If you’re looking for a secure chain, this one is by far the best that the Kryptonite has to offer. It might not be the best portable option, but it’s as secure as it gets.

Keep it in your garage for when you need to leave your bike outside. If visiting a friend’s house, don’t worry about leaving it chained on the street. No one is unlocking this lock besides you.

Kryptonite is well-known for their high-quality bike locks, but if you’re searching for one of the best, the New York chain lock might be the answer you’re looking for.

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The quality of materials and security level make this bike lock chain one of the best there is. Still, it’s not for everyone since it’s quite heavy and tricky to transport.

Continue reading to learn how easy it is to use and carry around. Read about its features and specifications to figure out if it’s the right lock for you.

Features and Specifications:

Its 12mm links are made from manganese hardened steel. Those are shaped into six-sided rings for additional toughness. This is precisely what makes bolt cutters hard to get inside the chains. Plus, the super hard material adds to the cropping resistance.

The Kryptonite New York U-Lock is also quite resistant to chisels and saws. It’s the double-skinned steel cover that’s protecting the locking mechanism. This prevents hammer damages as well. Someone could use a hammer to break it, but that would take hours, and you’d notice them before they could finish.

Should a thief use a power tool, it would take too much time and quite some effort. For this reason, it’s unlikely they would even want to try something like that.

It’s quite a heavy chain being about 5.5kg (12lb.), so it’s not the best portable lock. However, if you want some additional security at home, this chain will provide that. Plus, this chain is great to lock your bike when carrying it in a car.


It would be somewhat annoying to carry such a heavy chain with you at all times. So, it’s best if you leave it in one place. If you have to lock your bike somewhere in town, you can bring it in your bag. It’s just that you don’t want to do that quite so often.

Thanks to the protective cover on the chain, you can wrap the lock around your seat post, for example. This can make transport a bit easier. However, the cover might not be able to protect the paint of your bike.

If what you want is a portable lock, the Kryptonite New York U-Lock isn’t for you.The Sold Secure testing organization gave the Kryptonite Chain lock a coveted gold status. Not many bike locks can garner this gold award.

What you get is a 12mm six-sided chain that’s durable and reliable. It features a protective nylon cover with fasteners that hold everything in place.It comes with an Evolution series four disk lock with 14mm steel shackle providing maximum performance. Plus, the high-security cylinder is anti-drill and anti-pull, too.

Its steel crossbar adds to its security, so you’re safe to leave your bike anywhere. The double deadbolt locking means more holding power and essentially more safety.

The lock features a sliding dustcover that extends the life of cylinder by protecting it from dust, rain and other such factors.You also get three stainless steel keys in the box. One of the keys is lightened with a high-intensity bulb and come with a replaceable battery.

The chain lock isn’t quite as affordable as many other locks on the market. However, since it’s meant for high-risk areas and situations, it’s worth the money. If you own an expensive bike, this lock is a small price to pay to keep it always safe and secure.

The lock also comes with a bike replacement guarantee, an added business and further shows how much confidence Kryptonite has in the U-Lock.

The chain is 3-feet long. For some people, it may seem a little short if you want to lock in one wheel and the frame. There is a longer version available that’s 5-foot long if that works better for you.

It really depends on where you’re going to lock the bike. Do you think you’ll ever want to secure two bikes? The longer one costs more money, but it’s still cheaper than having to buy two individual locks. Think carefully about which size would be the best for you, but if worse comes to worse you can always buy a new lock.

Since the chain is as big, you might struggle with getting it through your wheel and frame. Though once you get a hold of that, it will be no issue at all.

The Good

  • Ideal for high-risk areas and situations
  • Resistant to saws and lock clippers
  • Gold status

The Bad

  • It’s one of the heavier locks on our list
  • Not a portable lock

The Verdict

​​​​ The Kryptonite New York U-Lock is the type of bike chain lock that’s recommended for people who live in urban and high-risk areas. It’s highly protective, and it doesn’t get any more secure than the Kryptonite chain lock. It’s thick, rough and impossible to break.

It’s best you use it at home to add some extra security to your bike. You can also use it to mount your bike to the roof of your car. Because it’s so heavy, it’s not quite so easy to transport. You can mount it to your bike or carry it in your bag, but its weight would eventually become too much to carry every day. Regardless, you’re in good hands with Kryptonite.

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