Have you ever tried riding a adult tricycle? We can all agree that the experience is entirely different than what you get on a bicycle. This is one of the primary reasons why people choose this type of vehicle.

Though tricycles are more stable and secure than bicycles, they might appear a bit boring to some people. They’re an excellent solution for adults and seniors suffering from certain conditions or recovering from an injury. For everyone else, the added stability can mean a duller riding experience. 

If you want a trike that’s more fun than a classic three-wheeler, you should consider the Mobo Triton Pro Adult. Technically, this qualifies as a tricycle since it features two wheels in the back and one in the front. However, there are significant differences that set it apart from the classic trike design. 

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Most of what makes it different is quite apparent and noticeable at first glance. Its seat is quite different and so is the way you steer and maneuver the entire vehicle. It’s considered a beach cruiser, but it’s equally as suitable for around-the-town riding, running errands, going to work, etc.

What’s certain is that this one provides a unique experience but maneuvering it might be a bit more physically demanding for some people. Riding the Mobo Triton is better exercise than riding a more standard trike due to its unique design and your body position. 

Continue reading to learn all about this tricycle as we’ll discuss its features, specifications as well as pros and cons of opting for it. 

Features and Specifications:

Before we get into the details about its frame, you should first note they’re several color choices it comes with. You can pick between red, silver, blue and orange depending on your preferences and personal style. All the options come with same features and specifications, so the only difference between them is nothing else but the paint finish.

The frame, along with all its features, is designed for light cruising and recreational riding. Ideally, you should use it on flat paved surfaces only, though it can handle gently sloping terrain as well. Anything other than that might damage some components such as tires, rims, and others. 

The way it’s designed allows for great exercise. It’s ideal for everyone looking for a good workout and reduced stress on knees and back during riding. Plus, it’s made of hi-ten steel and features a 20” front wheel along with two 16” wheels in the back.

Another thing that adds to the experience is the reclined seat. You can push it back and forth depending on your height and the length of your legs. The adjustable seat provides more convenience and makes this trike ideal for the entire family, teenagers and seniors included. 

It adjusts to fit people from 4’2’’ to 6’3’’ and weighing up to 250 pounds. It’s also cushioned, so it’s comfortable and suitable for long-distance rides.

The Mobo Triton is a stable trike that requires no additional balancing. It has a low center of gravity, so the overall stability is enhanced when compared to a classic, upright tricycle design. The frame isn’t as tall, and the wheels aren’t as big, so you’re closer to the ground than you’d be on a more standard trike or a bicycle.

Apart from the unique seat, there’s another significant difference that sets it apart from others on the market. This one doesn’t have a classic handlebars but comes with two joysticks for steering. There’s one on each side, providing smooth maneuverability with nothing but simple hand movements.

It has a free-wheel hub, and a safety flag for some enhanced security on the road. It also comes with caliper brakes that are among the safest to have on a tricycle. They’re easy to use and reliable regardless of the traffic and weather. 

The pedals are located at the front wheel, and the entire trike features a chainless design. Though the design doesn’t change the way it performs as much, it lowers the necessity for maintenance checkups.

Triton measures 28x29x48 inches though it extends to 61 inches, weighing approximately 44 pounds. It’s not as heavy as most trikes though it’s still a bit tricky to transport or carry. 

One thing you should remember is to give yourself time to get used to the Triton’s design. As we said, it’s not like other trikes, and for this reason, it takes some getting used to. Still, riding is easy, and you probably won’t need longer than a few rides around the block to learn how it works. 

The steering joysticks take a while to get used to especially if you’ve never used anything like that before. Still, they’re far more fun than classic handlebars, so we’re sure you’ll enjoy the experience. 

The Good

  • Hi-ten steel frame
  • Chainless design requires less maintenance
  • Adjustable seat

The Bad

  • Somewhat heavy at nearly 45 lbs

The Verdict

If you’re looking for light recreational rides and a safe way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, you should consider the Triton as one of the best adult tricycles on the market. It’s unique, fun to ride and easy to use at all times.

Though it’s only suitable for flat road surfaces, you can ride it even when the roads are wet. The low center of gravity and a reliable braking system provide balance and enhance safety as a whole. Plus, the seat is closer to the ground as well which means lower impact in case you ever fall from the trike.

One thing you should pay attention is its weight. Although it’s not too heavy, it still weighs 44 pounds which might be a lot depending on how you intend to use it or how strong you are. Carrying it upstairs to your apartment might be a bit tricky, so make sure to consider this detail carefully.

Other than that, this is one reliable and fun vehicle. It requires minimal maintenance and is relatively easy to use once you get used to the joysticks and far-away pedals. The two components make this one significantly different than most high-quality tricycles on the market.

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