Men's 7-Speed Hybrid Commuter Bicycle, 20-Inch Frame 700C Wheels

Well it’s getting to that time you have finally decided to pick up a Bike. Whether this be your first ever Bicycle or simply a replacement for your old one this is a very difficult decision to make. With there being so many different options on the market today it can be a long and boring task to pick between them. The first thing that you will need to do is decide which type of bike will suit you. There are 3 main typed of Bikes to choose from these are Road, Hybrid and Mountain Bikes. We are going to go over the main advantages and disadvantages surrounding each different type.

Mountain Bikes

​One of the most popular types of bikes are Mountain Bikes, these will completely revolutionize your cycling ability and give you the opportunity to ride your Bike wherever you want to! If you know that your usual journey gets a bit bumpy/muddy then a road/hybrid Bike is probably not the ideal option. Anyway let’s get into some of the positives of owning a Mountain Bike.

  • ​More comfortable than most Road/Hybrid Bikes. If you want a bike that will easily take you over any dips or unexpected bumps on your Ride then a Mountain Bike is probably the best option.
  • Tires are usually much stronger which makes them less likely to burst or receive any major damage.
  • If you enjoy taking Bike Rides in the Woods, on Dirt Trails or pretty much anywhere else then you can use your Mountain Bike for these adventures also.


  • ​Usually Heavier than Road and Hybrid bikes therefore making them slower on Roads.

Road Bikes

​Undoubtedly the fastest type of Bicycle, Road Bikes are guaranteed to get you to your destination fastest. However they do have some drawbacks also which we will go over below. If you’re on a smaller budget then it may be difficult to find a high-quality Road Bike in your Price range.


  • Much lighter and faster than both road and Hybrid bikes. If you know that you’ll be cycling on a smooth path then a Road Bike will definitely be the speediest option.


  • ​Normally not as comfortable or cheap as Mountain or Hybrid Bikes. However this is due to a fantastic lightweight design!
  • The Tires are usually much weaker on road bikes when compared to other types of Bike as they weren’t designed to go over tough Terrains.

Hybrid Bikes

​Although you probably worked this out by the name of these Bicycles are a mixture between a Road and Mountain Bike. You are getting the best of both worlds if you decide to pick up a Hybrid Bike although there are some things you have to keep in mind when making that all important purchase.

  • ​Will be much better when travelling over tough terrains when compared to a Road Bike although not quite as good as a Mountain Bikes.
  • Can be found at a great price.


​Neither particularly light nor speedy. Most Hybrid bikes aren’t that fast due to the weight; although they will definitely pick up more speed than a Mountain Bike you won’t be reaching huge speeds on one of these!

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