wheel to the rack through the rear triangle of the frame. 

This means your entire bike is safe because the wheel can’t be pulled through the rear triangle. Still, it’s a useful method but only for short periods of time.

Because of the inner dimensions are as tiny as they are in this case, your locking options are quite limited. If you live somewhere with modern bike stands, you should be fine. If not, then you have a problem. The thing is, you should consider your neighborhood and places where you lock your bike. Think about if a small bike lock such as Fahgettaboudit would work.

When it comes to maintenance, there isn’t much you have to do with this lock that you wouldn’t have to do with any other. It’s a big thing, so it’s only reasonable that it starts to stiffen after a while. Just clean and lubricate it from time to time to keep it smooth.

With its hardened steel sleeve and double deadbolt locking, this is one of the safest locks you can get. It features a vinyl coating and sliding dustcover that improves and extend cylinder life.The lock comes with three steel keys, one of which is lighted with a LED bulb and replaceable battery. 

The Good

  • Extremely secure
  • Durable
  • 18’’ shackle

The Bad

  • Limited locking options

The Verdict

Finally, there probably isn’t a more secure bike lock than the New York Fahgettaboudit Mini. However, all its safety and quality come at a price that it’s might be too high for some people. Precisely, it’s not as lightweight as many others on the market. Plus, it’s a mini, so it offers minimal locking options.

Still, don’t let all of this turn you off, especially if you live in urban areas with high-risk levels. If there’s ever a doubt that someone would steal your bike, this is the lock that will make them think twice. Its thick shackle and the heavy-duty mechanism are unbreakable, and most thieves don’t want to bother.

If you want something to protect your bike at all times, this might be the best lock for you. Its ultimate safety level and quality are what makes it as popular among all kinds of bikers. 

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