The Montague Boston commuter bike is ideal for riding in the city. It looks very stylish and superior, delivering excellent performance. Montague is one of the best brands in the industry, and this bike may be one of their best commuter bikes under $1000. The brand offers a 1-year warranty on parts, which means the bike will last you for years.

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like being stuck in traffic, this is a great bike for you. This bike will quickly get you anywhere you want. The Montague Boston commuter bike is an excellent choice if you’re just looking for a way to include some cardio in your day, or you just generally like biking. It delivers quality, efficiency, durability, and performance. The design is lightweight, and it will attract looks and questions.

Many features and specifications make Montague Boston as great as it is. Let’s look into them one by one and see just why this hybrid bike is so popular.

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Specifications and Features:

This is the bike Montague used to present their new authentic merchandise. The Montague Boston commuter bike is a full-size bike that features 700c wheels. The wheels themselves are ideal for riding in the city. Riders will experience simplicity and durability in the best way possible.The Montague Boston is a single-speed bike, and therefore, a perfect solution for going to work quickly and efficiently. What better way to avoid city traffic than a comfortable bike such as this. Riders will appreciate the flip-flop hub that allows the rear when to operate as a freewheel or fixed-gear.

The Montague Boston is all you need for a little fitness biking, or as a quick way to get you around the city. It’s perfect for riders who are looking to get places quickly with a bike that’s going to last them a long time.Our favorite thing about the Montague Boston is that it’s foldable. That’s right! You’ll be able to fold the bike to trunk size in no more than 20 seconds. We’re sure we don’t have to explain why this is so cool and convenient. A bike that goes from full to trunk size is a great choice for people who like to ride in different locations.Wherever you’re going, you can always pack your Montague Boston with you and enjoy riding in any location you think of.

The Montague Boston features Clix quick release that triggers the patented folding system. The system converts the bike from full size to truck size to provide convenient portability. This feature combined with other specifications make this bike a perfect fit for any urban rider.Another thing that adds to the urban feel is its design. The frame of Montague Boston bike is matte black and superior looking. Riders will experience smooth rides and stylish appearance.

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The only issue with the Montague Boston is that it isn’t much of a hybrid bike. It’s made for commuting around the city or occasional biking for fitness purposes. You won’t be able to do much riding in rough terrain simply because the bike isn’t built to sustain that. Many people were disappointed for this exact reason. However, the Montague Boston isn’t made for that anyway, so keep that in mind before you make the purchase.The Montague Boston commuter comes in Montague’s strong box, and it requires assembling. However, to have a valid warranty, you must have the bike assembled at a bike shop. This way you’re confident that your bike is assembled correctly.

Another issue with the Montague Boston, is different gear can intervene with its folding abilities. Precisely, if you were to add a rack or a pannier system, they would probably mess up the folding feature. Some customers have made those additions, and the bike was unable to fold because of them.In our opinion, you should make sure that the gear would fit perfectly before you add them. This way you know that you won’t be left with the gear you cannot use. The same goes for when you change the handlebars. If they don’t fit well, you won’t be able to fold your Montague Boston.

The Good

  • The Montague Boston is foldable
  • Affordable and Under $1000
  • Perfect for Commuting
  • Durable and Efficient

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The Bad

  • Additional gear may intervene with the folding system
  • Not suitable for rough terrain

The Verdict

If you want to go from point A to point B quickly and easily, the Montague Boston will help you to do that. This is one of the best bikes to get if you’re looking for a little cardio or a way to get to work without being stuck in traffic. It’s made for commuting and should be used for exactly that. Don’t be thrown back by the fact that it doesn’t feature five speeds because its single-speed is all you’ll need to go through the city smoothly. The bike will make a change in your life if you’re open for some riding around the city.

The Montague Boston is a good choice if you want a durable and efficient bike without paying a lot of money. If you’re looking for quality and great performance, you’ll find it in this commuter bike. You get a 1-year warranty on parts, which is quite a good deal.

You’ll experience riding in style thanks to the new design and that solid black color. But if you want to take your bike with you outside the city or even on vacation, you’ll be able to do that.

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