If you live in the city, some of the most annoying things are sitting in traffic or waiting to get some place using mass transportation. It does not have to be that way anymore because many cities have built special bicycle paths so people can now make their short commutes by bike. The most popular types of bikes for doing these commutes are what are known as light folding bikes. They make everything about this task easier, and one of the best model light folding bicycles you can buy is the Mobic City X7.

Why choose a light folding bicycle for short commutes or running around town? It is because of all the conveniences they have to offer. You can bypass traffic snarls, save gas and best of all save time getting around with them. They also store easily in your place of work or at your home too.

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Specifications and Features:

There are many different types of folding bikes available in the marketplace, but few we have reviewed are as light as this model. It weighs only 28 pounds. Most folding bikes weigh much closer to 40 pounds which makes them very cumbersome to handle as you take them in and out of buildings. Even persons of small stature can easily handle moving the Mobic City X7 around.

Why is this urban folding bike so lightweight? It has to do with its aluminum alloy construction. That type of metal construction not only keeps the weight down but it also adds strength to the frame of the bike. This light folding bicycle is so strong it can hold the weight of a person up to 230 pounds. It may be small, but it’s mighty too.

This bike can also be ridden by anyone from young teens to taller adults. We were all impressed by just how adjustable it is. The seat can be raised or lowered to accommodate anyone who is between 4’8″ to 6’2″. That means most people can use this bike and be very comfortable when doing it.

Adjustability and the fact that it stores easily are not the only advantages this nice folding bike gives you either. Take a little closer look at how well constructed this line of light folding bicycles are. They all include:

  • 20″ X 1.5″ inch sturdy rubber tires
  • Lightweight aluminum frame and high tensile steel forks
  • 7 speed Shimano precision shifting
  • Click-n-lock fast folding technology
  • Both wheel hand braking system
  • Wheels are made of corrosion resistant aluminum alloy with stainless steel spokes
  • Foldable pedals with built in safety reflectors
  • Adjustable handle bar
  • Center mounted kickstand

This bike is so easy to use it makes it convenient for much more than just commuting to work too. We don’t see any reason why it would not be a good recreational bike for touring short distances or why it can’t be used for a good healthy aerobic workout either. The tires are thick enough that it can easily traverse over flat, smooth non-paved ground also.


Folding Mechanism

One of the biggest problems with owning a bike in an urban area is finding a place to park or store it. That is not a problem at all with the Mobic City X7. It folds up to a convenient 30″ X 14″ X 26.5″ size. That is not much bigger than an average size suitcase. That means it can be stored in a broom closet, behind a desk or hung on a sturdy hook on a door.

This bicycle comes from the factory fully inspected and assembled, and the actual folding process used to store the bike is done very easily. You just have to undo some quick connections in key areas of the bike to get it to fold up. Once you have done this a few times, you will soon be able to fold and store this bike in a matter of minutes.

We all really like the way it folds and can easily be stored. It takes so much worry out of a city work commute that this alone makes the price of this bike worth it. If you use this folding urban bike in place of driving your car to work the money you save on monthly parking alone will quickly pay for the cost of it.

​There is certainly much that is appealing about the Mobic City X7 folding bicycle, but they do have some drawbacks too. Let’s take a closer look at both.

The Good

  • It easily folds up into a storable size
  • Great for both commuting and working out
  • It has premier shifting and braking systems
  • Full reflector safety package for nighttime commuting


The Bad


  • The folding instructions that come with it could use improvement
  • This bike looks a little strange

The Verdict

This bike is a little odd looking when you first look at it. Part of that is due to the fact it has a smaller wheel size than many types of bikes you are used to looking at. But this bike is not an eyesore by any means either. It has a very pleasant orange and white paint scheme that is nicely complimented by the many black and chrome parts that are found throughout this bicycle.

It is built to go over small bumps without you feeling them much because the seat is thickly padded and has a built in shock absorbing spring. The shifting mechanism on this light folding bike is also smooth and easy which makes it a joy to ride.

We don’t see any reason why you would not want to take a closer look at this bike if you were looking to buy a folding bike for your urban transportation needs. It is loaded with excellent features that make it fun to ride and easy to fold and store. Without a doubt, the Mobic City X7 is a well-designed light folding bike that is great for short commutes and other local bicycling activities.

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