Looking for a beach cruiser bike? If so, check out the Kulana Men’s Cruiser 26-inch bike. It’s a classic with additional features and specifications that make it stand out in the crowded market.

We’ve all been there; trying to buy a brand new cruiser bike only to end up overwhelmed because there are so many to choose from. If you’ve never done similar shopping, you probably don’t know what and where to look for answers.

Luckily, we have a solution. The Kulana is considered to be a classic, and you can go wrong with that. The thing is, when you’re searching for a beach cruiser, you don’t want anything too complicated. Admittedly, a few unique features are okay, but the bike must be easy to use.

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That’s precisely what the Kulana beach cruiser men’s bike is. It performs well, and it’s comfortable even on those long distance rides. So, if you’re a recreational biker who enjoys cruising and commuting, this is one of the best options you should consider.

We’ve tested the Kulana beach bike to deliver you the most detailed review of its features and specifications. Continue reading to find out all the essential information as well as its pros and cons.

Features and Specifications:

This affordable bike has all the components and qualities that make a cruiser bike. It’s a reliable cruiser suitable for simple commuting around town and beach. Most often, recreational riders enjoy the bike for its simplicity and smooth riding performance. 

It has this subtle green color frame that makes it stylish. It’s great if you want a classic bike but the black isn’t your thing. This great is an ideal substitute for black.

Its frame is very classic looking along with the forks. It’s made of metal and is quite heavy-duty. It’s reliable, sturdy and durable. With a frame like this, there won’t be any need for maintenance as often as you’d expect.Its full wrap steel fenders allow the most comfortable ride even when it’s raining or when you’re on a wet beach surface. They are there to make sure no water ends up on your back, which often happens when riding on the beach or during rainy weather.

The extra large cruiser seat with springs helps you enjoy those long distance rides. It provides comfort and ease of riding for a long time. It doesn’t have much cushioning as you see on other bikes, but there haven’t been any complaints about how it feels. It softens harsh roads, which is essential. 

It also features comfortable handlebars and cruiser rise stem. It helps you stay in the upright position that’s the best for your back, especially if you’re often riding and for a long time. On the plus side, the position provides enough space, so your knees aren’t hitting the handlebars, which is very important when it comes to men’s bikes. 


The bike is simple and straightforward. There isn’t anything complicated about it. Of course, this means that it’s easy to use and provides smooth rides. The fact that it’s not at all overwhelming but rather plain and easygoing makes the experience that much more enjoyable.It comes partially assembled, so you’ll have to do the rest yourself. However, this is a common thing among cruiser bikes, so it’s nothing unusual. Assembling is easy, but if you think you lack the experience, it’s recommended you have professionals do it.

The only complaint we’ve discovered was the shape that the bike comes in. Some things will require your intervention, but in most cases, it’s nothing too complicated. However, if you do notice that something is wrong, contact the manufacturer.

One of its best qualities is the amazing paint job of the bike. As we’ve already mentioned, it comes in a subtle and pretty green color. It’s suitable for people who want a darker color but aren’t fans of black. The quality of the paint job is remarkable, as you’ll notice since you won’t ever need to fix it if you use the bike accordingly. 

The Kulana men’s cruiser bike isn’t very lightweight, but there’s a specific thing to be aware of. Precisely, if you’ve never been on a cruiser bike, take it easy. Though it’s not necessarily lightweight, the bike is very smooth and easy going. So, if you’re used to more freewheel type of bikes, you’ll need some time to get used to this cruiser model. 

Additionally, it features a chain guard for extra convenience. You no longer have to worry that your pants will get stuck in the chain or even get dirty. We all know how hard it is to clean those chain stains, so to be able to avoid them is always a good thing.


The Good

  • Affordable
  • Remarkable paint job
  • Smooth and comfortable
  • Upright position

The Bad

  • Doesn’t come pre-assembled 

The Verdict

We’re sure you’ve come across this bike somewhere along searching for the best beach cruiser bike. It’s often the most recommended model if you’re looking for a classic and straightforward model.

Most people like it for its simplicity, reliability and of course, the attractive green color. As we said, the paint job is outstanding; it’s hard to scratch and easy to maintain.Overall, it’s a good deal since you get quality and smooth performance. Unlike most bikes on the market, the Kulana cruiser is very basic and easygoing. However, it has all that a beach cruiser should have. 

The only setback it has is the fact that it comes disassembled. It’s especially important you double check everything once it arrives just so you’re sure that nothing is missing the package. Assembly is easy and fun, though you can always let someone with more experience do the part for you. Check out the bike, and you won’t be sorry. It’s a solid and sturdy men’s bike often recommended by many recreational riders. 

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