Finding a good men’s bike these days isn’t as easy since there are so many different models on the market. I searched the market all over to find one of the top hybrid bikes under $300, and I came across the Northwoods men’s crosstown hybrid bicycle. I must tell you; it’s one of the most impressive men’s bikes I’ve seen recently.

A hybrid bike is ideal for commuting as well as for those recreational rides in the park or around the block. So, when you’re searching for a bike that would fit you the best, you have to think about what it delivers. Not all bikes are the same, nor do they all perform as well as they look. 

Most people found the Northwoods crosstown hybrid bike searching for commuting and recreational bicycle. It’s a combination of both and a good combination at that.

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This is a men’s bike, and even if it does the job for some women, they don’t find it as comfortable. However, if you’re a man looking for a bike for yourself, you may have just found the best one so far.

Note that some hybrid bikes come with small setbacks that usually don’t affect the quality as much, but we still must mention them. What most bikes lack in this case is the variety of sizes. Northwoods men’s crosstown bike comes in one standard size, and it won’t fit if you’re anything over or under.

Also, consider its speed and the riding position. You should ask yourself how fast you want to get to work and would this bike be able to deliver that. If you ride for miles at the time, think about if the upright riding position would suit you.

The bike is best for commuters and recreational bikers who are average height and looking for a bike under $300.

Bellow, you’ll find its pros and cons and a full review that will give you the big picture. Continue reading to find out all there is about one of the best hybrid bikes under $300.

Features and Specifications:

Northwood promises you’ll love the bike if you care about quality, comfort and your budget. It’s packed with those standard features you’ll make use of every day. Though, what makes it stand out is the way it’s built.

As I said, if you’re an average man looking for a bike to get you to work and back in all kinds of roads and weather conditions, this might be the best option for you. Also, the bike is suitable for recreational bikers who want to pick up biking as a form of cardio. It has everything a good commuting bike should have, and more.

The position of the handlebars and seat allow you to always be in an upright position that’s the most comfortable for your back. This position, as comfortable as it is, isn’t recommended for long hour rides. 

The wheels are 700c, and they provide the smoothest ride across all roads. You can often find these wheels on hybrid bikes because they’re ideal for potholes and rough roads. However, only a quality frame can support this kind of wheels, like in the case of the Crosstown. The bike features alloy rims for the ultimate experience and performance.

The frame is made of aluminum, it’s 44 x 25 x 75 inches in size and weighs about 44.8 pounds. It only comes in that one size, and it will fit you only if you’re somewhere close to 185cm.

What’s different about this bike is that it features linear pull brakes. It’s interesting because linear breaks are usually found on sports bikes more than hybrid bikes. You may need some time to get used to them, but once you do, you’ll notice why they’re so much better. Linear pull brakes are reliable, which is essential when you’re moving at high speeds.

This bike features 21 speeds that allow you to take on any road. The Shimano Tourney rear derailleur provides reliability and efficiently tackles any street in any weather. The combination of these two is a match made in heaven.

When it comes to comfort, I must mention the alloy quick release seat clamp. This means your seat has more flexibility and it’s not tied to just one position. Make no mistake, it doesn’t mean your seat will wobble from side to side while you’re riding the bike. The clamp simply allows you to adjust its height and position without using any additional tools. The seat itself is quite comfortable, too.

Men like this bike mainly because it’s modern, comfortable, sturdy and durable. It has all a hybrid bike should have, from a quality frame to comfortable seat. According to customer reviews, the only setback of the bike is the fact that it only fits average height’s men. The issue here is that the bike only comes in one size and only thing adjustable is its seat.

Also, it might be a little tricky to assemble, especially if you’ve never done this before. For your own safety, I recommend you have professionals do it for you just to be sure that everything is safe and secure. 

The Good

  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Features a rear rack
  • Can handle rough terrain
  • Features 21 speeds

The Bad

  • Tricky to assemble
  • Not for anyone over or under 6ft tall

The verdict

 The Northwoods men’s Crosstown hybrid bike is one of the top hybrid bikes under $300. Its frame, brakes, and speed all add to the quality of performance. It’s one of the most comfortable bikes on the market thanks to its seat and handlebars position. All you have to do is find someone to help you with assembling the bike, and also, make sure you’re not over or under 6ft tall. 

If you’re on a hunt for a good commuting and recreational hybrid bike, I suggest you check out the Northwoods men’s Crosstown hybrid bicycle. I’ve already told you why so many men like it, and for that reason, you should give it a try, too. 

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