Many people who live in the city have decided it’s not worth the aggravation to drive to work anymore. One of the main commuting alternatives is to go to work by bike. This is especially true in cities that have dedicated bicycle lanes. The only problem here is not many places have bike racks to put your bike once you get there. Well, companies like Montague have come up with a solution in the form of folding bicycles that you take right into work with you. The Montague Urban Folding Hybrid Bike provides the perfect way to effortlessly commute to and from work in an urban setting.

Why choose the Montague Urban Folding Hybrid Bike? For starters, it is one of the only folding bikes that is full size. You would have trouble distinguishing it from any other ordinary bike. It is a bike that is loaded with many other great features too. Read on further, and you will see all that this very well-designed lightweight folding bike has to offer.

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Specifications and Features:

There are a couple of features of the Montague Urban Folding Hybrid Bike that really stood out to us. We just told you about the creative way that it folds up. Make sure you don’t forget about the huge variety of gear selections that you get with this folding bike also. You can choose between 21 different gears so you can perfectly adjust your peddling to the slope of the terrain you are on.

The light weight of this is incredible too for a folding bike that is near normal size. Most folding bikes are closer to 40 pounds, but this one only weighs a scant 28 pounds. That makes it very easy to carry even for those people that or more slight in build. Most people can easily get that little bit of weight in and out of a building without dragging part of this bike on the ground.

The Montague Urban Folding Hybrid Bike is built using all top end parts. There is nothing cheap or of questionable strength used in its construction. See for yourself all that this bike has to offer.

​These things include:

  • ​700c stubby, rubber all terrain tires that are 35mm wide
  • 29” stand over height
  • Aluminum tube frame
  • 21 speed Shimano precision drive train
  • Quick folding design
  • Dual pivot caliper braking system
  • High strength metal rims with 32 steel spokes
  • Nonslip trekking pedals
  • Riser style wide alloy handlebar
  • Do it all bike rack

This bike can do so much more than just go across the smooth pavement. The way it’s designed it can even go across uneven ground or rougher type surfaces. It is a very versatile folding bike that will serve those that purchase it in a variety of different biking ways.

Montague Urban Foldable 700c Pavement Hybrid Bike

Folding Mechanism 

There is no need to search for a bike rack with this model folding bike because it can go inside any place that you are at. It conveniently folds up so you can take it to your office, your bedroom or even your storage area without a problem. Once folded it only measures 36″x28″x12″. That is about the size of a medium duffle bag or a large suitcase and something most people can easily handle.

This bike will end the headache of looking for a bicycle rack or other safe place to lock up your bike while it’s unattended. Once folded a part of the bike itself even becomes a self-supporting stand for wherever you choose to put it. You simply can’t get much more convenient than that.

The way this bike folds is very innovative, to say the least. It does not fold in several areas of the frame like most folding bikes do. The folks at Montague designed this bike, so it folds by rotating around the seat tube. Even the handlebars can stay intact when folding a bike this way.

We always try to be very objective when doing a review on any product but in all honestly we could find very little wrong with this model folding bicycle. Was it flawless? The answer to that is no, but it comes close. Take a closer look for yourself:

The Good

  • Can quickly be folded and taken in any building with you
  • This bike can drastically help cut your commuting time
  • It features top of the line gears and braking systems
  • One of the only folding bikes that accommodates taller riders

The Bad


  • Not a great folding bike for those that are smaller than 5’7.”
  • There is no attached kickstand for brief stops

The Verdict

We mentioned this bike had a do-it-all bike rack and that statement could not be truer. The bike rack on it has multiple uses besides just being a convenient place to carry your stuff. Among the other thing this bike rack does is serve as a mud flap, a work table, a kickstand and a bike holder when it’s in its folded position.

The ride quality is exceptional with this folding bicycle too. Part of that is the adjustability that is designed into such features as the handlebars and seat. The seat is also nicely padded to keep you comfortable as you ride and this bike is built in a way that seems to make it handle exceptionally well too.

Impressed is not a word that we loosely throw around when we do a product review, but it certainly fits the bill here with this excellent model folding bike. There is just a whole lot to like about the Montague Urban Folding Hybrid Bike. Most everything from the smooth way it rides to the sturdy way it’s built is really top of the line stuff. We don’t have any problem recommending those of you that are in the market for a new folding bike taking a real close look at this model as you are making your purchasing decision. Be sure to check out some of our other hybrid reviews on the site

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