Addmotor MOTAN Electric Bicycle 2017

Addmotor is an online merchant that has long been famous among e-bike enthusiasts for supplying all of the necessary components required to build your own, customize electric bicycle. Recently, their product offerings have expanded to include custom-made bicycles, and the Addmotor Motan M-150 is their latest, 2019 folding electric bicycle.

Let’s take a deeper look at this bicycle and its features in our full folding electric bike review of the MOTAN M-150.

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Specifications and Features:

The M-150 has been styled as a mountain bike – and that’s no accident. This tough, durable bike has been specifically designed with durability in mind, and a powerful 500w motor and large-capacity battery allow for a 50+ mile range – and are waterproof. The waterproofing is a welcome addition, as many electric bikes can stand up to light drizzles, but have shorting problems and other issues during heavy rain, making them a weather-dependent transportation choice.

The heavy-duty aluminum frame allows for a robust riding experience that can absorb plenty of impact. While this bike lacks a suspension, the large, knobby tires offer plenty of impact absorption and increase traction to allow operation of this bike on the beach, on gravel, and a number of other surfaces that folding electric bicycles typically can’t handle.

The M-150 is built with a folding top-tube, an easily foldable frame, and folding pedals for a very low-profile folded design that can be folded and unfolded very easily, and maintains a very small footprint – three of these bikes can easily fit in the back of a crossover SUV.

Addmotor MOTAN Electric Bike

The Good

​Let’s take a look at the best features of this durable, all-terrain folding electric bike.

Durable, Waterproof Construction

  • If we had to choose one feature that was the most important about this bike, it has to be the incredible construction and the waterproofing included on the battery and motor. You feel safe and totally secure while riding this bike, as the heavy-duty aluminum frame latches securely when unfolded and can easily support up to 300lb of weight, and riders up to 6’ 6” tall.The waterproofing is also a great feature, as it doesn’t just mean you’re safe from rain – puddles, accidental splashes, mud, and other debris are kept out of the battery and motor assembly, and allow you to use this bike in any condition – and on any terrain.

Powerful Engine And Long Range

  • The 500w engine of this electric bike provides you plenty of power when you need it, and offers a no-assist mode, nine levels of powered pedal assistance, and a “twist-n-god” throttle that can be used to blast forward in an instant. The engine is also very efficient at lower assist levels and can give you 50+ miles of travel on a single charge, while only taking a couple of hours to recharge. You can ride safely for long distances and know you’ll have the power you need to get home safely.

Great All-Terrain Performance

  • It’s pretty rare to see a true all-terrain folding electric bike – while electric mountain bikes are fairly popular, they’re almost never made in a folding profile. This bike can perform in snow, on sand, gravel, dirt trails, mud, grass, asphalt, and concrete with absolutely no problems, making it extremely versatile.While we wouldn’t recommend taking it on any actual mountain biking trails, it can do just about everything up to that point, making it a great choice if you need great all-terrain performance from your folding electric bike.

Addmotor MOTAN Electric Bicycle 2017

Good Bike Hardware

  • The hardware on this bike is great, including a Shimano 7-speed TX55 gear system, WUXING disc brakes, and heavy-duty, puncture resistant Chaoyang 20” x 4” tires.

The Bad

​Naturally, no bike is without flaws, and though the MOTAN M-150 doesn’t have many, they’re still worth talking about.

​Hard To Ride Without Power

  • ​This bike is heavy, weighing in at nearly 60lbs, In addition, the large tires provide great traction. While both of these factors are not really issues when you’re using the powered mode or pedal assist, they combine to make this bike pretty difficult to ride without power. It feels a bit like pedaling a bike through sand, and the foldable pedals mean that you won’t really be able to torque down on them for maximum speed, or “stand” in the saddle to go uphill. However, the long range of the bike means that you can almost always be able to have the juice you need to get home, so you won’t usually be forced to ride this bike unpowered.

No Lights

  • ​Given the LCD display and host of bike control features on this bike, you might expect it to have features like front and rear lights, turn signals, and other extras that are common on bikes in this range. However, this bike lacks all of these – to ride safely at night, you’ll have to purchase and add aftermarket headlights and taillights.

No Suspension

  •  It’s a bit surprising that this bike doesn’t include a suspension. It’s in a price range with some other bikes that do, such as the Greenbike USA GB5 – and given its mountain-bike styling and crossover, all-terrain performance, a full suspension would really take this bike to the next level.It’s not a huge loss, as the heavy-duty tires absorb a lot of shock, but still a bit disappointing if you’re looking for a mountain-bike style folding electric bike.It’s not a huge loss, as the heavy-duty tires absorb a lot of shock, but still a bit disappointing if you’re looking for a mountain-bike style folding electric bike.

The Verdict

If you need a bike that can handle everything you can throw at it on a day-to-day commute – and even handle some light off-roading and trail riding – the MOTAN M-150 is a fantastic choice.

​This solidly constructed bike offers great stability, a power-efficient engine, and a durable battery, and waterproofing to ensure that your bike isn’t taken out by some inconvenient weather.

​Despite some drawbacks like a lack of suspension and built in front/taillights, this bike is a fantastic choice for anyone in the market, and certainly one of the top electric folding bikes to be released in 2019.

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