The Montague Corporation began back in 1987 with a father and son duo, Harry and David Montague.

About Montague

The company simply began with Harry Montague inventing a bike that could be compact when necessary, yet sizable enough to fit his taller-than-average stature. Thus, the folding Montague BiFrame bike came into existence.

As Montague became a more popular corporation, the company cooperated with Schwinn, BMW, and even the US Marines to create specific bikes for the armed services.

Montague Bikes

For almost three decades now, the company has developed a plethora of folding bikes for various terrains and activities.


Montague bikes are both functional and easy to operate. These bikes fold and unfold within a matter of seconds, while they ride like a regular bike. As they are also typically light in weight, Montague bikes are easy to carry around and bring on different commutes. With these features, you still get to enjoy a smooth, comfortable ride. Furthermore, with Montague’s adjustable settings, you can tailor each bike to fit your physical stature and needs. Montague bikes offer the comfortable ride of traditional bikes yet remain convenient and portable.

Montague Folding Bike Model


Because these bikes fold so easily, you can expect to easily store them in discreet places. From the trunk or backseat of a car –to under or behind furniture inside the house– the compact folding capabilities add to the versatility in these bicycles.

Different than the Competition

Typical folding bikes can be difficult to ride and fold. This is because other folding bikes often have smaller wheels and require more steps in the folding process. With Montague bikes, you don’t sacrifice wheel size for the folding ability. Instead, these have normal sized wheels and ride just as smoothly as the traditional bike. Additionally, the frames on Montague bikes are also the same size as traditional bike frames. With the BiFrame structure, these bikes are capable of being “normal” sized while capable of folding into a compact and portable size as well.

When folding Montague bikes, there is no middle hinge to worry about. Instead, you simply remove the front wheel. This puts these bike frames among the stronger options in the folding bike market.

The Montague FIT Full-Size Folding Bike

This is Montague’s best pavement bike on the market. It stands above the competition in both power and strength. This bike comes in two different frame sizes as well, with both 19 inch and 21 inch options. Being a 30-speed bike, this road bike offers more speeds than the typical competition as well. Weighing in at 26.5 pounds, the FIT is rather lightweight for a bike with such a strong frame.

The Montague Paratrooper Pro

After Montague created bikes for the marines, there was a demand among civilians for similar bikes. The Paratrooper Pro, like those used by the marines, can handle various terrains. The larger tires on these bikes allow for a smooth and optimal ride among even the bumpiest of surfaces. With 27 gears and a crisp breaking system, this 20-inch bike is capable of adventure both on and off the pavement. Only weighing about 29 pounds, the Paratrooper Pro is strong enough to withstand the toughest terrains while remaining easily portable as well.

The Montague Crosstown 2016

Offering practicality and simplicity, the Crosstown 2016 bike is ideal for commuters and pavement riding. It is extremely portable and comes in three different frame sizes of 17, 19, and 21 inches. With an adjustable Octagon steering system, you can also adjust the handlebars to the most comfortable height. The Crosstown has 7 gears, with more than enough options for pavement riding. Weighing 26 pounds, you get a lightweight and sophisticated bike that is both comfortable and conveniently portable.

Final Words

Montague has been around for nearly 30 years, bringing a variety of strong and versatile folding bikes. The performance in these bicycles is impeccable, while their size is remarkably equivalent to traditional bikes. Montague brings bike riders functionality, portability, and most importantly, comfort.

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